Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Guest Writers!

I'm going on vacation for a week. That's right! A whole week! I'm going to North Carolina with my son to spend some time sightseeing and visiting with my parents. When I come back, I'm sure I'll have great stories to tell. But in the meantime, I would hate to see you sit there, languishing away... possibly not eating or sleeping because you miss your daily dose of SaurKraut.

(OK, I'm kidding. I'm not that egotistical yet. When I start using the royal "WE" like Cheryl Crow does, you can start worrying. But not yet.)

Still, there are some of you that have flattered me with daily attention and I'd love to continue to entertain you while I'm gone. So, I enlisted the help of 7 fellow bloggers who are SURE to entertain and enlighten you... And maybe raise your blood pressure just a tad, too. They come from all different backgrounds and walks of life and many have little to nothing in common with each other except for one thing: They're highly intelligent and VERY interesting.

So without further ado, let me introduce the schedule for the next week (NOTE: You'll have to go to THEIR site on that particular day):

FRIDAY 5/25: United We Lay (on The Least Known-About Stories for 2006-2007)

SATURDAY 5/26: Dr. Paul (Undoubtedly a relationship debacle since he's The Love Doctor)

SUNDAY 5/27: The Lazy Iguana (Topic unannounced but something Florida-y)

MONDAY 5/28: Mike Althouse (Topic unannounced)

TUESDAY 5/29: Eddo (on House Shopping Horrors)

WEDNESDAY 5/30: Mr. Gray Ghost (Topic unannounced)

THURSDAY 5/31: TS (on Biblical Perspectives on Illegal Immigration. This will be a video blog!)

Now let me tell you a little about each of my guests:

United We Lay (UWL) is a teacher in the northeastern USA. She originally hails from the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, which is where I met her years ago through the school blog that I share with Michelle. She's a new mom, but motherhood hasn't softened her at all. She remains fiercely passionate about many issues and, although we don't always agree, I highly respect her.

Dr. Paul is a relationship guru. He has an ongoing online radio show on relationship issues, and for years had a relationship show in the Tampa Bay Area as well as in other major metropolitan areas throughout the USA. He happens to be a personal friend whom I've known for many years. He is hardly Dr. Phil! He tackles problems with a keen sense of humor and an open mind.

The Lazy Iguana has had a variety of interesting jobs, ranging from teaching to being a liason for famous foreign diplomats on American soil. He has a marvelous dry wit and, although he doesn't have a southern accent, he speaks with a decided Floridian flavor. He is a wonderful tour-guide, and if YOU get a chance to go to Miami, you really must look him up! Trust me! Like me, he has a variety of pets and experiences and shares my love of the truth, boating, and fish n' chips.

Mike Althouse is a journalism student at California State University. He decided to go back to college late in life after some life-altering experiences. He recently won the Thinking Blogger Award and it was very well-deserved. He is a fascinating man with incredible insights, whose talents and interests are so wide-ranging that I don't have the ability to begin to list them all. Find out for yourself by visiting his various blogs!

Eddo lives in Texas. He is a brilliant website designer on the side, though he has another job during the day. He is a former Mavs Maniac (which is basically a male cheerleader for the Dallas Mavericks). He is very energetic and funny, but he also has an amazing soft side which can be seen in his Marry Me blog. That's right! He's single and available, ladies! (As are... well... most of us. Perhaps I need to blog a little less.)

Mr. Gray Ghost describes himself as a "Student of Life, lover of God, Black, Democrat, scribe, conservative, believer in self-responsibility, procrastinator, son of Nora, resident of Brooklyn, New York." Despite being a Democrat, Gray tends toward the conservative viewpoint. And like many of us, he's not easily pigeonholed: He enjoys a wide variety of music, literature, and entertainment. Gray is never afraid to tell it like it is, but his bluntness is tempered with style.

TS is a married Christian Charasmatic preacher. He's the father of an absolutely gorgeous little girl: We've seen her grow up through his blog. He has a great burden in his heart for the oppressed Chinese people and is a very thoughtful, loving writer. When he speaks of the issues of today, he is not condemnatory, but saddened by some of the horrors that we all see. He is also extremely tech-savvy, and interested in anything that I couldn't possibly understand.

Why wasn't *I* picked?!

Please understand that if I didn't approach you about this project, you were not neglected because I don't like you or find you to be of no interest! You are listed in my links for a reason (I don't merely do link-exchanges). However, there were only 7 days and therefore I am limited to only 7 writers. If I get lucky enough to go on another vacation this year, I may be asking YOU for help, next!

Wish me safety and lots of fun! I will "see" you here next Friday!


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

UWL is a legend, I know her from the Polanco days...


Ed Abbey said...

You have some great writers whom I read on a daily basis. Have a good trip and we are sure to have a good time here.

Jungle Mom said...

sounds like an interesting group!

green said...

Have a good time on vacation with your son. YOu work hard and you deserve a relaxing break.

Will look forward to your guest writers contributions.

Eddo said...

Next time pick a different writer and take me on vacation with you! haha. Do enjoy yourself, we look forward to hearing about it when you get back!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Remember Klingman's Dome in the Smokey Mountains National Park! Can't miss that one. Really. It is cool.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy, I LOVE things like that. I'm hoping to see Stone Mountain if we have time, too. Although the mountains alarm me a tad... I'm not great with heights. I'll get my dad to drive. :P

Eddo, You've got it! You still have to take me up on the Strawberry Festival!

Green, Thank you very much! You're up next time, so be prepared! ;o)

Jungle Mom, You don't know how much I wanted to ask YOU, but you've been struggling with some sort of rotten jungle fever and I didn't want to burden you.

Ed, You're on the next list, so get ready! ;o) You never know! Hope all's well with the little one.

Daniel, I know! You were one of the first people I "met" online. What a rude awakening! Kidding! Sort of... :D

Senor Caiman said...


You'd better not hunt me down and spank me.

Are your parents still in the dog training business? Smellie Dos has no skills outside of eating. Come to think of it we're a lot a like.

Thanks for the wordsmithing yesterday.

Enjoy your vacation. I'm sorry I couldn't help you out with posts but I am busy. Looks like a fine group though.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Caiman, Thank you very much. I will miss you! Have a great week and try to be good. ;o)