Friday, September 14, 2007

Parents Scramble to Remake Nick Hogan's Image

In an obvious attempt to remake Nick Hogan's image, Hulk Hogan's wife spoke out in a St. Pete Times article today.

Talk about shutting the barn door after the horse got out.

Not many people had heard of Hulk (Terry) Hogan's spoiled son until Nick Hogan's car crash on August 26. This crash sent Nick's friend John Graziano to the hospital (Graziano was completely non-responsive when we last heard of him at the vigil that I wrote about here). Stories came out shortly afterward indicating that Nick had been drag-racing regularly up and down the street he'd crashed on. Eye witnesses reported seeing Nick repeatedly racing another car which turned out also to be owned by Hulk Hogan.

Then a damning interview turned up.

The St. Pete Times unearthed an interview with Nick Hogan that had occurred shortly before the August 26 car crash. In the interview, Nick bragged about how he'd been pulled over 3 times within minutes of each occurrence, and had been warned each time by a cop that he needed to stop speeding. However, he was let go twice, since he was a celebrity's kid, even though (as he admitted) he was speeding drastically fast. Only on the third time did he receive a ticket.

Incidentally, these incidents occurred in the Miami-Dade area. I would hope our police aren't as influenced by celebrity status, although to the best of my knowlege they haven't charged him with anything yet.

Further in the interview, he talks about how the yellow color of his car makes girls want to drop their panties and calls his car "a pussy magnet".

Nice kid.

When John Graziano ended up in the hospital, the Hogans became that family's bestest friends. As Graziano's gullible mother defensively stated, the Hogans were immediately by John's bedside, helping out the Grazianos financially, and being generally supportive.

I'll bet!

With any luck, the Hogans will be able to make this all go away quietly. Meanwhile, they're hiring the best spin doctors and lawyers that money can buy (one of these lawyers is a specialist in DUI cases).

So in the paper today, Nick's mom (Linda) produces the usual baby snapshots and informs the incredulous reader that although Nick seems to be a brash, nasty boy he really is an adept businessman with a heart of gold. What's really incredible is that he's this marvellous and he's only 17. Wow! We have a child protege in our midst!

Linda also glosses over Nick's repeated speeding tickets by saying "What 17-year-old doesn't get tickets?" Ah, what an excellent point. Sure! We all know tons of teenagers who get speeding tickets for 106 mph in a 70 mph zone and 82 mph in a 45 mph zone, and then brag about how often they're able to speed and not get caught.

It's not an accident that Nick finally hurt someone. Why didn't his foolish parents take the measures that were needed? But the Hogans (a.k.a. Bolleas) luck is holding so far.

They were very lucky that Graziano was a friend, so that they could be allowed into the hospital to start their spin control. They're also lucky that Graziano's mother is willing to take money and expressions of sympathy over justice and a lawsuit.

Let's hope that their luck runs out.



The Lazy Iguana said...

In Miami-Dade County, 106 mph in a 70 mph zone is not really "speeding". It is simply "going a little fast".

I do not think the cops knew of his "celebrity" status. NOBODY knew of his "celebrity" status. Except him that is.

The State Attorney can still go ahead with charges. If the friend ends up dead or not there are still charges that could be filed.

I should have got my truck in yellow instead of red.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy Iguana, Well, according to Nick, they let him off because of who he was.

*LOL* About the truck. :D

Randy "macho man" savage said...


exMI said...

Graziano was willing riding in the car and I'll wager he knew what was going on and the risks. He is equally culpable. If I were on a jury I would laugh at that lawsuit.
Now if they had hit another car or a pedestrian it would be another story entirely.......

Mo said...

"What 17 year old doesn't get tickets?"

Mine, for one. If she gets a ticket here are the immediate consequences: we stop chipping in for insurance and gas, she loses her license one week for each mile over the speed limit she was driving. And then any other punishment we decide based on the circumstance. Guess what? It's important to her to keep driving, so she doesn't speed or drive carelessly.

Teen drivers on their best behavior are hazardous due to their lack of experience and judgement. Give them a performance car and no rules or consequences, and they are deadly.

I was also amused by the quote about this 17 year old with a GED being a "businessman".

The Lazy Iguana said...

Don't laugh too hard about the "businessman" comment. Business degrees are for people too dumb or lazy to get math or science degrees. Trust me on this. I was too lazy to keep up my chemistry major. FAR too much work. Business school was a cake walk compared to organic chem. I could smoke more pot, drink more alcohol, spend more time partying, and STILL graduate. I even got to take "business calculus" as opposed to real calculus.

The CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines never got a college degree either. He simply took over daddy's company. He is a billionaire many times over.

Saur - the kid may have been full of you know what about his bragging. Cops here do not cotton too well to drag racing, thanks to a bunch of high profile accidents involving drag racing. And like I said, going 100 on the Turnpike is not really "speeding" here. Everyone is going 80 or 90 anyway. Or who knows, he may have got a break because of his status. And what exactly is his status? The son of a guy who made his money ballet dancing? That is what "wrestling" is. It sure as hell is not real. Not that The Hulkster was not good at what he did - but the old man is famous, not the idiot son who so far has done nothing.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I got a video clip posted on my blog you may enjoy.

I know nothing.

The Zombieslayer said...

Stuff like that really pisses me off. I had friends lose their licenses for getting caught drag racing in high school. But they weren't celebrities. So they didn't have rich or famous parents to bail them out.

This is so wrong. and this Nick kid seems to be about as moral as Beavis and Butt-head.

M@ said...

as much as i love media this is one of those instances where i know too much about some stranger somewhere that has no significance to me.

Sgt. Schultz said...

I know nothing.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

It seems all these stars or sibs of stars are getting off far far too easy. Money and fame sure talks!


daveawayfromhome said...

If you're going to belong to a society where money and fame are more important than politeness and morality, you're going to have to expect this kind of thing. And if you think money and fame arent more important in this country, you havent been paying any attention.

Anonymous said...

Oh get off your high horse. I bet that if god-forbid something similar happened to your family member or indeed to yourself that you would be the first one to display your anger and hatred towards people like yourself having the cheek to write such a blog. I'm also betting that you would be inclined to stand up for your family members no matter what. You clearly believe in hearsay and think that this means you know it all. When you've spoken to a member of the Hogan family THEN post us something.