Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We're Halfway There!

Today's Wednesday, which means we're halfway to the weekend. Frankly, I need it. I've been burning the candle at both ends: I even worked all day on Easter, getting things up on Ebay. Currently I'm juggling my job, Ebay, my everyday duties (which are being sorely neglected), and my friends and family (also sorely neglected). I am looking in despair at my toes, which are usually flawless. Right now the paint is chipped and there is no repair work planned today.

Still, I can't resist weighing in on a few items:

1. Imus: Because I despise the old crypt keeper, I am having a hard time remaining unbiased. Still, even from an impartial viewpoint, I must ask why in the HECK would someone who is supposedly liberal make such terrible statements? I realize it could have been worse, but not by much. He deserves the 2 week suspension, and he needs to sit down, shut up, and take it with grace. He'll be lucky if the 2 week suspension doesn't turn into a lifetime one.

2. Dannielynn's Dad: The long and agonizing dispute has finally been resolved and we know that Larry Birkhead is Anna Nicole's babydaddy. This is widely hailed as a better alternative than her former attorney Howard Stern, who was most apparently manipulating the situation to the best of his advantage. Since his slurring meal ticket had just died, Dannielynn was Stern's last hope to live in the manner he'd like to be accustomed.

The only question now is: How genuine is Birkhead? Will he become the father that Dannielynn needs, or does he only see her as potentially the heiress of millions? If this little girl grows up in boarding schools or among nannies, it would be no worse than she would have experienced with Anna Nicole. Never the less, as with all children, Dannielynn deserves love.


Ed Abbey said...

I too wrote about Don Imus but with a different take than you.

I think you are being a little naive by saying the long battle over Dannielynn is over. I think it is just getting warmed up in the form of a custody battle. For my sanity, I wish it were over and the words Anna Nichole were forever removed from the lips of mankind.

Matt said...

I always get defensive and defend my ethnic group but that Imus is just a frickin' jerk. He doesn't speak for me.

I hate talk radio in all forms. I find no value in conservative white dudes yammering about politics, nor am I interested in listening to black DJs talk about the meaning of "African American."

I just want to listen to my hiphop. That's it. I'm getting satellite radio.

Oh, and i'm glad the better-looking, less smarmy guy got the Anna Nicole conception. Hallelujah.

Ted said...

I too don't listen to Imus or care about him all that much.I am a funny guy and when I am going for a laugh I say stuff that gets me in trouble.I ask for forgivness alot. I am more offended by the non forgivness of the "Reverands" who lie in wait to catch a high profile white guy in a "racist statement" Where is Chris Rock when you need him?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this Imus guy.

Danilynn though will turn into a Paris Hilton. Dad will pimp her out to Playboy when she's of age. Watch ...


Hans said...

Clearly Imus is a horse's ass but what drives my crazy about this situation is how the negotiation for an appropriate punishment is being played out in the media. Do you suspend him? Do you fire him? Do sponsors pull their advertisements? My suggestion is DON’T LISTEN TO HIM. Anything else amounts to CENSORSHIP (the ultimate dirty word) and the rest of the free press is piling on. He didn’t break any FCC rules. He was well within his right to say what he said. I’m well within my rights to ignore him. Relegate him to history, where he belongs.

I refuse to let Anna Nicole use up anymore of my processor or hard drive space. She is banished from my mind.

The Lazy Iguana said...

1. Don Imus. Who cares? When was the last time he said important? It is just a radio show. If people think what he said is bad then they can stop listening to the fossil, his numbers will crash, advertisers will not pay for any airtime, and the show will be canceled. Problem solved.

2. Who the baby daddy be is not news. Not at all. Now that this is out, maybe we can all stop hearing about this crap and return to whatever will pass for news next.

Anonymous said...

Although what Imus said was in bad taste, I really could care less. Until the African American population stops degrading itself stuff like this is going to continue to happen and it is well within free speech. Think what you will of people that say things that degrade black people, that is the way they are willing to conduct and portray themselves. But they are well within their rights to say what they please. Am I racist? I don't know if I consider it that but most people would, do I think all black people are trash? Definitely not! Do I think they are plenty that don't deserve my respect? Yes! There is plenty of white trash that doesn't deserve my respect either. Would it be great if I was a Godlier person and did not speak ill of anyone? Of course, I believe in God and I love God and I know he gives me everything that I have. But I continue to pick on the predictability of white trash and the poor black population that continues to degrade itself. I absolutely hate the hypocritical double standard the black population lives by so I won't for one second feel bad that Imus made that stupid remark. Although, my sister did almost go play on the Women's Basketball team at Rutgers. I realize that I am generalizing a bit too much here, there are plenty of African American people that are great amazing people, Al Sharpton is not one of those people.

Paul said...

Oh, and here's something to weigh in on, too. A 7 yr old Texas boy was accidentally killed while he jumped on a back yard trampoline. How? Someone fired off a rifle and the stray bullet found the boy's back.

A gun. A gun.
Let's get one.
For everyone.

Read all about it here.

Senor Caiman said...


Did you see me on the National News?

Saur♥Kraut said...

Everyone, I would dearly love to comment, but I am completely swamped. You all are in my heart, and I will do my best to answer anything that is posted soon.