Friday, May 09, 2008

Two Commentaries For the Price of One:
Hillary Clinton & Crime in St. Petersburg, Florida

Hillary Clinton

It looks as if Clinton's campaign is beginning to hint at a graceful withdrawal. At this time neither Clinton nor Obama are too thrilled with her being the V.P. at the Democratic Convention, but the pressure is mounting for this solution.

It will do the Democratic party little good.

Although Hillary is a crossover candidate, Obama most assuredly isn't. We might as well get used to saying "President McCain." As a mere extension of George Bush, McCain will prove that there truly are ways to get around the term limits of the Presidency.

Rape on a Schoolbus

In the Tampa Bay area, the two worst pockets for crime are in Tampa itself, and in St. Petersburg. Many of us natives do not drive through certain areas there (even in the daytime).

Like it or not, most of the crime stems from the black neighborhoods, where culturally they've developed a blind eye to it. Please note that I am not racially prejudiced (as most of you know, one of my best friends is black). What I am is truthful, and I refuse to ignore the truth, even when it could be "politically incorrect."

And, black people admit it themselves.

Once every 5 years or so, you'll see a black rally on the local news. There's always the tearful woman saying that if black people don't start demanding good behavior and expecting more from their youth, nothing will change.

Then nothing changes.

To see a bar graph on how Tampa and St. Pete compare, go here. (St. Pete even exceeds Miami in rape, assault, and theft.) If you want to see how your city compares, you can plug in your information as well.

To add to the statistics, we now hear of the latest atrocity: Three high school football players boarded a bus at Dixie Hollins High School (in the heart of the crime-infested area of St. Pete whose mascot is, oddly enough, apparently a plantation owner). The oldest, Branden Allen, raped a young girl while the other two stood as lookout.

What a pity that our kids aren't safe on school buses anymore, but we already knew that, didn't we?

And we once thought that a lack of seat belts on our buses was the most serious issue.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately crime is pretty bad here too and most of it comes from the black communities in the area. I agree with you about stating the truth even if it is not deemed politically correct. My fiance is a deputy here and 9 times out of 10 the things he responds to is violence in the black communities. One of the cities here, North Charleston, is rated among the top in the country for violent crime, in the past few years we have had more homicides per capita than most major cities. I believe in 2006 it was ranked #7 overall. We have a very large black population here and I have not seen any outcries from the black community to clean up their act and teach their children how to be productive members of society. Now granted there is plenty of white trash here and there are a lot of issues with crimes related to the hispanic population. Honestly though, if someone thinks I sound racist, I could really care less.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Oh please. Why does Tampa / St. Pete always have to be worse than Miami?

The City of Miami is a fairly small area. Lots of people but there are also lots of condos and apartment buildings.

Compare Opa Locka to St. Pete. We got you beat in everything except rape and assault.

But compare Florida City to St Pete and St Pete gets the crap beat out of it in all categories EXCEPT murder. Apparently in Florida City there were no murders - at least none reported. So combine Opa Locka and Florida City and St Pete seems like an urban paradise.

Krok will be quick to point out I isolated two areas that are mostly (90% or better) black.

Homestead's stats are slightly better than Florida City (the two cities are right next to each other) beating St Pete in everything except auto theft and rape. If you want to get your car stolen and/or raped just go on the other side of Lucy Street and you are in FL City and your needs can be taken care of there. If you want to be murdered just stay in Homestead.

And you know why nothing will change?

From USA Today

And This Cartoon

krok90 said...

Sweet Thang,

Just like Orenthawl James.

If I were gay I'd sleep with The Lazy because he's almost always right, Metro Dade County is worse than St. Pete. But I will say that anytime I'm near blacks I think I'm in the worst place there could be.

I use to think all blacks were thugs, but as I've matured I now know that 1% of blacks are not thugs. Now I must clarify that statement by saying if you invite that 1% over to your house to watch a boxing match they will steal something from your house. It's weird I know.

Saur, I want you to know that I too have a black friend, and a slurpee Indian friend, and this hot Greek chick friend who has the most beautiful hair that I've ever seen.

At least your blacks for the most part kill other blacks. In North Carolina the blacks kill pretty white girls.

If you don't mind I would like to say asa lama lakem to all my black Muslim friends.

Also, could you tell Sheniqua to get her fine booty back over here?

Excellent post.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Somehow, there seems to be a need to introduce in to some parts of our society the basic concept (not necessarily physical) brought out in your Wednesday May 07 post. Or is that too vague-- or maybe too clear???? Certainly less politically correct, and I''m not a bigot either. When Janet was ill a couple of years ago, she was on the prayer roll or an active subject of prayer in almost every Black church in town. But somehow, ----???

daveawayfromhome said...

Wow, Saur, you picked a tough one. Not because the issue is cloudy, but because a bunch of white people discussing the problems of black ones tends to bring out the black nationalists crying "racist!", which is ironic, though no one seems to notice that.

My wife teaches high school in an Dallas-metro school. Poverty and the ignorance that often accompanies/causes it plays a big part in bad behavior, but while the kids from poor backgrounds all give her trouble, she often has the most trouble with the black ones. Not because the white, hispanic or asian-descended kids are that much less ignorant, but because the African-American ones seem to take pride in their ignorance.

But who should be surprised, really. American society in general sneers at the concept of manners, gentlemanly (and gentlewomanly) behavior is considered "elitist", and our leaders demonstrate daily in their actions (if not their words) that the pursuit of money trumps anything and everything and that ethics are for suckers. And shall we discuss the ridiculous apple and oranges "debate" of religion vs. science, and the effect that cultural war must be having on learning?

The black population doesnt really act any differently, they just act more extremely.

Christians in the country have the right idea when they campaign against moral decay, but instead of concentrating on the parts of the Bible that everyone can agree on (decency and love towards your fellow man, do-unto-others-etc, and the kind of things that promote peace and harmony), they've chosen instead to use "decency" as a shield while they attempt to cull the herd of those whose differing opinions create trouble only because the Christians themselves react to it, rather than through any obvious, a-b-c harm.

But I'm getting distracted here.

I find myself hoping that Obama wins, not that I think he'd be any better of a president than Hillary (though he would be better than McCain), but because maybe then African-Americans will be forced to confront their own roles in the problems of their own culture, rather than leaning on the whitey-did-it crutch and shirking responsibility for their own actions.
After all, if a black man can become President, how bad can the racism really be?

Uncle Joe said...

I had two very close black friends in high school. We had more fun and more in common than with a lot of my white friends.
At the 10-year reunion something had changed inside of them.
When I approached them in a group of their peers we talked for a bit and then one of them told me I'd better get back over with 'my' people.
The good news is that with our 30 year reunion coming up, they've gotten in contact with me and we're talking again.

Your post is accurate, as always.

Deb said...

What a terrible story. You're right. Seat Belts used to be the big worry.

Tom said...

I have lived most of my life here in South St. Pete and I have yet to meet the people that you casually stereotype in your post.

"Like it or not, most of the crime stems from the black neighborhoods, where culturally they've developed a blind eye to it."

No we don't like crime. We suffer terribly from crime and we grieve when our loved ones are murdered, robbed, beaten or raped. If you come to one of our community meetings you will see that complaints about crime are the main topic of conversation. And you are invited to come and talk to us. We will make you feel welcome.

Yes violent crime is concentrated here and it does spread throughout the city. The person who shoves you into the sidewalk to grab your purse just may have learned their craft here in my hood.

Why? One thing I notice is that people from your part of town drive in to my neighborhood when they want to find drugs or a prostitute. They hand cash through their car window and have built a rich industry to serve their needs.

Another reason is that acts of terror are quite effective in keeping people from reporting crime to police and discouraging them from being witnesses. Our police chief told me he knew of 25 murderers but can't make arrests because his informants insist on remaining anonymous. They are in fear of retaliation. No testimony means no chance of a conviction.

Bartlett Park had the highest rate of homicides in Pinellas. Not any more. We have cut this by 75%. We are close to a 100% reduction. Citizen patrols and lots of calls have helped. Better policing made a difference after the chief made more officers available where they were needed most.

"Once every 5 years or so, you'll see a black rally on the local news...Then nothing changes."
I gotta agree with you here but the news media don't know our neighborhood and won't tell you about the real fight against crime. They will always cover the big rally that leads to nothing. The church people mean well(sometimes) but are too lazy to do anything more than a photo op or a media event. The church leaders have long ago moved to the burbs but come back on Sunday to preach and pass the basket. They think they are experts cause they lived here 40 years ago but they don't know what they don't know. They are too scared to act.

Here is one of my rants about these useless rallys and my plea for the church to do something real for once.

Have you ever heard rape victims described as "wanting it" or blamed for "provoking it" by wearing the wrong type of clothing or walking down the wrong street? Blaming victims does not solve anything but it helps society tolerate the intolerable.

krok11 said...

Dear Sweet Thang,

Happy Mudda's day, sho-nuf.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Krok, thanks so much, honey.

Tom, an excellent post, and thank you for your contributions. I will pop over and read that 'rant' of yours shortly. The only thing we disagree on is where you state "I have lived most of my life here in South St. Pete and I have yet to meet the people that you casually stereotype in your post."

First, it's not a stereotype. Second, it's not casual, and third, I don't believe you (frankly).

No, I'm sorry - stating the truth for what it is, when it pertains to behavior that is seen in many people in a certain area and a certain culture is NOT stereotyping. Stereotyping is assuming that ALL people of that culture are thugs and rapists. As you've proven in your thoughtful post, YOU apparently are an exception and I'm sure that there are others.

I'm just saddened that you ARE the exception.

...more soon...

Fred said...

Wow. I didn't realize we were so far above the national averages.

As a teacher at a school that is 1/3 minority, I see how our nation needs to evolve. Yet, I see things getting worse, not better. Our schools may be failing certain segments of the population, but unfortunately, many of these kids have one parent that is working two jobs, and the streets become the parents. By the time they get to me, it's too late.

Happy Mother's Day, Saur.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Deb, thanks. It certainly makes me wonder why more parents don't arrange for alternatives for their kids. Many of us aren't privileged and can't afford to send out kids to private schools, but parents don't demand enough from the school system.

Unca Joe, how very sad. My friend Rosie has cancer, as you know. Lately she's become much more paranoid about racial issues (remember my post about the young men in the red truck that I had to retract).

Daveawayfromhome, You're right - this IS a tough one, no doubt. And what's really weird is that 10 years ago I would never have written it. I write it after seeing history repeat itself, after reading Thomas Sowell's book on the subject, and after careful observation.

You are 100% correct in what you say. I have family and friends who are teachers, and they would agree with your wife's assessments completely. Thomas Sowell pointed out that this pride in ignorance and violence is actually from the black culture absorbing the violent culture of lower class whites at the turn of the century, and he proves it with a great deal of documentation.

I think that if Obama wins, black people will not confront a thing about their own behavior. They will then split into different camps - those that think he's being too 'white' (if he behaves in a civilized manner), and those who think he's the exception and just got lucky.

I don't think we'll see any overall change in people's life-outlook. After all, there have been and always will be prominent black people and it makes not a bit of difference to the thug mentality you find in the ghettos.

...more soon...

Saur♥Kraut said...

Fred, thanks for the well wishes, hon. And yes, the majority of it stems from parenting and home life.

Having two working parents is hardly an excuse, however, when there are kids out there with 2 working parents (or a working single parent) and they turned out just fine.

Saur♥Kraut said...

3 Score & 10, It is troubling. I wish there were easy answers. Until we, as a society, reintroduce the concept of personal responsibility, nothing will change.

BUT: CAN we creat a sense of personal responsbility among people who are comfortable with a victim mentality? How do we break that?

Well, we can break it through social and religious organizations (such as churches) but churches such as Jeremiah Wright's church simply foster these beliefs and encourage them, to where personal responsibility and the chance to work hard and get somewhere seem to be an impossible dream.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ah, Lazy: Tell it like it is, my brother.

Ange, thanks for your usual, thoughtful contribution, hon. I appreciate it.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Tom brings up some good points.

1. White people drive "over there" when they want drugs and hos. This is true. White people smoke crack too you know. Drug addiction knows no racial lines.

Now if you are a drug dealer, where do you want to hang out? Somewhere you stand out and where someone WILL call the cops on you are somewhere else where you blend in and nobody will call the po-po?

So crime is exported there. Not that there are no drug dealers in whitey town - there are. But the drug dealers in more affluent areas are different. No hanging out on the street corner kicking $5 and $10 bags. No, they tend to keep a lower profile, keep up their property, are quiet, and do not want to draw any attention to themselves. They just grow / make the drugs, then sell them in bulk to someone who supplies the guys who kick the $5 and $10 bags on the street corner.

Think of a crime pyramid. The top of the pyramid is rooted in whitey town - where the money tends to be. As you move down the pyramid the structure gets wider and often darker.

This can not be ignored, and is part of the overall problem.

Point 2 is the same point I was making with the photo link and cartoon link. Don't snitch. People who witness crimes often do not say anything. They fear retaliation from the gang members the law can not put in prison. Minorities also tend to not trust the police very much - with all the clubbing and whatnot going on. Hell I do not totally trust the police and I am pretty white!

So the law on the street is don't talk. If you see something, keep your trap shut. Or someone WILL shut it for you. With a bullet.

Of course this begs for this question. WHEN the hell is the government going to do something USEFUL with anti-terror laws? Are gangs NOT terrorist organizations? Seems to me like they are. They terrorize innocent people into not talking to the police! They terrorize people into not saying anything about their activities.

So how about using some of those formerly illegal without a warrant wiretaps? How about intercepting those cell phone calls? How about rounding up scores of domestic terrorist gang members and shipping them to GITMO for some creative questioning?

But no. Unless someone plots to blow up the Sears Tower the feds do not seem to care.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy, I agree with you completely.

And as for the terror laws, you are right but you know how it goes: Terrorism is IN, gangs are OUT. The government is very trendy, and doesn't have time for gangs or everyday criminals.

Besides, you and I both know that the Patriot Act may be relatively innocuous for the common citizen right now, but it is in place and civil rights may soon be a thing of the past. So I hesitate to encourage it's use even though it would be wonderful to see gangs put out of business.

But... I know you're writing tongue-in-cheek, as you have the same reservations that *I* do.

The Lazy Iguana said...

If I am going to loose my civil rights, the least I want out of the deal is less crime.

Think about it. You think there is street crime and gangs in North Korea? Hell no. Py┼Ćngyang is probably very safe, as long as you do not say "Kim Jong-il is an asshole".

Of course saying "Bush is a stutter bum" means you support terrorists and want America to become an Islamic State.

So if we are going down that road, the least I can get is safe streets!!!

We already have the gulags.

Aunt Jo said...

Totally off the subject:

Happy Mothers Day Saur!

You rock!

CrazyCath said...

OMG This is shocking. I am shocked.
More shocking that they you write it conveys the "everydayness" or "normality" of this scenario. (this is not a criticism of your writing but an observation on the state of affairs).


Tom said...

This Saturday we will see about a hundred volunteers come to Bartlett Park to pray with crime victims and then go door to door in the most crime infested blocks to connect residents with resources and friendship.

It only takes one resident to start calling police and a drug hole will be cleaned up. Its very hard to get that first one to call.

Still don't know the folks who don't mind all this crime. Every one I know is fed up.