Friday, October 27, 2006

Can We Count on Your Vote?

I got a call from (Florida gubernatorial candidate) Charlie Crist's office last night. My caller ID flashed that it was the Republican Party. I picked it up. The woman on the other end was quite patronizing. Let's call her Marge.

Marge asked me if I knew about early voting. I didn't want to say anything sharp and nasty, but come on! I drive past places every day, read the paper, and unless I was living under a rock, it's a pretty sure bet I'd know about it. Sure there are old shut-ins that don't know, but these people need to tailor their speeches accordingly. If someone sounds young, don't ask them questions like that!

Then Marge asked if they could count on my vote. "Sure," I said vaguely, while watching SaurKid play Creatures on our main family computer (it's a wonderful game!). The truth is that I'm more inclined to vote for Jim Davis (Democrat) at this point.

Marge then got really excited. "Could we count on your help? Right now we're paying Precinct Walkers $25 to walk their neighborhoods for just a short amount of time." Good gravy! Was this nightmarish call never going to end? I had pictures of going door-to-door, handing out literature for a candidate that I didn't particularly like:

"So," my neighbor would say. "Why should I vote for Crist?"
"I have no idea!" I would say, with some surprise, and then scuttle away.

I told Marge that I really didn't have time for that. We wished each other a good night and hung up.

I hope Crist's office isn't taking the results of these calls too seriously.


Debbie said...

My call came last week wanting us to vote yes on the penny tax for education. She did not explain that it was a continuation of a tax already in place. I was so confused but luckily hubby helped me on that one.

This whole go vote thing has me confused. If I was to go by the commercials I wouldn't bother since they all turn me off! But I know that I must do my part so I keep digging through the garbage to see what might be worthwhile!

Why can't they all just admit they lie and aren't going to do anything they say they will and let us make a choice on looks or age or something easy?

Ed Abbey said...

When I get a call like that, I usually respond with something like, "Well because you interrupted my supper with your phonecall, I have decided to vote for (opponents name) and I am going to consider it my duty to encourage everyone I know to do the same."

That usually ends the conversation fairly quickly and gets me removed from their list.

By the way, I responded to your comment on my post but if you miss it:

I called the Iowa branch of the Constitutional Party and requested information on the party because I was very interested. I expected to get some literature stating the party platform, maybe some function to attend, who candidates were in my local area, etc. All I got was a one page letter requesting campaign contributions... nothing else. I must say I was disappointed and hope they get their act together if they ever want to attract people to their party.

Kathleen said...

LOL, I got a similar call. I vote absentee. I voted for Davis. I can't really say I like Davis that much, but I cannot abide Crist. Saur, you probably know him from being involved with the community as I do. Need I say more.

Senor Caiman said...


I'm voting for Crist. I just think it's great that a Dude who is quite a bit dumber than me can become Governor. But who knows maybe he has smart friends. It's a great country. I hear he's a dog lover too.

I think it all comes down to your tan. He looks so much better in a Speedo than I do. His hair doesn't hold a candle to mine though.

I'm recovering from another operation so I missed commenting yesterday, but wanted to say I wish I could have cut Danny's appendages off one by one until he bled out.

Have a great day.

Lee Ann said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ellen said...

All the more reason why I did away with the home phone and went strictly to cell. No marketers there. I got tired of telling people I wasn't home.

LZ Blogger said...

I think voting is pretty serious stuff... to say nothing about being PERSONAL! ~ jb///

Christine said...

Hell, why not, Senor?
A man quite a bit dumber than you is President, for God's sake!

js said...

I got one better from Charles Bronson the Ag guy. Except, I wasn't lucky enough to get a human I got the old recording. Does anyone listen to the whole recording you reckon?
They got my vote already I hadta do the absentee since i'll be breaking vegas on vote day

The Lazy Iguana said...

This year, I am voting by subscript.

To put it another way, I will vote for whoever has the (D) by their name.

It is not a perfect system, but I feel like I have been backed into a corner at this point. Support the republican party? Why? What have they done? Other than screw everything up that is.