Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Space

My Space, the hot n' trendy teenybopper mini-version of Blogger is popular with the 20-and-under crowd. It's easy to use, requires no thought (which quickly becomes obvious) and relatively amoral if not downright immoral. This is due, of course, to its ease of use which allows anyone easy access to others and gives them the ability to participate anonymously.

However, I was somewhat surprised that My Space has agreed to give over the names of all suspected child molestors to different State Attorneys in at least 8 states. To read more as to their reasons, and the complications, go to this article at Mac News.

We all hate child molestors (I can't think of a stronger word than "hate"). It's one of those perversions that even angers a hardened convict sitting in prison. As most of us know, child molestors and murderers often have to get locked away outside of the general population, because if they don't, their days are numbered (remember Jeffrey Dahmer?)

Never the less, many people are wondering today: If My Space so easily turns over personal information, who will be next?

In my humble opinion, My Space is an abomination. Most of the contributions range from the inane to the dowright repulsive. A random scan today brought up posts on partying naked and vomiting all over yourself, porn, and other crap. But when it comes to privacy on the internet, where do we draw the line? Happily it's child molestors today, but what about tomorrow?

Many people turn to Blogger for freedom of expression in an anonymous format. We currently feel secure because Google has refused governmental fishing expeditions before. But obviously My Space may not have the same standards. And for people who have accounts both with My Space AND with Blogger: Your identity may be safe with Blogger for now. But if you're somehow linked to My Space, it may not be for long.


Hans said...

Don't feel to safe with Google they are storing information on you.

They haven't turned anything over to the U.S. government, yet. You can't say the same for China. If the information is available it's only a matter of time before they figure out to maximize the profit they can make off of selling it.

The best part of this "Information Age" is that so much information is out there and easily accessible. The worst part is that YOUR information is out there and accessible.

Jungle Mom said...

I live in a place where everything I say and do is monitored. I get away with a lot because they know I am leaving the country soon. Even so...I don't care for any government intervention!!!

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I have a MySpace, does that make me an asshat?

Cranky Yankee said...

MySpace is wned by Rupert Murdoch