Monday, June 13, 2005

Americans: Get a Life!

OK, we all have heard (and used) the phrase: Get a Life! And we all need one!

What kind of society have we become? We are so caught up in other people's lives that we neglect our own. We watch every reality show that we can find on TV in the desperate quest to fill our lives up with someone else's.

And sports are another obsession. Why should we care about a sports team, when no one on (or surrounding) that team cares about us? If those distant idols know anyone at all, they know us as a name on a seat, or on a wall, that has donated money which allows them to play all day and make even more money.

Yet we are so worried about these total strangers, that we will pay all sorts of money to see how they're doing and support them in their lives. We will watch American Idol and pay money to vote for someone that we will not benefit by.

We care so much about these strangers that we give up our time to read a good book, play with our kids, learn something new, or help our neighbor.

When we grow old, will we look back and say "Thank god I cast that vote for Carrie" or will we regret that we didn't spend enough time doing the right things?


Tabasamu said...

This is another area we agree on. Though I've gotta admit that sometimes reality TV is one of my guilty pleasures (like chocolate and potato chips).

back-to-basics said...


Underground Logician said...

The ultimate reality T.V. show: a family watching a reality T.V. show. What a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Think about what life would be like without tv. More quality time with the family, more interaction with the neighbors, more board game playing, more reading, etc. It's so very easy to get into the rut of watching certain shows.

Seeing the differences in how my husband and I were raised reflects how we approach tv viewing now. My siblings and I were outside playing until way after dark. I don't do very well on tv trivia though.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Me too! My parents never allowed that much TV and I went for years once without one (I couldn't afford it at that time) and survived just fine. But I my other half actually panics when the cable goes out. I am often the 'bad guy' because I beg for one night without the TV on.

Do you know that studies show that the reason that people snack in front of the TV is that TV is actually boring to us, and it's our way of compensating for the boredom? Thus the correlation between increased TV watching, lack of exercise, eating, and gaining weight. America is a chubby nation.

back-to-basics said...
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Saur♥Kraut said...

Michelle, I am terribly jealous. Once I, too was a size 4. A great place to look is Target.

back-to-basics said...

You probably won't like what I am about to say. I don't fit into Target clothes either. I did get a couple of t-shirts, tank tops and shoes. I will be heading to JC Penney or Sears. They better have those tan pants because I am not paying Petite Sofisticate price for Friday pants!

You know what? It is all the clothing industries fault. I use to wear a 5/6. I still fit into those old clothes that are that size. I have not lost weight, I gained a few pounds. The clothing industry is trying to help women fell better about their weight by changing the size on the tag.

And that is another topic. If the clothing industry would not change the size of clothes and people knew what size they really were....maybe we would not supersize when we went out to eat. When I was a kid we did not have a lot of snacks around the house. If there were snacks we had to ask. Kids now days have so many options and parents buy the crap and leave it all on the bottom shelf.

Did I just get on a soap box?

Saur♥Kraut said...


You are entirely correct. I've heard many people say ignorantly that Marilyn Monroe was a size 10-12 (as a justification for being plump). What many of them don't realize is that a size 10-12 then is about a size 6-8 max, now.