Wednesday, June 15, 2005

China's Disallowance of Truthspeak

You might be saying, "Wow, that title is a mouthful!" Yup, it sure is. But I wrote the title as I might have to write it if I lived in China. In America, this title is allowed to be "China's Ban on Free Speech."

In China, the government has decided that there are certain words that will be banned from blogs. If they could ban them from the spoken word, I'm certain they would. Bloggers and bulletin board operators must register with the government. They cannot even post a word that is banned; their software won't allow it.

Sure, some of the words that are banned include some pretty foul ones. But apparently the Chinese government considers these words right up there with the four letter ones: freedom, police, Buddha, insurrection, riot, despotism, dissidents, Justice Party Forum, anti-communism, seperation, cult of personality, commie (anything), Jesus Christ, house of correction, protest, democracy, Democratic Progressive Party, democracy movement, democratic front, naive, brainwash, evil, and of course ... anything to do with Tiananmen square.

There are actually 1041 banned words so far, although I'm sure the list will grow. If you want to see it for yourself, go to . I'd also highly recommend and (TS turned me onto this topic in the first place).

Why does George Bush still allow trade with China? At one time, there were high hopes that China might be influenced to behave. But if we can't influence them positively, then let's consider influencing them negatively.

P.S. As for the entire internet, if they can't outright ban something, then the Chinese government manipulates it. They're flooding the internet with mouthpieces who will attempt to influence their subjects into viewing the Chinese government favorably. Good luck, meat heads!


Tabasamu said...

Saur, good for you to talk about this. I think we need to worry about what's going on in the world, because it can affect or influence what's going on over here.

My heart breaks for those unfortunates in China. They are so oppressed, and our gov't. turns a blind eye to it.

SARS was an example of how easy it is for the Chinese government to trample over the bodies of it's people, happily protesting that everything is marvellous in Red China Today.

AIDS is perhaps even more rampant there than in Africa, but we don't have exact figures because the Chinese gov't. is too busy telling everyone "Move along, people, nothing to see here!"

bananarama said...

Wow. I had no idea. I thought they said that when Hong Kong was given back to the Chinese that they would be so influenced by capitalism that they were going to change? I don't really keep up on world politics, so I guess I took it for granted that they were doing better (like Russia) and that's why we were trading with them, and why Bush goes over and shakes hands and has nice ceremonial meals with them.

United We Lay said...

My mom visited China a few years ago. When she called home, it was on a 60 second delay so they could hear what we were talking about. It's a very serious issue. I don't know why we allow trade with China. If we reimposed sanctions, there would be more jobs for Americans.

back-to-basics said...

Wow, I knew things weren't good in China, but like bananarama, I don't really keep up on world politics.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Yeah, this is pretty scary, Orwellian stuff - isn't it?

I talked extensively about this with a good friend of mine who is quite brilliant and well-informed. He told me that there is not a thing the USA can or will do, because China owns us lock, stock and barrel.

He says they own the majority of our treasury notes. I googled it, and found that China doesn't own a majority, but close to it.

China spends over $187 million per day buying up our treasury notes. For more ways that China is attempting a friendly takeover of the USA and it's economy, go to