Monday, December 28, 2009

Back To Work After Christmas

Sherlock Holmes

I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and own volumes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works. I have never been able to stomach the former television and movie versions of Holmes, because they fell so far from the original character.

However, the latest movie at last captures the real Sherlock Holmes. He is no longer the emaciated, supercilious creature portrayed by Jeremy Brett, Peter Cushing, or Basil Rathbone.

Although Robert Downy Jr. looks like none of the former actors who attempted this role, he captures the essence of who and what Sherlock Holmes truly was supposed to be.

Kudos to everyone involved in the making of this terrific movie.

Protestant Buildings

On Christmas Day during a religious discussion, my Catholic friends said they do not understand why there are so many Protestant divisions. They see it as a needless waste of resources and an indication that Protestants can't get along.

They have a point: I have been through the downtowns in The Bible Belt and there are often churches on almost every street corner, with small congregations due to schisms. (You have a problem with your church? Leave and build another one!)

And yet these divisions are a sign of our wonderful freedoms and ability to interpret the Bible and our faith as we see fit, instead of relying on others to tell us how to believe.

But what everyone forgets is that the "churches" we see are only buildings. The true church is what is inside. How I would love to see a stop to all the fancy buildings, many of which eventually fall into disuse or decay. Let's spend our money on the needy, and stop spending it on the latest, fanciest architectural designs.


Michael Althouse said...

Hey there Saur!

I know I haven't been around too much for the past, oh, I don't know, year or so? But I am making a concerted effort to stay in touch with my old friends and you, my dear, were on board very early on. It's been almost four years now and I wanted to say that you and your words have been and still are inspiring to me.

I trust you had a Merry Christmas and here's to a hopeful New Year!


PS: I don't twitter, but I do have a facebook and I'd be honored to have you on my friends list!

Ed said...

Although now due to a break or separation, we are only 30 days away from moving to a new $7.5 million church that seats 340 (sixty more than our old church). I am completely disgusted with the whole thing and wonder that even if we built a modest $1 million church that seats the same amount, how much we could have done with the other $6.5 million instead of a building that will cost us oodles to maintain and leave us with a $1 million mortgage.

Becca said...

I have been hearing great things about this Sherlock Holmes movie...I will have to check it out eventually.

Gary Baker said...

Hi Saur,

When I read a comment like yours, I am often reminded of the story of the woman with the alabaster box. She's the one that used the expensive ointment to anoint Christ prior to his burial and was subsequently criticized by Judas for "wasting" it when it could have been sold and given to the poor.

While I am a big fan of churches using resources to help the poor, we also need to remember that Christ did not come to earth for that reason. He came to make it possible for us to draw closer to God. While he did remind us to "love our neighbor as ourselves," he also stipulated that it was the second greatest commandment. Loving God was still the most important.

I do not blanketly assert that a large or fancy church is one that seeks to honor God, but I also caution other believers from criticizing such churches immediately. In many cases, we simply don't know what is going on inside. If their aim is to honor God with such buildings, he will receive the honor. If their aim is to exalt themselves, God will judge that as well. Aren't there enough ways that God is clearly being dishonored among his people that we have to try and exert that kind of judgment without cause?

BTW - Totally agree with you about Holmes. Loved it, and am very glad to see Robert Downey Junior doing so well after earlier stumbles.

Merry and Happy!