Thursday, December 07, 2006

Become a Doggie Foster Parent

Until recently, I didn't realize how much need there is out there for doggie foster parents. Many shelters are now opting to become "no-kill" shelters, which means that a dog that is dropped off may be there for a long time before it's ever adopted.

One of our local shelters here is now refusing any sick or stray animals, which is burdening other shelters in the area. We're dealing with an over-abundance of strays and unwanted dogs, in general. Additionally, there are dog rescue groups that specialize in finding and saving a particular breed.

I never cared for poodles until I bought my own two (out of necessity, due to allergies). Now I'm wild about poodles. Contrary to what I'd believed, they are intelligent, calm, loyal, loving, and snuggly. Well, at least miniatures and standards are. The small ones are spazzy. (My maltipoo (BuyEyes) can be trying at times and suddenly turn into a furry whirling dervish).

Recently I've been trying to help someone (who's an allergy sufferer) find a poodle or a poodle mix at a relatively inexpensive price. We didn't want a puppy (too much work) and sadly there are always abandoned dogs, so I started doing some research.

There are many groups that do poodle rescue, but my local favorite is Florida Poodle Rescue. (Click on the link to see some great before & after shots). If you qualify, you can adopt a poodle for a fee that is high enough to prohibit someone from adopting the animal simply to exploit it.

But homes are needed; not just for poodles, but other dogs and animals as well. The shelters and rescue services are overwhelmed, and many of them are farming out their dogs and cats to homes that are willing to care for them until they're placed.

So if you feel that you're able to do so, consider becoming a foster parent for a needy animal. You may not even want to have an animal full-time (perhaps it's too much commitment) but if you are able to take animals on an "as-needed" basis, you could be helping yourself, as well as helping others.


Kathleen said...

Saur, you are very right about poodles. They are very smart dogs and the minatures and standards are generally calm and loving. I love the no shedding or standard doggie odor. I operated a dog grooming and pet supply store to support my family while my husband was in college. My partner was formerly a breeder of poodles in New York and her dogs were well known in AKC circles as top of the line. Anyway, we had a white minature who was the most wonderful dog. She was my son's best friend. I highly recommend minatures and standards for families. While the toy poodles are cute and sweet, they are not a easy going as the others. Families with small kids may want to steer away from them.

PS, the chocolate minature is a nice looking poodle.

mckay said...

i'm a sucker for animals in need, and my own two dogs are rescues. if i tried to take in a third my neighbors would lynch me, for sure!

dood for you for spreading the word about rescue orgs and dogs.

The Lazy Iguana said...

There is no way I can foster any animals. I already have 4 cats and a large lizard. I was down to three cats (one vanished without a trace) but then a stray kitten showed up and I fed it, so it did not go away. If I did foster any toy or teacup dogs, the cats would beat it up. It would be three against one, four against one when the kitten reaches adulthood.

But I would NEVER get a toy or teacup breed. It is not very manly to have a little yappy rat dog! No, what I need is a lab! Or a great dane. A real dog! But then again, there is the landmine factor. So maybe a beagle would be a better idea. But no dogs for now. I have enough critters for now.

Three cats were strays, one cat came from some lady hanging out at a Publix with a box full of kittens that the stray she adopted produced.

So - how many animals are you going to foster?

Saur♥Kraut said...

LI, I'm going to take on a black poodle mix puppy (4 mos). It may end up getting a permanent home with me, but either way, I'm getting it out of the shelter.

McKay, I'm a sucker, too (obviously).

Kathleen, how interesting! We do have SO MUCH in common, and I see that repeatedly.

Jenn said...

I should do this. It's so hard once you become attached to give them up though. But it's a great thing to do.

I'm a big advocate of spaying and neutering. I don't see any need to breed my dog.

The Lazy Iguana said...

How are the weasels?

QUASAR9 said...

Well Saur Kraut,
you'd get on fine with my mother
she loves all animals,...
but loves dogs the most
and among her varied collection
always poodles, large and small
have featured now for nigh on 50 years

Fred said...

Every one of our pets has come from a shelter. Too bad so many of them don't find a home.

green said...

I've got a 12 year old cat that needs a new home... any takers?

Meow said...

I don't think I could foster a dog or cat ... I'd all in love and never want to give it back !! Oh well, that'd be good for the pet too, I guess!! I'm a sucker for animals.
My grandmother had a poodle, and it was crazy. It was like it was on a piece of elastic, it just kept bouncing up and down, sort of like a yo-yo. It was a cute dog, though, when it calmed down !!
Sorry I haven't been by much lately. My life is slowly getting back to normal. I will be blogging regularly again soon.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

I guess this is as good a time as any to issue a Missy and Magic update. They were the two Great Pyrenees I adopted after they were dumped in Colfax. Turns out they were stolen. The real owners came forward and after giving them the irresponsible pet owner lecture, the dogs were returned.

No ID chips, not spayed and although a great deal of advertising as to the finding of these two animals was made, they apparently missed ALL OF IT.

The bottom line is that they were the true owners and they had a right to get their dogs back. Maybe they learned a lesson, maybe not. At least I forgot to thank them for the measly $50 they graciously rewarded me with.

PS: Thanks for the note you left on my last post... it meant a lot.


Live, Love, Laugh said...

what a great idea! I have three pomeranians and they keep me busy, but I do know there is a real need to help these strays, thankfully our animal control in the small town we live, find homes for stray animals instead of euthanizing them.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

A wonderful thing to do. I`d love to get a rescue dog one day. As for fostering....I wouldn`t be able to give them up!


Miss Cellania said...

Those poodle stories are heartbreaking. How can people treat an animal like that?

Saur♥Kraut said...

Miss C, I know! I don't understand it either. But what's extra-strange is to see people treating expensive dogs like that. You'd think that either the type of person that would do those things couldn't afford a better dog, or that someone who has bought an expensive dog has made an investment, so they wouldn't abuse the poor animal.

Tea & Margaritas, I will be taking on one, and may very likely get too attached as well. We'll see... I'll report on the grand experiment.

Live, Love, Laugh, it's wonderful that you have a good shelter. And don't get me wrong. I think there are some dogs that should be put down (if they're violent, unstable, etc). Sometimes it's necessary. But oftimes it isn't.

Mr. A, You had 2 Great Pyrenees??? Are you aware of how dangerous they are? I know you're a big tough guy but...(?) Anyway, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. That would be very frustrating. We have a similar case here where some Katrina survivors treated their dog like crap, abandoned him during the storm, didn't bother looking for him for months, but when a prominent attorney adopted him they showed up and demanded him back. And got him. Very sad.

Meow, I understand. I've been super busy myself. Yeah, the little dogs are slightly out of kilter. :P It took me a lonnnnng time to warm up to BugEyes and I am still not completely thrilled with her all the time.

Green, how sad! Why? Do you have any friends/family that can take her?

Fred, good for you. My family was always that way. I chose more expensive dogs because of the allergy factor, but the latest one that I'm taking is a poodle mix that comes from a shelter.

Quasar, Your mom is a woman of good taste!!!

LI, very stinky. Owning two proved to be very high maintenance and I simply didn't (don't) have the time since SaurKid isn't on top of it, so one of the weasels is in process of finding a good home. I mean ferret. Now you've got me saying weasel!

Jenn, you should, since your biz specialty is animals! ;o)

eshuneutics said...

Alas, Poodles do get a bad press: fancy being associated with our wondrous Prime Minister. Spaniels and the Royalists, the Queen and her corgies...I suppose that Blair is a toy poodle.

KristieD said...

that is totally something i would love to do, but seeing as how i live with my parents and we already have what my dad considers to be too many animals, i dont think he would go for it. (3 cats & a dog) Now, if i had my own home, it would be a different story. I am a sucker for animals and i think that by being a foster-owner to a needy dog would be awesome. ;)