Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ismail Ax

In a recent development, it's been released that the murderer who killed 32 people so far and wounded over 20 more at Virginia Tech, had the words "Ismail Ax" written in ghoulish red pen on his arm, and had left a very bitter note also signed "Ismail Ax".

Who or what is Ismail Ax? is a domain that was registered through This is all we know of the domain: Whether it's related to the murderer (South Korean immigrant Cho Seung-Hui) we don't know.

We also know that Ismail is an alternative name for Ishmael, the father of the Muslims (as Isaac is supposedly the father of the Jews). So did the murderer somehow identify with Muslim terrorists a.k.a extremists? Does Ismail Ax mean that Seung-Hui felt he was Allah's hitman? In South Korea, the Muslim population has been steadily increasing since the introduction of the faith shortly after the Korean War.

In the USA, we commonly spell "Ax" as axe. Is there a purpose to this unconventional spelling?

Ax also stands for the girl's sorority Alpha Chi Omega. Since it's rumored that the shooting spree began with Seung-Hui's girlfriend, could she have been a member of this sorority? The Virginia Tech campus DOES have a chapter. If there's a connection, it's ironic at best: Their foundation helps victims of domestic violence.


Anonymous said...

At least one person has speculated that "AX" could have been referring to the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, which had a chapter on campus. This guy was known for stalking women.

Then again, perhaps he just liked the pretty shapes.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Anon, really? Where did you get that? Interesting!

Hans said...

Before we start proporting all these wild ideas I suggest that we apply Achems Razor. (All things being equal, the most simple explanation is probably the correct explanation.) The guy was a nut.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Hans, undoubtedly, you're probably correct.

Anonymous said...

"the man with the smoke"

ismail axe means "we love america". we as arabs and muslims love you americans. we are a peaceful religion. we do not spew hate like you filthy jews and christians. you americans are a vile, evil gaggle of perverts. you have no history and decency. you try to destroy and rape innocent arabs.

اسماعيل فاس يعني "نحب امريكا". فنحن العرب والمسلمين
الامريكيين أحبك. نحن دين سلمي. ولا بث الحقد مثلك قذره اليهود والمسيحيين. اليكم الاميركيين الشريره والشر قطيع من الشواذ. ليس أمامكم التاريخ والأخلاق. انك تحاول تدمير واغتصاب الأبرياء العرب.

~Deb said...

Wow. Never crossed my mind. I just wonder what goes through somebody's head while they're shooting people, and then kill themselves in the process. It's baffling and so scary, because it makes you realize that anything can happen at any given time.

~Deb said...

Anonymous: نّ بعض يناقض بيان أنت جعلت هناك. أنت تفكّر كلّ [موسليم] حقّا يفكّر مثل أنّ? أنا أفترض جعل أنت أنّ تعليق [إين جست]

Hans said...

"...undoubtedly, your probably..."

Good to know I'm not the only one capable of butchering English.

Anonymous said...

It's the name of the president of North Korea from the Asian Intelligence Agency

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I hope there's a followup. Many of us (all of us?) would like to know the "why" of this event.

Jamie Dawn said...

It's hard to believe this very unsociable guy even had a girlfriend. I've been at school all day and just got home and watched some of the latest news.
My heart has been aching even since this whole saga unfolded yesterday. I can't begin imagine the depth of the pain that is being suffered by those who lost loved ones and those with loved ones who are injured.
I don't have any idea what was actually going through this guy's mind other than hate and anger. I think he definitley had a screw loose, but I don't think he was insane. He knew exactly what he was doing. He is evil personified.
It's hard to believe he did all of that when you look at his picture. One young man caused so much harm. It really is scary and infuriating.

KristieD said...

ya know it's sad, i didnt even know about all of this until late last nite. yesterday was my birthday and i decided in the morning i wasnt going to turn the tv on at all. and i didnt. i didnt have work or school, i just stayed home all day with my kid. After he went to bed, i turned on the news to this terrible tradegy.
i cant even begin to imagine what those who are connected in any way to all this must feel. i cant begin to understand what would drive someone to go off the deep end in the fashion this young man did. It certainly is a tragedy and when i went to school today, i couldnt help but pay a little more attention. it's a scary world we live in sometimes.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I speculate that the nut was just trying to show us all that the moon landings were in fact faked.

Speculation is useless.

Saur♥Kraut said...

KristieD, It IS so very sad, isn't it?

Jamie DAwn, they're not certain he had a girlfriend. Now Michael Savage is breaking the news that there may be more than one shooter.

Old Hoss, exactly.

Anon of 4:44 PM: where do you get that from?

Hans, ;o)

Deb, thanks for intervening while I was gone.

Anon of 2:33 PM, I doubt you're truly arabic/islamic. You're probably simply an American troll (troublemaker), trying to get a little controversy stirred up. However, it's sad that many people in the arabic/islamic countries are so woefully ignorant that they believe such things as you assert. The truth is, the arabic/islamic governments deliberately keep their people as ignorant as possible, and thus they're able to get their uneducated masses to swallow such ridiculous lies. If you truly believe this, I feel sorry for you (as all Americans do).

If you were TRULY arabic/islamic, you would know that Ismael FEZ means "America Likes". Ismael EX means no such thing. You apparently are not aware of your own language. And, which variation do you claim to speak? It's odd that your "translation" is so easily translated by a standard web service.

Using that same service, here is your reply in arabic:

أشكّ أنّك عربيًّا حقًّا / إسلاميّ . أنت ربّما
ببساطة غول أمريكيّ ( مشاغب )، تحاول الحصول
على جدل قليل

إذا كنت عربيًّا حقًّا / إسلاميّ، ستعرف أن طربوش
إسماعيل يعني أنّ أمريكا تحبّ . لا يعني القرين
السّابق لإسماعيل أيّ مثل هذا الشّيء . أنت أب

No matter who you are, I only hope that you will do your best to rise above your baser instincts and seek good and not evil.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

This is such a horrendous thing! My heart goes out to those families of the murdered. Who would have ever dreamed years back, that school could become a bloodbath.


Bryan said...

Yes, tragic for all involved. My heart goes out to the families. This just goes to prove the police can't keep us safe, even with bulletproof vests and vastly superior firepower. Self-reliance is the key.

I wonder if this will help the old Bonesman's ratings what with all this talk about the shooter's Muslim connections? Sorry, I know there are people out there who will feel like throwing tomatoes at me for that statement but I've just seen too much credible research on the modus operandi of the New World Order (Bush 41's terminology) and how eerily similar it is to the Nazis.

Problem = Terrorism
Reaction = Fear
Solution = A Police State (the only way to keep us safe, they will say)

History repeats itself.

undergroundlogician said...

I'm not going to speculate, but I will be watching. Michael Savage may be onto something. My problem with him is that he comes off so bombastic that I'm skeptical of what he says. I have no means to know for sure if what he is saying is true or not.

I didn't catch him tonight.

By the way, how are you all doing that Arabic thing? Plus, don't tell me you understand it? I would be truly amazed!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Maybe the English Major was really into that Herman Melville dude. How did Moby Dick begin? Call me Ishmael.

And one of the dudes in the book had to sign his name with an X because he could not write.


boeddi said...

" ismail ax = ismailax = is mai lax = is my luck " ... for a korean, writing in red ink ... that's bad luck ...

Saur♥Kraut said...

Boeddi, Not according to a web translation service. Those words are apparently as meaningless in Korean as they are in English.

Lazy, ;o)

Underground Logician, I just used the free translation service here. The funny thing is, so did everyone else, I'm betting. Including the supposedly arabic person. However, when I take MY translation and translate it BACK into English, it makes no sense. So, I think their system needs a little honing.

Bryan, oh so very true. I doubt it will help his ratings though. This kid was probably just a nut case, and not as nutty as a terrorist, so Bush's case won't be helped any.

Tea & Margaritas, it's so very sad.

Anonymous said...

It happens to be that Ismail AK is a world leading psychological doctor in turkey. He has published works on suicidal, bi-polar and violent behavior.. . or it's just a coincidence.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I heard that there is a guy named Ismail Axe Shower Gel that lives in Body Odor, Nebraska. He is a Scientologist and thinks that psych medications are only taken by the Anti-Ron.

when is this crap going to end? The kid was crazy and it is very possible the words mean nothing.

I am with the web translation service here.

Bryan said...

Here's some food for thought, Saur. While it doesn't prove conclusively that he was a 'Manchurian Candidate', my gut instincts are telling me he was. There are also some unanswered questions concerning Columbine, and those shootings in Scotland that occurred back in the early nineties which sparked draconian gun control laws there. Hmm.