Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Planned Parenthood Problem

For everyone who's pro Planned Parenthood, let THIS settle in for a minute. I'm SO tired of excuses for them. Yes! They give out birth control and free condoms! Whoo hoo! And THAT makes them special in some way? No one else does that? I used PP when I was a young married college student: We didn't have enough money to afford to go to an OBGYN and get prescriptions for birth control pills and I had no idea of the scope of their abortion activities. 

But it isn't the same story now. With ObamaCare everyone has access to affordable health care. Do you know PP doesn't even do simple testing procedures, like checking for ovarian cysts? So how "women's health oriented" are they really? 

Let's face it: They're an abortion mill with a patina of respectability that has now eroded.