Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris Hilton: What Most People Aren't Asking Yet

Paris is back in jail, despite the best efforts of the Sheriff, her attorney, and her parents. By now we all now the scene, so I'll cut to the chase:

1. Why did Sheriff Baca release her? He claims it was due to overcrowding and a medical condition. Since she has a private cell to herself (that was unused) we know it's not that. Since inmates with medical conditions are checked into hospitals all the time (mental and physical) we know it's not THAT. Was he bribed, or was he merely hoping to curry favor with a wealthy heiress or Hollywood's elite? We DO know he accepted a $1000 campaign contribution from Paris' grandfather.

Also, Baca didn't communicate with Judge Sauer before this decision became public: Was this due to the hope that Sauer would simply let this go once a decision had been executed? Sheriff Baca is already being looked at concerning potential corruption: How dumb can he be?

2. Sheriff Baca defiantly claimed Paris' sentence was harsher than standard: And yet, Baca is not a judge. Obviously Judge Sauer sentenced her within state guidelines. It is up to a judge's discretion, entirely. Since Paris violated her probation TWICE by driving on a suspended license, it doesn't seem harsh enough! Baca is now being defensive and in doing so, is saying much more than he should say in order to justify his behavior. When is he going to be summoned up on contempt of court charges?

3. Paris apparently has mental problems: But how LONG has she had these supposed problems or is she simply a silly twit who was conveniently diagnosed recently, in the hopes that it might be in her favor and engender sympathy? In my humble opinion, she's a spoiled brat who is now shocked beyond belief that money can't buy everything.

4. What are the longstanding legal ramifications? Legal experts said Friday that the clash could have wide legal consequences."For decades, where [inmates] were housed and how they were housed was up to the Sheriff's Department," said Stan Goldman, a professor of criminal law and procedure at Loyola Law School. "Now that all may change, thanks to, of all people, Paris Hilton."

The judge had no other option than to do what he did, even if he was in sympathy with Paris. To do otherwise would be to set a dangerous precedent.

Judge Sauer showed good, practical, common sense in a world where there is little. Now that true justice has been served, Paris has the opportunity to spare us all from ever having to hear from her again. I only hope she doesn't commit suicide or we'll all be subjected to hearing even MORE about her.

I hate to add to the Paris publicity, and I am hardly a fan. I simply want to see justice done and, as we've seen repeatedly, it often is NOT done when it concerns someone with wealth, power, or influence (think of O.J. Simpson). Now that this is over, I am very hopeful that I'll never have to blog about Paris again. I am also increasingly hopeful that our legal system will no longer be influenced by those who have more than those who don't.


Anonymous said...

I found this video of Stan Goldman on at the, here is the link You can embed this link by clicking the mash button if you like the video. I think Stan Goldman has a really good point in mentioning that Paris was released in fear of the system getting sued. If that happens it could change the whole way our legal system deals with celebrities and them getting special treatment.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Anon, very interesting! But anyone can sue all they want: If I'm not mistaken, once a prisoner is taken into custody, they become the property of the state and I believe that of all the murders and gang rapes, mutilations, and injuries that I hear about - no one gets sued because the prisoner no longer belongs to anyone but the state who can do as they wish, legally.

daveawayfromhome said...

Ahhh, "no gets sued" because they dont have the resouces of the Hilton Family (both money and connections, plus an already existant wide-open channel to the media). Paris wont suicide, but she may attempt it, if you know what I mean.
Thanks for commenting on Hilton. I wanted to when she got sent to jail (yay!), then again when she got let out (boo!), and yet again when she got put back in (boo-ya!!), but I simply cannot justify to myself giving that stupid whore anymore bandwidth than she already gets. This way, I get my say, and it's all the same bandwidth-wise.

Oh, as for O.J., read this article, and you may decide that he didnt do it, but that his son did (and that explains all the weird and suspicious things he did afterwards, including that bizarre book).

Cranky Yankee said...


michelle said...

I, for one, am happy she got 45 days. Not because she is Paris Hilton and we all seem to take joy in her being jailed, but because I believe move people need maximum sentices on second offenses. Too many chances does not work. Just ask my 7 year old. He asked his dad to give him more chances like mommy. I learned my lesson on that statement alone. We count to two now, not the normal three. If we are having a bad day, it is the no chance rule, which means straight to prison (I mean punishment).

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Maybe she offered him love favours?

The Lazy Iguana said...

1. The sheriff probably let the ho out so that his phones would stop ringing nonstop. You know the Hilton family can afford to hire a whole call center in India and have them do nothing but call people all day and night. That or the sheriff wants to be the next Judge Ito or something. Maybe get a gig on a "reality" TV show? Who knows.

2. The sentence may have been harsher than it would have been had Paris just been happy being a rich hot chick but not famous. But you know wealth was not enough. OH NO! She probably got tired of people at clubs saying "no" when she asked them "do you have any idea who I am?". So she used her money to get on MTV or whatever and is not famous. Everyone knows who she is now. So her fame may have worked against her. But who cares. I don't.

3. Still don't care. Mental problems? Maybe. But so what? Lots of people in jail have "mental problems".

4. None. She went back to jail. The judge pimp slapped the sheriff.

Maybe she will get out of jail with a prison tattoo?

Paul said...

I don't understand why everybody is ragging on Paris. She's a vulnerable young woman, spoiled, and apparently raised with little or no parental guidance--except MapQuest directions to the bank. Is there not anyone willing to step up to the plate for her--and others like her--and say, "...if you want, I'll give you some honest guidelines to a richer life--not just a rich life"?

Paul said...

Oops, by the way, I agree with the judge: Paris was correctly returned to jail.

Poor Sheriff Baca. He just lost the next election.

Miss Cellania said...

An old man sees a "Free Paris" sign and comments, "I thought we did that in 1945."

Mr. Althouse said...

I'm just wondering... Any relation to the judge, Miss Saur?? Hmmmmm?? There is an uncanny similarity between your name and his. Long lost cousins perhaps -


Cranky Yankee said...

The first sign of having too much time on your hands is writing an article about Paris Hilton.

The second sign is commenting on said article.

Sad. Well, at least I didn't actually read the article....

Saur♥Kraut said...

Cranky, a hint of superciliousness on your part? It's actually a pity that MORE people aren't paying this proper attention. And, as I wrote, hopefully this is the last that I'll have to write about such a distasteful subject. And, you lost me at WGiS: What Good is Salmonella?

Mike, no known relation, but I'm glad to see he's living up to our name. ;o)

Miss C, :-D cute!!!

Paul, at the age of 26, I have no sympathy for her. I also have even less sympathy for Baca, who made an egregious miscalculation. But, as you pointed out, the judge handled it well.

1. Always possible.
2. :-D
3. We are in complete agreement. 4. YAY!

And, she'll only get out with a tatoo if she thinks it's "hot".

Daniel, I would certainly think that Paris would easily offer that in exchange for even a donut, so I would imagine that it's well within the realm of possibility.

Michelle, dittos all the way!

Daveawayfromhome, VERY interesting about OJ. I'll check that out! Thanks for the link, I hadn't heard that theory before.

daveawayfromhome said...

Paul, I'd be willing to bet you're wrong about re-election. LA money will pour into Baca's campaign chest for the same reason it pours into the chests of your congress-people: payback. How many rich, spoiled brats (of any age) are in LA who'll need a get-out-of-jail-free card?
And who wins an election? Thems with the money.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Personally, I'm so proud of Judge Sauer for sticking to his guns and demanding that the spoiled bitch serve her time, that the next time a Supreme Court opening pops up, we should all keep him in mind.