Monday, December 21, 2009

Rock The Vote Encourages Youth to Use Sex to Pass Obamacare

I just stole the title of the article I am referring to: It says it all. Go here to see the video that tells young people to use sex (or the lack of it) to get what they want: Obamacare!

Ironically, youth are the least likely to want and need health insurance, which is why their insurance rates are so low when insurance is age banded.

What is age banding?

Many insurance companies charge rates according to your age and sex: And the cheapest rates are for the youth, because they have the least health problems and therefore the least need for any insurance.

What's really creepy is this push to use sex to get what you want. We are obviously de-evolving.


Ed said...

That video is pretty low if you ask me. If anyone would change or alter their political belief simply because of some ad/video that they see telling them to vote a certain way, they deserve whatever crap is being pawned onto them. In this case, government controlled health care which as of this morning, seems like it will be a reality in four more days.

daveawayfromhome said...

This video contained less sex (and sex talk) than the average prime-time television show. It's a joke. Get a grip.
By the way, this "strategy" is at least as old as the Greeks. Look up Aristophanes.

Saur said...

Ed, I agree very much. It's frightening.

Dave, I guess that's a good reason why I don't watch prime-time TV. And it's really not a joke. Have you ever heard the saying that something is "Truth thinly disguised by a joke"? This is a classic example.

And thank you for making my case for me when I said we are de-evolving. Thousands of years later, and we are still at the same place Aristophanes was.

Fred said...

Hope you're having a great holiday season, Saur. Happy New Year!