Saturday, September 23, 2006

Craft Shows & Festivals

Now that the weather is finally getting a smidgeon cooler, it's time to begin my weekly pilgrimages to craft shows and festivals. Somehow, I never get bored wandering amongst the crafts, the foods, and the jewelry; always on the lookout for something new.

Perhaps you enjoy them just as much as I do! If so, you need to bookmark Festival Network Online, which is a great source. It sometimes misses a couple events here and there, but it's the most comprehensive source I've discovered. I'm going through withdrawal symptoms because there are none in my area right now.

If you get a chance to go to a craft show or festival in your area, please take pictures, write it up in your blog and let me know. I look forward to reading about it! It may help me to feel a little better, just knowing that somewhere, somehow, some little old lady is still making plastic canvas tissue paper covers and selling them in an obscure little craft show.

OK, I lied. Plastic canvas isn't my idea of a decorative accessory. Neither are little old ladies. But perhaps you'll find that elusive Harvest Wreath which you've been searching for.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nihilistic said...

I was dragged to a couple craft shows...Most of the time I walk around looking at stuff making the comment - "Why would anyone buy THAT?"

The Lazy Iguana said...

I tend to avoid craft festivals. They clog up traffic. And in Miami they tend to be infested with hippies selling pot pipes and incense.

Ellen said...

I actually went to one yesterday, and immediately gravitated to the smells of the food booths. Being hungry, I opted for the booth that sold on-site cooked chinese food. Yummy is the best word I can describe for the delicious sesame chicken I had ordered.... until I had spilled some of the sauce on me while trying to locate a place to sit and eat. Needless to say, the wandering bees found my spills delicious too, and I was pestered for licks to my pants.

I found the festival to be tiny compared to the many that I have gone to in my time, and the weather was a balmy, humid 90 degrees.... but still nice that I was able to enjoy something different than cooking myself.

Oh yeah.... they had the typical fare of goods for sale.... no surprise there.

Fred said...

Wasn't it nice to wake up Wednesday morning and have such nice, cool weather? This is when The Missus and I start sitting outside every evening.

As for the craft shows, chances are you've passed my lovely wife at a few of them. She's out there as we speak browsing at one of them. (Or the mall...)

Aunt Jo said...

There was a huge craft show at Fin & Feather Resort near here. I hear it is really crowded so I don't go. I don't like being smooshed and carried along by a crowd of ladies and strollers. Maybe I would feel differently if I had the cash to support such a trip! haha