Friday, April 27, 2007

Local Minister Screws Around, Pays the Price

Pastor Manuel Sykes, after 2 failed marriages (he's now on marriage #3) and a couple of kids, has suddenly been forced to disclose that he's just another babydaddy to a year-old son born out of wedlock.

Apparently Sykes was catting around in-between marriages and when he found out that one of his flings was pregnant, he implied that she needed to get an abortion (he even admits to this). The mother refused to do so, and now he's dealing with the repercussions.

Pastor Sykes is African American. Now, why is this an important detail? My friend Rosie is also AA (though she prefers the term "black"). She has told me for years that "black men are dogs, and black preachers are WORSE."

Rosie has countless stories of black preachers that sleep around, and she says this is the reason she despises all organized religion. She says (in her vast experience) that most black churches are filled with hypocrites, which is why so many black people attend church yet continue selling or doing drugs or other gang activities, whoring around, and siring plenty of out-of-wedlock children. These double standards injure the black community, keep them from being productive and acceptable members of society, and they're encouraged by their leaders through example!

This is obviously not a politically correct stance. There will certainly be an ignorant reader that accuses me of prejudice, even though I've dated people of all races and Rosie, one of my best friends, is not only black but proud to be so!

No, this is not an issue of color, but an issue of CULTURE. As Thomas Sowell wrote in his immensely important book "Black Rednecks, White Liberals", this current black culture is actually based on the white Irish immigrant culture in the late 1800s/early 1900s. (I'd quote him exactly, but Rosie has my book right now). So: White or black, such behavior allowed by a permissive culture is unhealthy and poisonous.

Manuel Sykes should immediately resign and step away from the pulpit. However, he should've stepped down years ago (most apparently) since Baptists usually frown on multiple marriages and sex partners. He is setting a bad example for his congregation and his community. Unfortunately, he is not the exception but he SHOULD be.

Someone in the black community needs to finally say "This is enough." It should start at Bethel Community Baptist Church.


Hans said...

I believe your making a mistake by limiting this to black churches. The names James Baker, Jimmy Swaggart and Ted Haggard come to mind. Pastors can be very powerful members of their communities and power corrupts.

daveawayfromhome said...

Hey, if white fundamentalist Republicans can think their leaders are unable to make mistakes, why should black liberal Democrats be any different.

oh, yeah, 'cause it screws stuff up.

When you rely upon other people to tell you what's right and wrong, instead of thinking about it, really thinking about it, and then deciding for yourself, this kind of thing is going to happen all the time. It doesnt matter which side of the aisle you're on.

The Lazy Iguana said...

CRAP! I was going to make some good jokes, but other people beat me to the punchline.

Hans - what about the Catholic scandal? You know, Father O'Tool altering the alter boys in the rectory? You know what they say about the rectory - enter from the rear!

OK so those were REALLY BAD. Even for my standards. But the damage is done! I done typed them and my backspace key is broken. That is my excuse and I will stick to it.

And then there are the church members at large. I find it odd that on Sunday the same asshole who cut me off in traffic and then pretended like they can not see me has their car parked at the Church.

On the way to Church everyone goes the speed limit, there is less horn honking, NOBODY yells foul words at you, people do not run red lights, and so on.

But Monday morning? God is not watching, so YOU BETTER watch out. The same person with the "choose life" license plate and Jesus Fish will run your ass down if you are in the crosswalk at the wrong time. There will not even be a skid mark near your bloody carcass, unless that skid mark was caused by a peel out when someone stomped on the gas.

This is why I have my "What Would Scooby Do" sticker on my vehicle.

Hans said...

Lazy- Ask anyone who has to deal with public on Sunday mornings who are the rudest pains in the ass. Invariably they'll tell you it's the after Church crowd. They flush with salvation and they've had to sit still and quiet for an hour or so. I've witnessed this first hand in my younger days working at Publix.

I recommend John 8:1-11 and try to live by it's moral.

Matt said...

...which is why so many black people attend church yet continue selling or doing drugs or other gang activities, whoring around, and siring plenty of out-of-wedlock children.

I love you, Sauer. :)

Emma Sometimes said...

You have interesting points here.

I heard a black preacher once speak on (his words, not mine) The Spirit Of The "N-word"

He spoke of the very same problems you bring up in black churches. It was probably one of the most powerful sermons on culture and race that I've ever heard. Although, these problems are characteristic of churches in general.

PS. I've finished moving my blogger links over to Kaboodle. You caught me in mid-transfer. You were one of the first bloggers I linked at Kaboodle many moons ago.

Jamie Dawn said...

When people see this kind of behavior from a "man of God," it drives them away from the church and often away from God all together. I can see why Rosie chooses to avoid church.

I'd like to see the black community take the advice and admonishment of black leaders that truly want to see them break free of the destructive and irresponsible parts of their culture. It is the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons of the world who claim to be helping black Americans better themselves, but in actuality they are keeping them from achieving success.

The black leaders who DO speak the hard-to-swallow truth are ridiculed and called Uncle Toms.
It's a sad situation to see continue, year after year, decade after decade.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Jamie, you and I see eye-to-eye on this. Thanks for weighing in.

Everyone, no doubt these problems are shared in white churches, too. It's wrong in any color. But my point is that the white culture isn't quite as decadent as the majority of the black culture: Yet. And there is a higher chance of finding such behaviors in the black culture, sad to say. NO one should behave like this: But when the amount of blacks in jails are proportionately higher in their culture than the amount of whites, we have to ask what is going wrong within. Sad to say, everyone is deteriorating so much lately it's all really a moot point. American Idol is a classic example of where America's priorities have come to lie.

Matt, taken out of context, it surely looks accusatory and prejudicial. Good thing you read it all the way through. I love you, too. ;o)

Hans, Lazy Iguana, Daveawayfromhome, I am lumping you guys together because your views are similar today and, frankly, I'm beat. I agree with much of what is said... which is why I dislike organized religion in general. But, see my note to "everyone" to expand upon that.

Senor Caiman said...

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