Friday, June 08, 2007

This N' That


This has been done-to-death in all the talk shows and I simply want to say that of COURSE it's a question of disproportionate justice. More news has come to light today to indicate that she was allowed to walk due to celebrity status only (and perhaps a pay-off). Apparently, she cried a lot, wouldn't eat, and developed a rash... so they sent her home. This is easier than getting out of jail in Monopoly!


Gimme that ole time religion, people! Every Democratic candidate has suddenly seen the light and they are desperately reaching for their Bibles in order to quote something. I would recommend they try Proverbs 16:19 which says "Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud." Then I'd recommend the Republicans memorize that verse, too.


"Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the powerful former Saudi ambassador to the U.S. who has been one of the Bush administration's strongest allies in the Middle East, was publicly linked to a widening British corruption scandal Thursday with reports that a British aerospace company secretly transferred up to $2 billion into bank accounts at the Saudi Embassy in Washington," it is reported.

What?! NO!! Hold on, I'm finding this so hard to comprehend. Everyone KNOWS how honorable and upstanding the Sauds are, right? Right? Oh wait a minute, I was thinking of Paris Hilton.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

The Dems used to own the religious South, it isn't that strange that they've turned it back on.

Ed Abbey said...

I'm just trying to imagine Hillary praying. I just can't do it.

Hans said...

Finally I have a second to comment. I'm so busy following the blow by blow on Paris Hilton. Multiple cable channels (good thing I have a DVR), internet, radio. I'm nervous, on the razor's edge. How is this going to come out?

Herr Krokodil said...


Thanks to your jealous whining Paris is back in jail. Frenchy's is just as good as I remember.

Excellent post.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Paris is back in the clink, as Krokodil pointed out. I do not think she will get back out without REALLY pissing the judge off. She better learn to eat jail food fast. TIP - the sandwich they give you is not edible, but makes an OK pillow.

Everyone gets Jesus at election time. Except me. If Jesus wants to say something to me he knows where I live. Otherwise - I do not want to hear anyone else tell me what Jesus said. I like to get my info first hand. Oh and Daniel - the democrats owned the south because Lincoln was a Republican. The south HATED the republican party for many decades, until the Democrats started up with the civil rights stuff. Then the South went "Dixiecrat" and then "Republican". But the party is not racist.

The Saudis did nothing wrong. It is not against Saudi law for the royal family to accept money from any source - as long as the amount accepted is OVER $1 billion US. Since the Prince took $2 billion US he is OK under Saudi law.

eshuneutics said...

Well, you know, it was bound to happen: I'm still reading Obama's The Audacity of Hope in which there is a paragraph lamenting how the Republicans are better than the Democrats when it comes to The Bible. His point is that The Bible is seen as right-wing and part of right-wing propoganda, so it is hard for Democrats to seize the religious initiative when it comes to campaigns. We have the same problem in the UK, but the other way around. Blair has the hotline to God, part of socialisms roots in Christianity and the common man. (So, how does such arrogance come from a belief in that the meek shall be given the earth?) The poor old right wing can't get a moral look in! Your wry observation made me chuckle :-)!