Saturday, June 03, 2006

What If

It's Saturday, a day of pure escapism for me. So join me in a little game of movie "What If".

If you could choose, what movie would you like to live, what part would you want, and why?

I'll start it out by saying that there are a number of movies I'd love to live but I am also realistic. Unless you live an unusually sheltered life, any time before penicillin would suck. So that lets out Sense & Sensibility. If I woke up at that time, I'd become an eccentric hermit.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Dead Again but I don't think I'd like to deal with some of the eeriness and past tragedies these characters have faced (although the Happy Ending is there, which is a requirement in all my faves).

I think I'll choose The Princess Bride but I won't settle for the part of Buttercup. She's a partially drawn character at best, which the other characters all react to. Don't get me wrong, I want to be the princess, but I want to be a princess with the spunk and intelligence of Katherine Hepburn.

Hey! This is my fantasy, I can rewrite the script! Oh yeah... and they have penicillin.

SUNDAY: I'm off to the beach, so I'm not putting up another topic. But I'll check and answer everyone tonite or tomorrow morning (early). ;o)


dddragon said...

Hmmm ... interesting question. I like The Princess Bride alot, but Buttercup isn't a character I'd like to be.

I have wondered how life would be for me if I had been born in a much earlier time, with my personality. I would probably end up with Susan B. Anthony and her gang. I can see myself making banners and marching in protest.

In a fantasy, I'd have superpowers. Flying and being strong would be SO fun.

mckay said...

my first thought was the thomas crown affair, cuz then i'd have that great sex scene and have fantastic boobs, just like renee russo.

my second thought was a cute romantic flick called 'return to me'. i'd love to live in that environment of a close, irish catholic family; be able to paint and have david duchoveny think i'm grand.

but my real choice would be my all time favorite flick: national velvet.

thanks for an excellent saturday morning flight of fancy...time to go memorize my lines.


D-Dub said...

I'm assuming these movies have to be mainstream and not inly availble in "select" video stores.

I would like to have been in The Day The Earth Stood Still

I would like to have been Carpenter/Klaatu or maybe Billy.

Or maybe Ferris Bueller and take a day off.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Bruce/Batman, Yeah, if you want to live in one of those movies, don't share. :D Oh, I loved Ferris Bueller. That's a fun day, for sure!

McKay, ohhhh, The Thomas Crown Affair. Good call!!! I don't think I've ever seen "Return to Me". I'll have to check it out. Does it have a happy ending though? I can't stand movies that don't. National Velvet is my mom's fave movie.

Dddragon, I've often thought the same thing (I'd be hangin' with Sue Anthony and getting into trouble, showing my ankles, and spitting on the sidewalk). Superpowers are awesome! I wanna fly, more than anything!

mckay said...

saur, 'return to me' is a must rent for a relaxing evening. make yourself some great italian food and enjoy. there's a singer that croons so smoothly. i had to go out and buy the CD, as all the music was perfectly picked. bonnie hunt produced and directed...she's a favorite of mine on so many levels. her dry wit, talent and her values speak to me. i wish she'd do more producing and directing projects.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I want to be the head guy in The Three Stooges movies so I can poke people's eyes out.

meemaw2 said...

9 1/2 weeks? Okay just joking well maybe not. Groundhog day?

Miss Cellania said...

Under the Tuscan Sky was not a good movie, but its a great setting and a lifestyle I could get used to.

My favorite is Casablanca, but I certainly wouldn't want to be a character in it!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I would pick "Catch Me If You Can". I would be the guy everyone is trying to catch.

The movie I would LEAST like to live is "All Quiet On The Western Front". WWI pretty much just sucked.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I'd love to have been either of the title characters in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Or either Jake or Elwood in The Blues Brothers.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Oh this is so much fun, Saur.

I would want to be Debroah Kar with Bert Lancaster on the beach in From Here to Eternity. (you can tell what a romantic I am.) Or Meggie with the Father on the beach in the Thorn Birds. (maybe it is the beaches..)

Nihilistic said...

Superman - anything that involves flying!

Badoozie said...

any and all movies where i don't have a gut.
or The Notebook. Or any movie with Mathew Maconklahueychooie

meemaw2 said...

The thornbirds is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Or you've got mail with meg and Tom.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

that's difficult, my first thought was the Passion, to be Mary when Christ appeared after death, would have been incredible, after going through all that and Him actually coming back to life, I probably would have fainted or something, I know I would have screamed.

Reverberate58 said...

I think I would want to be Anne in Sleepless in Seattle. When she takes Sams hand at the end and then looks up at him and says "Hello Sam" I just get all mushy!

I would also like to have been an elf from Lord of the Rings!

Dancewriter said...

I want to be "Baby" in Dirty Dancing. *sigh*

Fred said...

Oh, that's easy. I'd play Rick Blaine in Casablanca. My favorite movie of all time.

michelle said...

I don't care what movie. I just want to be a really hot, red head (I have that already), toned, kicking-a$$, sexy, b*t@h, with an equally hot, handsom, muscular, kicking-a@@, sexy man.

Edge said...

Porn Sluts 1 through 300 ... what?!?! You asked.

If I can't do that then I think I want to live in Joe Versus the Volcano.

~Deb said...

Hmmm..very interesting.

As for you even have to ask that question Saur? I'd loved to be in the movie Coyote Ugly---one of guys who is lucky enough to bring one of those hot bartenders home! Weew! Fans self off...

Brianne said...

Runaway Bride, I'd play the part that Julia Roberts played, of course. She had her fair share of relationship flops, but in the end, found the right one.

And I'm sure I could think of more movies, too... but this one came to mind first. :o)

Yid Erotica said...

Very well written blog.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Yid Erotica, thanks! ;o) You didn't say which movie, though...

Brianne, oh that was an excellent movie! Take it from me, though... I've truly been there/done that (although most of the times I didn't get up to the altar). It's not as fun as it looks.

Deb, *LOL*

Jeff, :D I take it you want to be Joe, not the volcano?

Michelle, tell it like it is, sister! Tell it like it is!

Fred, but would you have let her go...?

Dancewriter, OK, yeah, me too. Good call!

Reverb, excellent! Me too on these two.

LLL, it would've been terribly startling, wouldn't it?

MeeMaw, or how about Sleepless in Seattle? That was a great movie! 9 1/2 weeks: too sadistic for me. Groundhog Day: fun, but frustrating!

Susie, *LOL* OK, I want that flat belly too. I guess they have liposuction in all the movies.

Nihilistic, yeah!!!

Barbara, but they're all ultimately tragedies! You're on your own in those fantasies. Mine must have that happy ending. ;o)

Mr. Fabulous, good call! Hey, if I was going to play a guy, *I* would want to be Robert Redford. Or how about The Sting?

Lazy Iguana, I never saw the movie (Western Front) but read the book. I'll agree with you!!! And yeah, it must've been a ball to be the guy that "Catch me if you Can" is based on.

Miss C, I don't know the first movie, but I think you're about to be cast with Fred in Casablanca, like it or not! ;o)

Old Hoss, I shoulda guessed. :D

McKay, I'm gonna check it out!