Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Me, Me, Me

My Business Troubles

I mentioned on Friday and Monday that I am having difficulties with someone who is attempting to destroy my business (let's call him Vlad the Impaler). I wish it were mere paranoia, but I am assured by many people that it's happening. Also, his methods are hardly subtle.

There are times that I wish fervently that I lived in the 1800s. Then, you could walk by a competitor on the sidewalk and settle your differences with fisticuffs. Or a heavy walking stick. Or both.

Sadly, lawyers like Barbara had to go and muck it all up. Barbara, is it possible they might make an exception for me? I'm a little smaller than he is, but I think I can take him.

I'd like to go into more detail, but there is a slight chance that Vlad may find out about this blog. Since I need to save the material for my attorney (should I need to take this to court), I can't disclose any more than I already have.

Thank you so much for your well-wishes and your prayers. Like an interminably long war movie, the struggle is on-going.

Life in General

Since this post is all about me, let me gripe a little. My time is not my own anymore! There are so many things to be done, and when I can sleep, they keep roiling about in my head. I keep paper and pencil near the bed, so that if I wake up with something stuck in there, I can get it out by writing it down. It helps to a certain extent.

My Ex-Boyfriend

My ex continues to battle his drug addiction. Every time he saves up a little money for the basic necessities, he has a struggle between choosing between them, or crack cocaine. I'm sorry to say that he still is not familiar with what the truth is, and I believe he may suffer from some brain damage.

I continue to keep a relative distance, while trying to be emotionally supportive. There are times he's fine, then there are times that he descends into severe OCD behavior and will call repeatedly every 5 minutes, no matter how many times I beg him to stop. He seems to lose all sense of time during these apparent (crack induced?) panic attacks. His cell phone was turned off recently, and I'm happy to say that it's given me some much-needed peace.

I offer help to friends or family in need, but they also must help themselves or eventually I will withdraw. He seems to be making slight progress, but only time will tell.

My Son

Halloween is coming and SaurKid is so excited! We haven't decided what he's going to be, yet, but we're running out of time. We go costume shopping on Thursday, but I'm wondering if I should hit E-Bay, instead. It makes it so much easier, as long as delivery is on time!

The Weather

It went from hot to a nice (but brief) period of warm and breezy and then the cold snap hit us yesterday, like a ton of bricks. It is freezing in the mornings; in the 50s, I think. Why can't it always be in the 70s with a light breeze? I'll tell ya why: every yankee in the U.S. would move here, Florida would tip into the ocean, and we'd become another Atlantis. Still, a couple more balmy days would be nice...


Badoozie said...

i'd like to point out, i'm first.....heehee
sorry bout yer troubles. i wish for you some peace and quiet!

jsull said...

well i hope u beat ole Vlad. I'm pulling for you. (the stick still works too just so you know, though I don't recommend it for a single parent) It does suck that someone is trying to hurt your biz but if you even reach a tiny point of success someone will try to beat you out of it, and out run the government who wishes to tax it out of you!
Amen about Florida and yankees, for the love of god move back!
Cracker JS

The Lazy Iguana said...

I am starting to really like this cold front thing! I hope it sticks around for a long time to come.

It is not in the 50s in the morning here. But it needs to get down there. South Florida needs a good hard cold snap. It will send the skeeters into suspended animation. Then I can go back to the everglades again!!!

~Deb said...

Sorry so many things are happening way too fast here. It's a shame that your ex can't fight this addiction. It's gotta be hard--I can only imagine.

I hope everything goes well business-wise too!


Anonymous said...

Hope everything works out well with your business. Sock it to him!

My 7 yr.old decided to be a vampire again this Halloween. Lucky me!

Don't worry, no weather change would get this yankee to move down there. I need seasonal changes and I don't like the flat flat land! Enjoy!

QUASAR9 said...

Wow Saur Kraut,
what can I say, half of it in code, not sure I could follw what Barbara over there has to do with your business over here ...
unless I'm getting over there and over here (Tampa Bay) mixed up huh?

An ex-junkie
A guy trying to sink your business

Gosh, I'm into saving wrecks, even insurance write offs, and restoring old furniture, but for you not sure what I can do, except wish you all the best and lots more too ...

Glad you got friends like lazy iguana at hand to rake you on the boat - and a son to celebrate bonfire night, halloween, call it what you will
See there is still lots of hope
even on the darkest winter days.

I'm thinking now I know a little more about you, and if I didn't know better I'd think it was a plot for a hollywood B-movie, but alas godzilla (on my sidebar) was only the other day saying how much our lives are like a script (not necessarily a dream or a good dream) and we are either the characters or the xtras in some plot - until like season of angels (on my sidebar) says you take hold of the paint and brushes and start painting on the canvass that is your life, your NOW now, your NOW tomorrow, your NOW the next day and the next,

So here's wishing you more
and much more of the best!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I don't watch much TV at all. I heart movies, musicals with dancing are good, but perfer a book. I do own a rifle and a pistol and a speed loader and I don't have a CCW yet, though I want one. I do hunt but I only kill what I need for meat, not into using some poor animal's head for a coat rack. I am so glad you had a nice time on the boat. I hope the kid gets a wild idea for halloween and has a lot of fun. 50 degrees is not cold, just brisk. 31 degrees is cold. I think people that mess with you in your business should end up where all good vampires go and I am finally caught up with you.

EmmaSometimes said...

Oh yuck Saur. I wish you the best..and good rest.

I don't know you too well but your comment stuck out

I continue to keep a relative distance, while trying to be emotionally supportive.

Do you owe him anything?
Do you need the drama and stress?
Just questions (of which I don't have the answers.....)something to think on.

Love ya!

Senor Caiman said...


Glad you're staying busy.

It's cold in NC in the mornings when I ride. I love the low humidity though for my hair.

green said...

You got somethin' against us yankees????

Just wondering....