Friday, May 11, 2007

I Keep Trying!

I keep TRYING to blog but keep getting called out on various missions. Currently my car has developed a couple of annoying little problems and I'm being forced to go see my mechanic. So, here are a couple of points of interest:


Some of you may remember one of my best friends: Giselle, the attorney. She was just promoted to Lead Counsel for a MAJOR firm and SaurKid and I went over to have a cookout at her house last night to celebrate. She went on a major shopping spree and now owns more power suits than Hillary Clinton.


The smoke is coming back this way now. It looks as if all outdoor activities over an otherwise gorgeous weekend will be shot. Florida is about to call for help: Our firefighters are overextended and we are going to need backup soon.

This morning my car was covered in so many particles, I thought someone had been blowing leaves around or perhaps been using a woodchipper early in the morning: It was the fallout from the fires. It covers EVERYthing. Right now our area is listed as being dangerous for people who are "sensitive". That means: If you aren't used to breathing unfiltered smoke non-stop, you're sensitive.

Visibility is only 1/4 of a mile in some places here. I can see maybe 1/2 a mile away right now. Thick, corrosive smoke is everywhere, seeping into our homes and businesses and into our lungs.


Although Rosie has chosen to not seek chemotherapy for her bone cancer, she remains in good spirits and continues to take other medications to ease the pain. She refuses to stay home and stew over it: She's currently happily working at a new job and enjoying life.


Mothers Day is my favorite holiday. I would like to wish a special "Happy Mothers Day" to every mother (or primary caregiver)!


KristieD said...

congrats to your friend for her achievements and to rosie for having such good spirits.

And i agree, these fires are really no fun.

And A Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Our leader Blair is leaving us soon, any thoughts from across the pond?

The Lazy Iguana said...

How about we call up the National Guard?

Oh that is right. They are all "over there" fighting so we do not have fires and hurricanes over here.

I have no idea if my suits are power suits or not. I put in for some more jobs where I will get to wear the suits every day. My dry cleaning bill will go up. But such is life.

The smoke is back here too. Not as think as it is for you, visibility is way more than 1/2 a mile. At this point I say let all the shit burn. Once it all burns, there will be no more fire!

I think I have plans for Mother's Day. Ill have to check.

DANIEL - Blair is just another CHUMP that has fallen following the King Idiot. He will leave office, with his credibility shattered. When people look back on his time in office, the good stuff he may have done will be overshadowed by one thing he did wrong. Follow Bush.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Daniel, Tony Blair used to impress me. I thought he really had it together. But the continued war and his apparent blind support of Bush really did him damage. More importantly, what are YOUR thoughts!? It's your country and I'm interested. I'll check out your blog shortly.

Lazy, Hmm! Email me and let me know what you're going after. Tired of teaching monsters, huh? Sooo funny about the National Guard. Someone else asked me today why we're not calling them up (this is what we need them for)! Of course as you pointed out, I said they're over in Iraq right now instead of here for such emergencies. They were never supposed to be supplementary MILITARY in a WAR.

Kristie, it's time to hunker down! It's getting even WORSE. The visibility now is so bad, I can't even see the end of my STREET.

Beaver said...

Happy Mother's day in advance !

Hans said...

Daniel- He's more well spoken than our President.

To whom it applies- Happy Mother's Day

United We Lay said...

Happy Mother's Day! Be careful with the fires, and again, you're welcome up north.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

My partner tells me there are something like 7 or 8 wildfires in Fla. right now. Bad scene....