Saturday, June 23, 2007

Federal Voting Law

An elderly woman in Seattle, intent on proving that the voting system is seriously flawed, put her phone bill in her dog's name, and then used the phone bill to register him to vote. Years later, authorities found out and now she's being charged with a crime.

Instead of charging Grandma, Gov. Christine Gregoire should pardon and thank her. However, that's not likely: Gov. Gregoire is known to be chummy with illegal aliens and their supporters. They got her voted into office the first time, by a narrow margin, and she may need to count on their vote once more. So, cleaning up voter fraud in Washington will always come in last as long as the current (Democratic) governor remains in power.

What we really need in place is a strict federal voting law that will make it impossible to cheat when it comes to voting. Entire elections can and have been swayed, but there's no way of knowing to what extent this problem has grown.

Some people advocate a National ID card, but that smacks too much of Big Brother. Americans still (thankfully) don't want to be controlled to that extent. However, a solution is needed before the Presidential elections which are quickly approaching.


The Lazy Iguana said...

The National ID card thing is a joke. I love it when I hear people say "We don't need no national ID card! The government ain't gonna track me"!

So then I (usually) say "but you have a social security number. And you have a drivers license. And you register a car. And you have a bank account".

So why not just have a "national ID card". I already have one - my SSN. Can't get a job worth a hoot without one.

There will be no solution. Even if I have that solution. I came up with it all by myself. It would work AND be cheap to put into place. But it will never happen.

Both sides like the illegals. The Republicans like the cheap labor. The Democrats like....the cheap labor. And business likes the cheap labor.

My solution would put people who knowingly HIRE illegals in jail. And fine business that hire illegals into bankruptcy. And none of this "I am just the president of the corporation" shit - your presidential ass goes to jail AND you are personally responsible for the fines IF your lousy company folds and is unable to pony up.

Jobs for illegals would vanish overnight. With nothing here they would filter back to where they came from.

But this will never get put into place. Too many people make too much money off the cheap labor. Also prices for some things will go up, when businesses used to hiring cheap illegals to wash dishes have to hire legit workers (and pay higher wages, or at least minimum wage).

And even if some politician does pass it because it is a good idea, gets to the root of the problem, and will work - it will not be enforced. Anyone who tries to enforce it will be fired.

Because too many people make too much money.

Do not forget to stop by tomorrow for my list of......

TERRIBLE campaign theme songs.

Don't want to miss that one!

Matt said...

You're looking at it all wrong, Sauer.

Rather than a national ID card reminiscent of "1984," we could have a "membership card." And membership has its priveleges.

You know what. Try to DENY people their national ID cards and then they'll be fighting you for them. ;)

daveawayfromhome said...

Lazy's got it exactly right. Get rid of the jobs, and there's no reason to come here.
And the lame excuse that "they didnt know so-and-so was an illegal" is bogus. If you get caught going 70 mph in a 50 zone because you missed the sign, you still get a ticket.
Still, the backlash level isnt high enough for employers to feel the heat yet. Those raids lately are just window dressing; "see, we're enforcing current laws, now can we get an amnesty bill passed?".

No. You cant.

I might be willing to support an amnesty bill for most illegals, if, and only if, a draconian illegal employment penalty was enacted, and enforced (no fucking signing statements).

The Lazy Iguana said...

I did not know that guy was here illegally! I just thought that Juan could not speak English and LIKES to work longer hours with no overtime, no benefits, and below the minimum wage! Honest - I had no idea!

And if you believe that, I got some great (swamp)land here in FL that I may not even own but Ill sell it to you!!!

Go after illegal employers, and the illegal immigration will be reduced to a mere fraction of what it is now. No fence needed.

Anyone with more than three brain cells can figure this out. I am not genius or anything.

Herr Krokodil said...


I personally feel the "The Lazy" is a genius. Do you agree?

Excellent post.

Ed Abbey said...

Actually Lazy missed another National ID card that many already have. It is called the Passport.