Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Reclining Bike

As many of you know, I had neck surgery a couple of years ago. Once you've had your spine fused, it's not much fun to bicycle. The standard bike (I purchased a Trek last year) is the sort that you have to lean over, biking while you look up, torquing your neck out at a difficult angle. Needless to say, that isn't very comfortable.

Enter the reclining bike!

I just purchased a fabulous reclining bike, after taking one for a test ride at a local bike shop. These bikes are made for people who, for varying reasons, can't ride a standard bike. However, people that are perfectly healthy still enjoy reclining bikes because they're relaxing and afford a more scenic view to the biker, who can look upwards and outwards as they ride along.

My particular reclining bike is a hybrid: It's semi-upright and looks very much like a standard bike, but all the weight is thrust to the back, so the rider doesn't have to bend over and look upward to enjoy riding it.

WEDNESDAY MORNING NOTE: I wish I could devote myself more fully to this post, but when I think it over, there is truthfully little else to say. When I get a chance, I'll post a pic of the new bike. ;o)


The Lazy Iguana said...

I was beginning to thing that the Tampa Police hit you with the tazer for sailing in a no catamaran zone.

mal said...

*L* is there really different styles of recumbents?

Recumbents are supposed to be much more efficent than a standard road bike. They have good aerodynamics. You can use more muscle groups than a regular road bike. I think the only reason racing has not gone recumbent is because of the rules defining what a racing bike is.

Enjoy your ride!! do you get them started uphill? *L*

The Lazy Iguana said...

Yes I think you have a "recumbent" bike. Or for short, a "bent bike". They are more efficient because you can get way more power out of your legs. There is something behind you that your body can press against. The seats are more comfortable.

Good job! I want a recumbent myself.

If you ride on the road, you might want to get a flag on a stick to make yourself more visible. You know that in FL you can renew the drivers license through the mail. There are a whole lot of St Petersburg / Tampa drivers who last took an eye exam in 1935. And they all drive a very large, very heavy 1973 Buick.