Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kid Who Flashes Teacher Whines About Punishment

Look at this cocky kid. You can actually see him swaggering, can't you? And this is the most modest picture of him. For another picture of him surrounded by his friends, go to this article. When you look at it, you'll know exactly what we're dealing with. These are the "cool kids", the ones who sneer at every teacher and abuse the students who just don't "fit in". You've encountered him in high school, and most likely you've hated him.

His name is Taylor Tillung. Taylor recently decided he was going to be cute, and mooned his teacher. He didn't do it halfway. He dropped his pants, then made sure his butt cheeks were spread wide open so that she could get a good view of his assh*le and presumably at least some of his genitalia, too. (I can't imagine wanting to share my genitalia with any teacher that *I* know: Perhaps he has unusual tastes).

The St. Pete Times reports that this incident was one of a "prolonged and multifaceted series of offenses" that this kid committed. Apparently he got very lucky with only suspension and a transfer to another high school (where we assume he won't have enough time to gather up another posse of retarded groupies that will egg him on).

However, Todd and Terry Tillung have hired a lawyer to defend their precious offspring. They state that his actions were wrong, but they apparently don't believe it. Here is yet one more example of parents who create monsters.

Todd and Terry have cleverly given their child yet another "T" name. How very cute. I wonder if they have other children and what those kids were named. I grew up with a family of Js: Jodi Jones, Jennifer Jones, John Jones, etc. Like the Jones, the Tillungs apparently are a typical, over-indulgent family more enamored with appearances than reality.

The reality is that Taylor is a brat, soon to become a monster. He is almost 18. He is not slated to become anything that will improve the Tillung's social standing. And if they truly want to be socially acceptable, they might try taming their offspring, first. This means that it's time to fire the lawyer and apply a little heat to the spot that Taylor used to moon the teacher in the first place.


United We Lay said...

Teachers deal with all sorts of disrespect, and I feel that each incident needs to be dealt with, especially issues like this. The respect for our profession and what we do has declined significantly, and that is evidenced by the way students are allowed to act in schools and classrooms. I hold the parents responsible, but the schools also need to do their part by enacting harsh punishments for any kind of disrespect and classroom disturbance.

Senor Caiman said...


I know this type of kid. He thinks he's God's gift to creation.

He's probably going to coast through life on his nice hair. Good looks rules, you should know that.

Excellent post.

Hans said...

A parent’s most important job is raising their children to be responsible adults capable of taking care of themselves. Schools are responsible for assisting the parent in educating the child. Unfortunately more and more often parents are neglecting their share of the task and putting it squarely on the backs of our schools. That appears to be the case here.

For every action there is consequence. Sometimes the consequence is far more severe then we expect. A lesson this boy should have learned a long time ago. Instead of allowing him to learn the lesson now his parents are fighting it tooth and nail. They think they are protecting him but in reality they are slowing down his transition into manhood.

Anonymous said...

In college I subbed as a pt job in public schools. The worst schools were those in wealthy neighborhoods. The poor kids were rowdy, but respectful.

Somehow I hope kids like this kid who has to show his ass to get attention, will some day get it from an employer or whatever. But he won't. And it angers me good things happen to bad people.

As for his parents, WHEN will we institute laws that punish parents for the behavior - repeated offenses - of their kids. It's time we institute a license for kids.

Damn hippies and yuppies ruined the world. Are you f'in hippies happy you got your free love and lack of responsibility?


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. One small but important detail: he is 18, and was already 18 when he gave the teacher the "ol' browneye" as he bragged on myspace. Also on his myspace, several pictures of him drinking and smoking. I'm sure he's quite the devoted athlete when he's not drunk. And probably a decent student as long as teachers aren't trying to tell him "no" to anything.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

He is the human equivalent of what comes out of "ol brown eye" and I consider him under-punished BEFORE the lawyer got involved. I made a teenage habit of doing stupid things, but not this stupid. (And when I got caught, there was hell to pay)

Hans said...

If I was the teacher He'd be having my size 13 surgically removed from his "brown eye" and the discussion of this post would be did I over react?

daveawayfromhome said...

He looks like something out of a teen movie, you know the part, the rich fuck who thinks he's the king. Too bad life doesnt imitate art, so's he'd have some nerds tear him a second eye.

The Lazy Iguana said...

They need to send his ass to an opportunity ghetto school for two weeks. See how impressed the inner city kids are of his parent's money.

IF he survives with all his teeth, then he can graduate with his class. If he looses some teeth, then OH WELL! Crap happens!

Problem solved!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy Iguana, Now that would've been a fitting punishment.

Daveawayfromhome, isn't that the truth? You're right, he really epitomizes a spoiled wealthy kid.

Hans, ;o) You'd be fired, but you'd have plenty of community support.

3 Score & 10, exactly! My parents used to tell me that if I got into trouble at school, there'd be more of it when I got home. And lemme tell ya, I got into lots of trouble at school.

Anon, thanks for the contribution. MySpace truly is a revelation for most of these teens. More parents should watch it closely.

Edge, the only way he may get punished is that he will be too busy trying to be The Man to study. With any luck, he won't make it out of college or perhaps he'll get his *ss beat by someone who will no longer put up with his b.s. The real world is vastly different from high school. And no boss will put up with a smart*ss, either. He'll have a hard time settling in anywhere if he can't, as my friend Rosie says, "Play Pretty".

Hans, very true. And yet, we do eventually become responsible for our own actions. Since I just found out he's 18, I have to ask why Mom and Dad haven't cut the apron strings yet. But, we see the product of their overindulgence in Taylor.

Senor, sadly, there's much truth in what you say: good looks have much influence. But his hair isn't going to help him through college, though he might do fine in "Zoolander".

UWL, I couldn't agree with you more!

The Lazy Iguana said...

He will get into a frat house, get paddled by a dude, prance around in underwear, and other slightly gay initiation rights.

Then he will have access to the frat house's bank of old tests and other stuff. Everyone knows that frats always have their members keep all their old tests.

The teacher can write a letter to the admissions board, and the kid can start off college under disciplinary probation. Get busted with alcohol in the dorms or whatever and it could lead to a booting out of the system.

Franzeatgrannysmith said...


The Lazy is right. FSU is a gay school. This pretty boy is going down even with such nice hair.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Sigh...can date rape and drug posession be far behind?

Saur♥Kraut said...

Special Note to The Woman Who Emailed Me: I just got your note. I'm sorry that I didn't see it sooner. I emailed you back a very detailed answer. Please review it ASAP and let me know what I can do to help.

Mr. Fabulous, another Kennedy, huh...? :P

Franz/Granny Smith sorry I can't get the whole moniker right. I am, frankly, being lazier than Britney Spears. Anyway, er, thanks for the contribution. ;o)

Lazy, :-D

Matt said...

You go, Sauer!

exMI said...

Sigh, I would have kept him at my school and made fun of him every single day until his parents sued me. It would have been worth it. He would have earned the nicknames the other students would be using.
Or maybe I'd have just gotten fired for kicking him across the room....

Meow said...

What an obnoxious kid, and his parents too. Kids like him deserve to be punished, but all too often they get off ... it's the ones who don't look so "pretty", or who don't have the money who get caught. What's wrong with this picture ??
Parents with blinkers on ... this is a huge problem. The kid needs a good, swift kick up the behind.
Thanks for the story ... hadn't heard about this one.
Take care, Meow

Miss Cellania said...

I watched a forum full of young men rip this story up, protesting that the school overreacted, etc etc. BS! If transferring to another school and not graduating with your friends is a terrible punishment, these kids need to find out what real punishment is. He would've been expelled just a few years back.

Jenn said...

EEEEwwww! This is a new one to me. There were some idiots in my high school who'd moon the teacher, but only very quickly, while her back was turned.

Anonymous said...

I know Taylor personally, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. And by the way, his brother's name and dog's name also begin with "T". I'm serious. His parents really are nice people, but they have let him get away with way too much. As far as Bright Futures, it is way too easy to get that scholarship.


YOU GUYS ARE ALLL WRONG!!!! and im sorry but this article was HORRIBLE. honestly it made me want to slap you in the face. Taylor is one of my best friends and quite honestly every way you described him as was wrong. he is a great guy who gets along with EVERYONE. everyone. hes not a pretty white kid who thinks his friends are awesome. and yeah he did this but the teacher was mean anyways. please dont go and run your mouth about an issue you have absolutely no idea about. it really pisses me off when people judge people they dont know.OH and another thing. taylors family is one of the nicest families i know and is amazing to everyone. so if you want to research your nonscence before you post would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

Anonymous said...

This kid, and his parents, don't seem to understand that actions have consequences...and his friend Ashley (who can't spell, can't write, and can't think) and her like also need to understand this.

What this Adult manchild did is actually a crime....he could be, and should be, arrested for this this public indecency and assault (yes, it is assault. Look up the statutes)

Let the parents sue the police department for the arrest. Then let them sue FSU for cancelling his admission and scholarship (somebody else SURELY deserves the scholarship more than this kid).

It is not the school's job to 'teach' this kid moral behaviour and proper respect for his school. The school's job is to maintain an environment where everyone feels free from intimidation and interruption, in order to allow people a place to learn, and to grow.

They were right to kick this kid into another school. Suspension or arrest would also have been appropriate, but they went easy on this kid.

I hope the parents lose their suit, and the school sues for court costs.