Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Grandma's Undies: Hot Fashion Craze?

Wow. What an amazingly hot costume. I'm sure this will be the rage in all the nightclubs, thanks to Lady Gaga. So, being the helpful tips maven that I am, here's how to look like Lady Gaga.

1. Grandma's old girdle, cut in places of your choosing
2. Grandma's support hose (white)
3. Grandma's "slimming" body suit
4. Old foam skeleton from Halloween (use pieces to accessorize the feet, use the rib cage for your torso, but make sure that you cut out the strategic parts to show The Boobages).
5. Stripper shoes
6. Bra? What bra?

RIP Solange Magnano

I had the opportunity to meet Solange a couple of years ago. She was a very personable and kindly woman, and fluent in at least two languages. She wasn't beautiful (in my opinion) despite being a former Miss Argentina, but she carried herself with grace.

God forbid I ever die in butt surgery.

Chelsea Clinton's Parents "Proud"?

Chelsea has grown into a lovely young woman, who has just announced her engagement. CBS News just did a story on this, adding at the end that her parents will be beaming proudly as she walks down the aisle.

What? Since when is tying the knot The Goal for an up-and-coming young woman? This is something for her parents to be proud about? I feel like I just stepped into the 1960s, when The Little Woman dreamed of a shiny new MixMaster for Christmas.

Chelsea's parents have a great deal to be proud about, but her upcoming nuptials take a backseat to her true accomplishments.


Ed said...

No comment on the first two but on the third, I'm sure my parents would say they were proud of me when I got married for finding such a wonderful woman. I didn't read sexism into that statement at all.

If I were Chelsea, I would take advantage of my looks now because we have daily proof that they won't last for long.

daveawayfromhome said...

Every time someone mentions Lady Gaga, God kills a kitten.

Becca said...

Lady Gaga is just in her own explaining her!

As far as Chelsea, I think they were just saying that Bill and Hillary approve of the match, nothing else.

Paul Nichols said...

Clintons. They're her parents for cryin' out loud! Lighten up a little. Won't you be proud of your children on their special days? I was proud of my kids the day(s) they were born; when they hadn't accomplished anything beyond getting their lungs to work. I'm still proud of them. And of their spouses and kids.

Lady Gaga. Never heard of her. I guess I'm blessed, huh?