Monday, December 14, 2009

What Are Big Boys Made Of?

Here is Tiger Woods representing Tag Heur ("Tagged Her"... which he certainly did: Multiple times, with multiple women).

The ad asks "What are you made of?"

You know what? That's a great question!

An old nursery rhyme says that little boys are made of "Snips and snails and puppy dog tails."

What are big boys made of? Are they "Ho-bag males with big tall tales"?

My friend, "Sarah", uses the Tiger Woods debacle as an illustration for her assertion that "Men are only as faithful as their options." I've heard other people say similar things. In an article in Fox Sports, Jason Whitlock says that such behavior is a given when you're dealing with men who have a huge amount of wealth and unlimited choices.

Really? Is that all you are, guys? Unable to control your animalistic, primitive natures? Restricted to monogamy only when you're forced to be? Perhaps this is an argument against evolution.

As Whitlock writes, "Hook ya boy up!" is the rallying cry of a single man and many men given a weekend pass by their wife or girlfriend."

Perhaps I am naive: After all, I've certainly seen the worst in people and yet I still continue to hope that they are more than their base nature. In my faith, we believe we are all disgusting pigs without God to guide us and give us higher standards. But even those who don't share my faith agree that cheating is abominable. Right?

So... what are big boys made of?


Ed said...

I would never cheat on my wife because I'm a rational thinking kind of guy and would know that I would be caught at it one way or another sooner or later. If I weren't a rational thinker and had hundreds if not more hot super models throwing themselves at me offering sex with out strings attached, I can see how men fold. I don't think this is a male issue but a human nature issue.

Angela said...

Being newly married it definitely bothers me to see things like this. Tiger's indiscretions don't bother me so much as my State's Governor's indiscretions, as he has always sold himself as being a family oriented morally conscious person.

Ever since getting married I have been having nightmares about divorce, not mine by my parent's and my brother's and in all of them I am very angry at the people involved.

I don't ever expect much of anything from people that live their lives in the limelight, they are generally weak willed and weak minded. Which is ALSO why I think so many of them buy into Scientology as that "religion" generally preys on the weak minded.

Saur said...

Ed, There is no doubt that it's a human nature issue, I'll give you that. And yeah, it's not easy when you're faced with blatant temptation like that. But I know so many people, men and women, that are cheaters and the older I get the more I hate to see it - it always leaves scars. NONE of us are perfect, but this was chronic on his part. But most importantly, this seems to be a guy trait(?)

All that being said, I know many honorable and good men who would never do such a thing, even when faced with temptation. Or... so I'd like to believe!

Hugs to the other two women in your household, btw. ;o)

Ange, I know. Hope things are going well and you do have my real email addy if you need anything (right?) I know what you mean about the nightmares - you are more vulnerable now because you have so much invested in this new relationship. Wait'll you have kids - the nightmares get worse. :(

Dr. Deb said...

This boy, while a champion athlete, is going to have to face the disorders of narcissism and addiction in his near future.

Gary Baker said...

Our pastor is a big believer in the "avoidance" method of resisting temptation. Stay away from places where you are likely to be tempted. If someone catches your eye more than they should, look elsewhere. It's not like you get extra points for standing up to needless temptation, and a lot of people fall by engaging in activities that were harmless once upon a time but later became not so.

I'm disappointed when public figures fall that way, but I only take it personally when a politician I had a part in electing gets caught up in some kind of scandal. I realize that they are human, but they are also on my dime. I don't think that someone can be unfaithful to their wife/spouse/family, and remain honorable in other parts of their life. There's also the basic truth that someone always knows, and a person with a secret like that is one willing to trade favors to keep it. If you really want to give yourself nightmares, try to think of what a politician might do or support to protect his reputation.

krok8 said...

Nigga please,

Just because a man has sex with various women doesn't mean that he doesn't love his wife and family.

The only reason the blonde is so upset is because she knows she is not good at sex and has been holding back on the sex since the 2nd child.

Saur I honestly believe you are no good at sex. I bet you whine through the whole thing, "ouch you're pulling my hair." You need to shave down there first and maybe then you will find a boyfriend.