Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not So Funny

Lately I've run into a couple of men who said something that they thought was hysterical. In both cases, they waited expectantly for me to laugh, but since it wasn't in the least bit funny, I just looked at them and kept going. Attention seeking behavior is very annoying to me. I'm sure that they thought I was stuck up but I'm simply too old to pretend to laugh over something that is as funny as a child's knock-knock joke.
This reminds me of a blind date I went on many years ago. The guy assured me he had a GREAT sense of humor. He may have, but he was the only one who saw it. We met for coffee and everything he said was punctuated by him giggling like a creepy circus clown. I left quickly.

You think you're funny? Great. Time to take your show on the road.