Friday, February 02, 2007

Doggy Genetic Testing

MetaMorphix has just announced the invention of a new DNA test for dogs which will be able to identify what their heritage is. "This is very exciting news for dog lovers," said Dr. Ed Quattlebaum, Co-Chairman and CEO of MetaMorphix, Inc. "The first question always asked of mixed-breed dog owners is, 'What kind of dog is that?' Now, owners need not guess and can say with certainty, 'The Canine Heritage(TM) test showed that my dog is a mix of Labrador Retriever, English Setter and Border Collie'.

It debuts in late February in Orlando, where pet owners can come to a doggy convention and try it out for themselves. It can identify 38 different major breeds.

Cool, huh? I'm going to be testing the new puppy as soon as it's available.


Ed Abbey said...

With a last name of Quattlebaum, I have to wonder where his genetics come from?

I suppose I could find out once and for all the lineage of my dog Ted but since he has been dead for over a decade, it's a little after the fact now.

Matt said...

I wonder if they have a DNA test for Tiggers.

Matt said...

that's a cute Oscar.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Matt, I think he's a possuschnoodle: part poodle, part schnauzer, part possum.

Ed, The curiousity it overwhelming! I think it's worth the price (around $65)

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Saur Kraut,
that's what we call a cute Mutt
got a bit of poodle, yep even in 101 dalmatians lady poodles like to put it about ... and mixed with uh ... now let me think who could the father have been.

Alas have you ever seen bitches on heat followed by street dogs ... did you know they can literally give birth to a mixed pack in the same litter. Well not that odd indeed since a difference sperm can fertilize each different egg

But yeah you can see how a weoman could give birth to twins - one black and one white - if each egg were inseminated with different sperm by some IVF clinic having a bit of fun.

daveawayfromhome said...

Watch out for this test to cause trouble on the AKC circuit, as people challenge winners and potential winners as to the "purity" of their dogs.

The Lazy Iguana said...

My parents have a little white dog with black spots. Little spots not dalmatian spots.

I think he is 1/4 rat, 1/2 wuss, and 1/4 wuss dog.

jsull28fl@yaho said...

Hey Saur,
I'm not sure where in Fl you are but I hope your werent affected by the tornados. I assume not since you posted.

Bryan said...

That is cool! Now I can find out if my supposedly purebred German Shepherd's parents were fooling around on each other. :)

The Lazy Iguana said...

After thinking of the possibilities here, I got a GREAT idea!

1. Take a cheek cell swab of Shorty, the little white cowardly dog.

2. use the same swab on one of the cats

3. Use the swab again on Max the monitor lizard.

Mail it in, and wait for the results.

Your dog is (whatever the heck Shorty is), mountain lion, and Godzilla.

Cranky Yankee said...

This is quite frankly the silliest thing I have ever heard...well not really but it is quite ridiculous.

As a dog owner I can honestly say some of my brethren are suckers. Why not get your dog a nice little sweater while you are getting his genes tested.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Cranky Yankee - but how about knowing who the puppy daddy be?

SMALie said...

lazy ig, save that for the jerry springer spaniel show..

saur, i would love to know what my two mutts are..mainly to see if i guessed correctly. i'd do it for free at a convention, but i don't think i'd pay much to know. money's too precious these days.

p.s. didja miss me? ;0)
i'm baaaaaack.

mckay said...

that comment above was me.


Fred said...

The dog is looking so much better!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Saur kraut
Beautiful Sun Day here
hope yours id great too!