Monday, June 26, 2006

Little Man

I was on the phone yesterday with Michelle when I heard (over our conversation) a little voice saying "blub blub blub blub blub."

"Well hello, Little Man," I said.

Michelle was stymied. "Is that Little Man?" she asked, surprised. "Little Man, if that's you, and I catch you, you're in a heap of a lot of trouble," she declared. She went into their garage (which also is their part time office) but there was only the phone. Little Man was nowhere to be found (smart kid!) It's just as well, because Michelle would've had a hard time disciplining the kid while she was still laughing.

"He's never done that before!" she told me later, amazed. I'm not surprised. I seem to bring out the worst in most men.

Yesterday I dropped SaurKid off after church so that he could hang out with Michelle's stepson. They had a great time doing what young teens do; PlayStation / XBox. When I went to pick him up, there was Little Man.

Michelle and I sprawled out on her gorgeous leather sofa, talking about our shared blog and her passion about school issues. Suddenly, there was Little Man with a beautiful, fresh-cut lavender rose. He held it out. "Is that for me?" Michelle asked. "Is it from you, or daddy?"

"It's for her," declared Little Man, thrusting his chin toward me.

Cute kid. He's gonna be a heartbreaker.


michelle said...

William had given me a rose earlier in the day. When I went looking for it to put it in the livingroom it was gone. Little man stole my rose and gave it to Saur.

He had also came inside with more flowers. He gave them to me, but later I found out they were for Saur too. Saur was gone before little man had a chance to give them to her.

My little heartbreaker!

Christine said...

blub, blub, blub, blub

Then he bolts out of the garage!
I love the way kids think. Wouldn't it be fun to crawl into their heads?

Great story, Saur.
Little man sharing the love!

mal said...

*L* great story! Michelle is training him up right!

FYI- old blog site is dead, new one is

Fred said...

Great story.

Hope your day at Busch Gardens was better than mine. We left early because of all the rain.

Lee Ann said...

That is absolutely the sweetest thing!
I love that you call him "little man".

KristieD said...

how cute. so how was your trip to busch gardens??

AQ said...

I think I like Michelle's son a lot. He's got a great sense of humor.

Miss Cellania said...

AAaaww. He love you, Saur. Thats just sweet as it can be!

Brianne said...

That's just plain adorable!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

What a charming little tale of love...

Hope all is well, Saur!

Reverberate58 said...

What a cutie. Seems he knows how to flatter a lady! Cute that he took mom's rose to give to you! Very cute!

Yeah I second Fred how was Busch Gardens?

Mr. Fabulous said...

LOL That is a great story!

Notsocranky Yankee said...

Little boys are so cute! Then they grow up...

I'm sure little man will be a heartbreaker. Hope you're doing well Saur!

michelle said...

Little man is hysterical. There is not a day that goes by that he does not have me laughing so hard I cannot stand it. He has since the day he was born. He finds humor in everything.

When he was 2 he went to preschool. They taught him to use his words not hit hands. He was about 2 1/2 and really mad because he could not have snack before dinner. He put his hands on his hips looked at me in the eye (I was down on his level) and SCRAME "You're a baby mommy, you're just a baby!" Then when he was around 4 the statement changed to "I don't like that mommy!". Now he is 6. He says "I hate you, I hate everyone in this house!"

I know I know, he should not talk to me that way. It is so funny! However, he does have to go to his room.

Now if he really wants something he says, "Don't say no, just say you will think about it.". His new line is, "Just say yes mom."

His laugh is the best! It is the most contagious laugh. It is one of those belly laughs where he can't stand up straight and turns red in the face. I could go on...

Busch Gardens was great for 1/2 of us. Saurkid wasn't feeling well, but he was such a sport. He walked around and talked and smiles the whole time. Little man is only 6, but he can ride 3 roller coasters. He had a blast.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Michelle, thanks for fielding the questions. It was a busy day for me. ;o) Little Man is adorable, it's hard to be mad at him for stuff you should be! And then you scold me for being too indulgent of him!

Notsocranky, overall I'm better every day. It's been a mixed blessing, but a blessing nonetheless.

Mr. Fabulous, ;o) SaurKid loves the new icon.

Reverb, I love to see the pic of you! Read Michelle's post, it was a lot of fun. SaurKid has a lot of stomach problems (he gets queasy easily) so we had to cut it shorter than we'd like.

Barbara, as well as can be expected, thanks. Every day it gets a little easier now that the horrid surprises seem to be behind us. I still have many whys and what ifs but it's over.

Brianne, ;o)

Miss C, he's a cutie pie. He's going to be a very handsome man when he's grown up. Michelle can tell you, he's already a hit with all the little girls.

AQ, he's so funny! He's a little devil, but very adorable.

KristieD, it was nice, thanks for asking! Read Michelle's post about it. It sums it up. That's the great thing about being a pass holder; we can go half days with no problems.

Lee Ann, actually it was Michelle who started calling him Little Man, but it really stuck. He's just adorable!

Fred, ahh, you went on Sunday then? Or did it come through Sat. afternoon? Yeah, the rain can really mess things up, and stop the water rides and some of the other rides. On the other hand, it can really cool you off!

Mal, thanks! I saw that you mentioned it yesterday but didn't get a chance to acknowlege it. I've changed the link. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she wasn't too wigged out over it!

Christine, I pictured him putting down the phone and racing to get out the side door before Mom got there. He managed it somehow!

Notsocranky Yankee said...


My 3 yr old has a little trick that makes me laugh. For example, he'll say "I want a cookie" and then I say (because I didn't think I heard him right), "You want a cookie?" (I'm actually only repeating for clarification.) Then he says, "OK". He leaves me dumbfounded, wondering how he got me to say that. Did I just offer him a cookie? He's so slick!

Nihilistic said...

But WHERE did that rose come from?? ;)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

It's beautiful, Saur, just like you.

michelle said...

We have one rose bush. We get one or two roses at a time. The second the roses pop up, little man is cutting them to give to some lucky lady.

On Valentines day the school let the kids buy roses. 6 ofr $5.00. Little man had $3.00 so I gave him $2.00. He gave one to me, one to a first grade girl (little man was in kindergarten), one to his after school care teacher, one to the after school care director, and his dad, and the last one to his brother.

Fred said...

We were there on Sunday. We did get in plenty of rides on the roller coasters, though, which is the main reason we went.

Eddo said...

ha ha. that is cute.

~QZ~ said...

ahhh, what a good little man. if she keeps up her good parenting, he might actually make a Good Husband. Sounds like you've had more than your fair share of improper husband type men. next time, send them to my blog, and if they can learn from my advice, then they will be safe. you might learn stuff there too, give it a shot