Friday, May 18, 2007

The Atrocious Senate Illegal Immigration Bill

I was going to tell a funny little anecdote about Jerry Falwell today, who was more good than he was bad, despite what some might say. However, that will have to wait for tomorrow.

Today I must address one of the worst atrocities visited recently upon the American public: The Senate Illegal Immigrant Bill which was passed yesterday. As reported in the Houston Chronicle:

"The Senate deal would:

• Grant the nation's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants legal status with an indefinitely renewable "Z" visa, and allow many to eventually apply for citizenship. They would have to pay $5,000 in fines to get the visa, and those seeking legal permanent residence would have to return to their home country to apply."

What illegal immigrant in their right mind will want citizenship in a country where they get to stay and work? Most of them don't even LIKE the USA. They're here for JOBS, not citizenship. Many of them actually believe that Texas, California, and other parts of the country belong to Mexico and should be re-assimilated into Mexico. The LAST thing they care about is the USA when they consider Mexico to be their true home.

And I doubt they'll be expected to pay the entire $5,000 up front. If they only make a partial payment, lots of luck getting the rest: They're ILLEGAL. That means they don't follow THE LAW. And what is $5,000? It's a slap on their wrist and our face.

• "Establish a temporary worker program admitting 400,000 workers yearly for a two-year visa after which they world be required to return home for a year and then re-apply. The vast majority of the temporary workers would not be eligible to stay in the U.S. permanently."

Oh great. So we don't have ENOUGH right now: We need MORE! The news stories today tell us that Mexicans are ALREADY lining up at the border!

There is an untrue little saying that illegal immigrant supporters love to spout: "Illegals do the work that Americans don't want to do." How would YOU know? Are you there when John Doe is turned away because Juan Valdez is cheaper? There are an increasing amount of personal stories of Americans who can't get work because the illegals are cheaper to hire.

Why aren't we hearing those stories? Because the Americans that are losing work are low-income, blue collar: They don't make interesting press. And not everyone can prove that they've lost a job to an illegal, either: It's as tough as proving a discrimination lawsuit. Unless someone SAYS something, you just can't know for sure.

• "Add 6,000 more Border Patrol agents, establish an employment verification system mandatory for employers to check the status of new hires, and toughen interior enforcement."

Wow. So that means we're finally going to do what we were ALREADY supposed to be doing because illegal immigrants are... dare we say it? ILLEGAL!

• "Tip the legal immigration system more towards rewarding high-skilled, educated immigrants, though it also would continue to allow U.S. residents to bring in relatives, though on a more limited basis."

So even the government admits our current mix isn't doing much for us as a culture. Many parts of California and other towns where illegals have taken up residence have been reduced to filthy, crime-ridden barios. Not-so-surprisingly, a recent study "discovered" that illegal immigrants are not the cream of Mexico's crop. In fact, most of the criminals wanted in the USA are illegal immigrants. Gee, what a shocker: An illegal immigrant behaving illegally!

Look: This is a failed experiment before it starts. We are so busy kissing the illegal immigrant's butt that we have neglected our friends, our families, our children and our future. WHY do we owe them ANYthing but a boot in the butt out the door?

If we want IMMIGRANTS, then fine! Let's do it the right way, the LEGAL way. Send them ALL back and start the process. If they are free of any other criminal acts (other than illegally sneaking across the border the first time) then sure! Give them the same thing any OTHER immigrant gets: A green card!

We have a system in place. We need to UTILIZE it.

Write to your Representatives in the House of Representatives. Tell them: NO WAY JOSE! And if you want to shoot off an angry letter to the moronic Senators who passed this abortion of a bill, it couldn't hurt (though it's too late). Let everyone know that your vote depends on this! Because, I assure you, your children and your children's children depend on what YOU do now.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Falwell was an asshat: he blamed 9/11 on lesbians, feminists and pagans said that AIDS was a punishment from God and that Martin Luther King was a fraud.

For his stance against unionised labour alone he deserved to be slapped hard with a cattle prod...

Saur♥Kraut said...

Daniel, Ah, but he DID apologize for that later on. No doubt, I wasn't a follower or a fan. But, he wasn't as he was often portrayed: A vicious, condemnatory narrow-minded fundamentalist. Now, I grant you, he was sometimes good at giving that impression himself. Have you checked out the link on Falwell that Green mentioned in the last post?

Hans said...

Neither party is going to back a bill that sends illegal immigrants back home. Like it or not they are totally intertwined to our economy and society. A blanket round up would be a terrible disruption with dire consequences to our economy. Which is why there is little more than token enforcement of the current laws. Neither border protection nor punishing employers.

What we need to do is get them on the books legally and as painlessly as possible without the “perceived” rewarding of previous illegal behavior. No amnesty. Once on the books, legally, employers would be subject to current employment laws; minimum wage, workmen’s comp, etc… Taking away the cheap labor incentive from employers would assist legal immigrants and citizens in getting those jobs, if they want them. The side effect will be inflation. Be prepared to pay more for your tomatoes and strawberries and construction and landscaping or any the industries that employee these illegal immigrants by which I mean EVERYTHING.

The bill, as I understand it, is a bad attempt at doing just enough to show that there is no blanket amnesty but not to severe to minimize disruption.

Kathleen said...

Illegals ... I agree 100%. They need to GO! NOW! YESTERDAY! If they want to have their children born on American soil to stay, OK. We will make provisions for the children. We already do! But, they need to GO! I am firing off a few choice words today.

Falwell? Meh. But, I give you two thumbs up for being brave enough to put it out there.

Daniel? Meh.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Employers like the cheap labor. The reason why nothing was done when the Republicans had all the power was that they ignored the subject. They would talk tough, but then on the golf course all they did was laugh about it. It was a big joke.

House Republicans may reject this, but I suspect they will not. And Bush will sign it. Then, they can blame Democrats during the 2008 elections.

I also suspect that many illegals will not abide by the proposed legislation. Employers will pressure them not to. Illegal employers do not want their workers to be legal. They want to continue to exploit them.

I still say that going after illegal employers would be more effective.

Senor Caiman said...


I love you. Okay maybe it's lust.

You are so right. I'm starting to tear up because I wish I could type as well as you do.

That gay guy is getting on my nerves.

Double Secret Excellent Post.

PS I'm going to get a smoothie and a pretzel so I won't be able to respond to your response right away.

Ed Abbey said...

Excellent points, many of which I touched in my blog post today on the same subject.

My only criticism is that you use the term illegal immigrant which is an oxymoron. I think illegal alien is a more proper term.

I suspect that nothing will change from passing this bill. Illegal aliens will still come in droves and very few will gain citizenship.

Matt said...

Sauer, I love you, too.

Great post. I've never voted republican but don't know who I'm voting for next year.

I'm thinking of writing in....

Dobbs/Buchanan 2008

The Lazy Iguana said...

As long as they can get jobs, they will come.

Hence this is not an illegal alien problem. It is an illegal employer problem. People giving illegals jobs are the root cause of it all. No jobs, no reason to come here.

What are the chances that Republicans will back any laws that prevent businesses from obtaining illegal cheap labor? What are the odds that any Democrat will propose laws that Republicans can say "will kill American small business"?

None. Zero. Zilch.

Nothing will ever be done. People are making too much money off illegal immigration.

Matt said...

And, furthermore, I despise the language they've foisted on us.

I'm supposed to refer to illegal aliens (no human being is illegal) as "undocumented workers" on a "path to citizenship."

I'd like to send the leadership of La Raza on a "stairway to heaven," if you will....

Hans said...

It's killing me to write it but Lazy is right.

In addition the Democrats won't touch it because Hispanics (legal) are quickly becoming the country's largest minority. Like being the tallest midget. But they have voting power. The Cuban vote in South Florida is the reason for the continued embargo of Cuba.

daveawayfromhome said...

It's not killing me to say that Lazy is right. Cut off the jobs, cut off the immigration. But, as always, money trumps all in America, so, like capaign reform, immigration reform will get nothing but lip-service and loop-hole-strewn half-measures.

Europe is trying to get on this boat. If they succeed (money talks there, also), should we fail to do so?

Something needs to be done, in order to stop things like this and this

The Lazy Iguana said...

Most of the time I am right. The problem is that nobody will listen to what I have to say.

There would be far fewer problems in the world and the USA if people would pay more attention to the crap I have to say.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I am being repressed by the man! The establishment is trying to keep me down.

Read all about it at my site's Saturday post.