Monday, June 25, 2007

As the World Churns

North Korea says it will begin to disassemble it's nuclear war program now that America has kindly unfrozen the assets that it froze in the beginning due North Korea's nuclear war program. There has to be an irony in there somewhere. Wait! I've got it!...

Staff infections are rampant in hospitals and "As many as 1.2 million hospital patients are infected with dangerous, drug-resistant staph infections each year, almost 10 times more than previous estimates, based on findings from a major new study." We've all known about these infections and we all have heard stories. Now they're confirmed. Isn't it sad that we have to have studies to prove what we already know? And what will be done to change this? Nothing, I guarantee you. Now if we can do something about the crappy service and nasty attitudes that most of the hospital staff have...

It's now reported that there is such a thing as video game addiction. Aren't we taking this to extremes? This is a simple addictive personality issue and of course they may get addicted to video games, but they also might get addicted to reading, television, tree climbing, and chocolate cake. Enough with the labels: Treat the root of the problems!

I've discovered Z-Coil Shoes. Where have they been all my life? There is really no comparison to Nikes' spring-soled shoes. When I tried on the Nikes, there was no discernible difference between them and standard Nikes, and they only absorb about 15% of impact. However, Z-Coil shoes absorb 50% of impact and make it both easier to walk and exercise in them comfortably. Be prepared for a hefty price tag, however. They range from $190 - $240.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Those shoes are uglier than my Crocs. The spring heel thingie looks too much like the heel on a chick's shoe. I think it is against Man Law to wear them.

Breathing is also addictive.

Herr Krokodil said...


I agree with The Lazy. I think these would be popular with gays and middle age women contemplating lesbianism.

Just curious if a gay gets a staff infection is that the same as AIDS?

Excellent post.

Hans said...

Aren't those the shoes that the Jimmy had George wearing on Seinfeld?

Nathaniel said...

I'm a middle-age straight man who has worn Z-CoiL shoes since my next door neighbor told me about the amazing relief for foot, back, and leg pain in people who must stand hour after hour at work. I'm secure enough in my masculinity to not be concerned about the look of the impact-reducing spring in the heel. I also know that when I'm standing, the heel partially collapses to make the shoe even and NOT "high-heeled"

Ed Abbey said...

My name is Ed and I'm addicted to blogging and reading. Currently I'm working on breaking my working addiction but need some more cash. I'm hoping they cut some funds loose for this latter addiction real soon.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ed, I'm so glad you keep dropping by, even though I've been unable to come by and see YOU. ;o)

Nathaniel, I agree with you completely. The guys who sold me the shoes were about as masculine as you can get, and THEY were wearing them, too. I was truly impressed with these shoes, and I'll be getting some more.

Hans, I don't know! Maybe? They have a following!

Herr Krok, leave it to you! Are you ever serious?

Lazy, They only look like heels when they're not being worn. When you wear them, they scrunch down. The guy who sold them to me wasn't wearing any (so I thought) because he had long pants on. When I accused him of this, he pulled his pant leg up a little and showed me that he WAS wearing them. They're not all that noticeable, really.

Air IS addictive! Water, too! ;o)

Meow said...

They sure are unusual looking shoes ... I can imagine they are very comfy though ... let us know how they wear !!
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow