Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Cards From Meow (Australia)

Here's the postcard I just received from Meow. At the same time I got this Christmas card, too. Never let it be said again that Florida is a weird place on Christmas day!

If you want to get involved in a postcard exchange, pop on over to her blog and let her know. And while you're there, check out her mouth-watering cookies!


Anonymous said...

An ex-girlfriend of mine really, really loved post cards and collected them from all different spots and once we even visited a place in Pennsylvania (I think) that bills itself as the largest collector of post cards in the world.

She had an old-fashioned post card holder to display the best, the cards lying 20 deep in the holders.

If she hadn't been such a bitch that thing wouldn't have wound up in the dumpster. You know, I wonder what ever happened to her.

I should send her a post card.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Matt, ;o) Very pithy. You should be a stand-up comedian! :D

The Lazy Iguana said...

I am seriously considering going through the application process to be a foreign service officer with the US Department Of State. The process is extensive and VERY selective - but in the event that I become a US Consular Officer I may be able to send back post cards from who the hell knows where.

Is there even a Country called "Zambubulamalawalakee"?

The written test is sometime early in 2007. Then there is the background checks and medical clearance. Then the Foreign Service Exam which is a multiple part written / oral / case study exam. 80% of applicants fail the Foreign Service Exam.

It is pretty much a given that your first assignments will suck. Hardship locations. Hostile climates. Political instability. Physical danger. Tropical disease. Angry Yetis. Yellow snow (from the local angry Yeti). Possible severe lack of beer (Ill have to make my own). No shopping malls. Limited air conditioning. No cable TV. Nothing but accordion music on the radio. Insects that have the ability to chew through solid steel, and grow as large as a dinner plate. Leaches that weigh hundreds of pounds.

And that is only if I get sent to Washington DC!

Meow said...

Hey there, glad the cards arrived ... I actually wrote the postcard about a month or so ago, but forgot to post it !!! They were both sent just this Monday afternoon (Melbourne time) ... can't believe they arrived so quickly.
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Badoozie said...

i oft thought of joining the postcard exchange, but as luck would not have it, i never get around to it, because i'm frankly quite unmotivated...but some have been kind enough to include me anyway. like meow..she's a great gal!!!

QUASAR9 said...

Wow! this is more my cup of tea.

Not that I'm not interested in the previous post - just that sometimes one cannot tell what is looking for sympathy and real tragedy. But what is not surprising is that it often happens in a household where mother is looking for love (or a meal ticket) sometimes passing from guy to guy - and the last thing she wants is to hear about her child being abused or to have her children interfere with her already 'stressed' relationships.

I wouldn't advocate sterilising women, but it is clear some women are unable to cope with their own lives, nevermind have the skills needed to raise the child in a safe and stable environment.

Anyway - I'm glad you are one of those that even when asingle mum you can be confident and strong, and thus ensure Saurkid is raised in a safe & stable (desirable?) way

EmmaSometimes said...

Those are cute, Saur. How fun?!

Gene Maudlin said...

That's a nice Christmas card. Does it sing anything? ("Gramma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"?)

Fred said...

We were at the beach today. I love Florida in December.

Fred said...

And, looking at some of your other posts, the dog looks so much better. It's amazing what a little TLC will do.