Sunday, December 10, 2006

The New Puppy: Day 2

If you missed the original post about the puppy, you can find it below this one.

The puppy is sleeping in a large plastic crate with towels and some of my clothes so he has my scent to comfort him. I have some of those instant heat packs (the ones that you can boil and keep re-using) and I keep one with him at all times.

He howled on-and-off all night, which must mean he's decided we're good people and won't hurt him. The bad news is... he howled on-and-off all night. *YAWN* I'm beat.

Since I can't bathe him until Friday (I'm making an appointment with the groomer STAT) I can't cuddle him a lot or allow the other dogs around him. Because he was crying so hard this morning, I didn't get to sleep in. So, here I am, sitting in my office chair in my office, with him in his crate in my other office chair, next to me. NOW he's happy.

Yesterday afternoon SaurKid and I took him outside for the first time to coax him to go to the bathroom since he hadn't gone in 24 hours, which alarmed us. He couldn't, or wouldn't, walk. We tried to move him at one point and he was in so much pain that he turned to each of us and bared his fangs, but didn't bite. Alarmed, we looked for the source and saw that his penis was slightly bloody.

We immediately flew to the animal emergency room, where they told us that his penis was very bruised from the surgery and that he was probably not going to the bathroom due to the pain of it all. They gave him a morphine and anti-inflammatory injection. He slept a long time, just getting up once to pee, and another time to poop. Normally I'm not a big Poop Fan, but this is a good thing!

So, we seem to be on the upside.

He is suddenly very verbal and wants to tell us how miserable he is. That's a good sign, although it's driving us a little batty right now. ;o) Time to give him another half of a baby aspirin!

P.S. We think he's a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix).

3 PM update

We finally gave up and bathed him. Now he's happier because he can play with the family, taking short breaks to rest or snack or teethe a little. He seems to feel better, too, since he's clean. He's happily running about with the others.


Anonymous said...

Poor thing. That's alot to go through, for one puppy!

Fred said...

The people who gave up this poor animal are probably parents, too. I hope the children fare better.

Senor Caiman said...


The Lazy Iguana said...

You may come to regret fixing the dog's "cant produce waste" problem. My new cat has the opposite problem. She can't hold it in. Want to trade animal problems?

uncle joe said...

Stop by tomorrow.
You're THE winner!

Kathleen said...

Yikes! I am with you. I would have had to wash him. I think you did the right thing. Poor, guy. The sleep deprivation and training thing is what keeps me from getting a puppy. I am the type that likes to be the sole trainer of my dogs, sooooo.

I am glad he has a good home. Hope he is a wonderful addition to the family.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Bless his and your heart.

He is lucky to have you, Saur as his fairy godmother.

Nihilistic said...

PUPPY!!!!! He's so cute!!!