Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Fall Color Scheme: Smoky but Not.

Does any woman change her color scheme any more? My mom is of the old school. When we were kids we wore white after one holiday and stopped wearing it after another. That lasted for a short time and Mom finally threw in the towel once she discovered that no one else cared about that tradition. It went the way of gloves and hats.

Still, Mom clung to some of the old ways. During my first year in college, Mom called me to ask what color my spring wardrobe was going to be. Hers was going to be yellow that year, I believe. "Denim, Mom!" I answered. She took it well.

Years have gone by and we wear what we want. In the fall we add wooly sweaters, in the summer we wear shorts instead of pants. But does anyone really read what the fashion editors have to say about the latest fall colors? Does anyone frantically rush out to buy the latest "smoked teal" wardrobe and drop off their other clothes to the Salvation Army thrift shop on the way?

Everywhere I'm seeing "Fashion Editors" (what a gig that must be!) in teaching mode, telling us that the newest makeup look this fall is "smoky eyes" but not too smoky. "It’s a colorful smoky eye we want, so sweep on a single layer of soft gold from lashline to crease for day, then discover your inner diva at night with a saturated blue or gem-like green on your lid and a slightly darker hue defining the crease."

I don't wear eyeshadow unless it's at night because, frankly, it screams "street walker" when you wear make up like that. Also, heavy makeup ages you. At my age, I have all the aging I want.

My father, a scientist, once informed me that blue eyeshadow was tacky and that when I wore it, I looked like a mating lizard. Apparently a particular male lizard will change his eyelid color to blue when trying to attract a mate.

I valiantly resisted as best as I could, but to this day, all I think of is mating lizards when I see blue eyeshadow. Perhaps we could inflict this on others, so that we don't have to see such violent blue lids as the model is sporting here.

I have hopes for this fall season, however. I think it's come to the point where the confusion will take over and there will be millions of women cast adrift, wandering through cosmetics counters throughout the nation, trying to find colors that are smoky-but-not-smoky. Eventually something will snap and they'll openly rebel, wearing *gasp* summer colors or even *gasp again* no colors on their eyelids at all!

That is, until it's time for the Winter Color Scheme: Icy but Not.


michelle said...

Mascara (on top only), blush, powder, lip gloss. That is it for me.

If I do go out I add brown/tan eye shadow and add mascara to the bottom lashes. However, I may have to add blue now that you mention it.

Clothes - at work: black, navy, grey or tan pants with a summer, winter, spring or fall sweater.

Clothes- at home: jeans or jean shorts with tank tops or t-shirts.
If I go out it is the same with cuter sandles.

Edge said...

You are cut from the same fabric as my wife, mother and grandmother. Little a does not wear white shoes after labor day and no black shoes after Easter. You don't wear black to a wedding ( despite all these black bridesmaid dresses. What is this the marriage of Beatlejuice? ) And forget rouge if you were around my Nana, you might as well climb on her roof and yell, "I'm a hooker with my best rouge on!"


FruitfulSpirit said...

No make-up for this girl. I quite years ago. Some times I will put on a light power with rouge but only when I know I will have to pose for pictures, like in weddings! I just don't get it. Especially when my 15 yo step walks in made up to look like she has a street walk planned for the weekend! Her dads face is priceless in those first few seconds before he sends her off to wash the soot from her face! She has learned not in our house!! LOL

I can not afford to dress the season and buy the colors that I like and that look good on me! White is never a favorite because it gets dirty just putting it on! Black is a favorite and worn most often!

How can one be icy but not?

~Deb said...

Blue eyeshadow has made its way back into the 'fashion plate'. Not the type that Mimi wears---but the type where it's subtle, and it gives just enough hint of a silvery blue. I like that look. Not the late 60's bellbottom days know what I mean.

Make up ages you? I had no clue! I gotta watch out for that! Eek!

mckay said...

can you believe i wore blue eyeshadow to my wedding in the 80's? ugh...shudder......

now i spend two minutes putting on shades of tan and brown with the goal of looking like i'm not wearing anything.

someday, maybe i'll just wear a big floppy red hat and not give a sh!t.

Miss Cellania said...

Who can afford new clothes every year? When I find something that looks decent on me, I keep it for decades.

For a beautiful face with blue eyeshadow, see this.

Ellen said...

I don't even know why I bother to wear anything at all. My make-up only lasts as long as the drive over to my kitchen, where I sweat it off in a room that has a 450 degree oven and no air conditioning. Most of it ends up on my apron by the time I'm ready to deliver food by 10:30 am.

Forget blue eyeshadow.... I never liked it when it was "in fashion" in the 60's (even though I was far too young to wear it anyway). It always seemed to scream HOOKER or VEGAS SHOWGIRL.

Clothes.... just give me a comfortable pair of jeans, a cotten t-shirt, and a pair of comfortable sneakers and I'm happy.
Lucky for me, I get to wear just that everyday for work.

Loved your Dad's description.... too funny!

Jenn said...

I can proudly say, I have never fallen prey to any of these trends. The make-up, that is, now my 80's hair was another story.

mal said...

I am with you on the "make up ages you" *L* and I am trying to save money on makeup, sooooooooo

Blue eyeshadow never worked for me or anyone I know. I know it goes in and out of fashion, but has it ever really worked for anyone?.....other than the Pharohs any way?

The Lazy Iguana said...

It is all a plot to sell crap to idiots. You can either spend time thinking about important stuff, or about fashion and eye shadow colors.

The direction the nation, and the world in general, is heading is a direct result of all this madness.

Badoozie said...

HA, right. smokey eyelids indeed. i refuse to succumb to any fashion trend that tells me i have to wear frosting on my lids to be sexy.

that white tradition, thats funny because a lady i work with just told me about that the other day. apparently she was raised where wearing white after labor day or before easter is a NO NO. i had to laugh, because no i notice it all the time.

notsocranky said...

Now I will think of mating lizards when I see blue eyeshadow -- your father was right! No eyeshadow for me.

Luckily I wear a uniform at work so my wardrobe isn't very fancy -- mostly jeans.

Lee Ann said...

I would agree, that eye makeup is a bit loud!
I don't remember changing wardrobe colors with the season, my mom may have done it same as yours.

R2K said...

As always, the key this season is less is more.

Some Random Girl said...

just call me the smokey eyed streetwalker who looks like a male lizard. actually, my skin is looking rather dry. I love wearing lots of smokey eye or night and I dont' think I look like a hooker....of course, maybe that's why that dude was waving a 50 spot at me! ;)

actonbell said...

When I see blue eyeshadow, I think of that character Mimi on the Drew Carey Show. And I never consciously change my color scheme, but I admit that I do tend to buy into certain trends--for instance, I like brown and pink together. Never would have thought of it, but like it.

A former boyfriend smirkingly called me the denim queen. I took it as a compliment--it goes with everything:)

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Having spent much of my life teaching theatrical make-up to aspiring actors (or make-up people) I can honestly say that I can make someone up to look better than they do without anyone knowing they are wearing makeup. On the other hand nothing freaks me out more than seeing people walk down the street in makeup that looks like they are ready for the stage under theatre lights (It is a different thing). As a Mormon, I always liked the Tabernacle Choir, but I finally sent a letter to the director (whom I knew-- a little) telling him that all those women in blue eyeshadow (and some of them in "big" hair) were spoiling the image. I think he listened. You never see blue eye shadow there anymore. As an old coot, I think most fashion stuff is garbage. If you look clean, and your clothes fit (kinda) you are fine.