Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

My ex-husband and I always had a Super Bowl Tradition: Even though neither of us are beer drinkers, on Super Bowl Sunday we always had to have Buffalo wings and a beer. I still continue that tradition (I don't know if he does) and so this Sunday we'll have the mandatory Hooter's wings that we love, along with the usual snack foods, and I'll have my one beer.

I'm one of those people who watch Super Bowl for the ads, because I have a strong marketing and PR background. It's fascinating to see the ones that hit it "dead on", and interesting to see when a multimillion-dollar-corporation can make a terrible mistake that can live on in infamy for years. To see a Leviathon misstep is fascinating.

Still, I'm somewhat aware of the teams, and I'll look up from a book when my son hollers at a touch down.

I'm rooting for the Bears this year. Their quarterback, Rex Grossman, doesn't impress much at first glance. "You can find Grossman all the way down at 24 on the league's quarterback-rating list... But that was the regular season. A look at playoff numbers reveals that a scaled-back Grossman has been slightly more efficient than Manning," writes Randy Hill of Grossman is the underdog: Bears fans are biting their nails today, because you never know how he will perform.

Then there's the Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning, who seems to be a quarterback that polarizes people. In the past, Manning has blamed his teammates for misses and losses, and been a little less than sportsmanlike in his behavior. He obviously is more consistent than Grossman, but many fans dislike his demeanor and feel that his biggest flaw is that he's easily frustrated. One person recently wrote "I hope he never wins. I watched him in college, up close and personal, be dismissive to a little girl asking for an autograph. He could have just said no, but he decided to be a BLEEP. God dont like ugly, and he threw INTs and lost his Heisman."

But no matter who wins, and who's at the helm, it's everything in-between that interests me. Super Bowl is a great American tradition: No matter what, there is always something there for everyone.


Cranky Yankee said...

Peyton Manning is a pussy, straight up no bullshit. The Chicago Bears are a "punch you in the mouth" team. Football is a violent game and Manning, in spite of his enormous talent and supporting cast, does not perform well when he is taking a beating.

Go Bears! I hate them less than the Colts.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Cranky, *LOL* And who is The Missus cheering on?

Badoozie said...

all i know about this is

"Da Bearsssssss"...and
"Mike Ditka"

Cranky Yankee said...

I think she hates the Manning and the Colts more than I do. Every time he comes on TV in one of his ubiquitous ads she grimaces.

Today is our high holiday.

Matt said...

One lousy beer? And that's it? I don't understand some people.....

The Lazy Iguana said...

When you say "something for everyone" are you including those people who could give a squirt of rat pee less about who wins?

Maybe it is the additional estimated 250,000 idiots packed into Miami to "watch the game". But this brings up another question. IF the stadium holds way less than 250,000 people - WHAT THE CRAP are they all doing here? What - is there some sort of television shortage I am not aware of? And where the hell do all those rental cars come from?

People from out of town come to Miami and screw EVERYTHING up. They seem to think they have to obey traffic laws. So they stop for red lights, and do not try to race the yellow light. I almost plowed into someone last night because they stopped. Good thing my cat like reflexes allowed me to swerve into the other lane, cut off a city bus, flick the other driver off, yell a few choice words, and STILL manage to run the red light! A County cop saw the whole thing and gave "Mr. stop short at the light" a ticket for almost causing an accident.

If I had a ticket to the game, it would have gone up on E-Bay the instant I got it. Got to Ca$h in while you can!

Senor Caiman said...


This is quite funny I made my post before looking at your blog. You go girl.

I'm having my normal huge party. This year the theme is going to be "white successful male".

Excellent post.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

As I watched the paths of the Tornados, I am just glad that you can sit and enjoy indoors. The map made it look like it came close to your part of the country. (Actually, having watched the game I saw a lot of people who might have preferred to watch indoors. I was surprised to see the Bears sink so ignominiously into all that welcoming mud.

Jenn said...

We could use some snacks over here. No party for us, but some wings would be nice.

Cranky Yankee said...