Thursday, October 26, 2006

Danny Rolling: Buh Bye!

First, look at this picture that's in The St. Pete Times today. Is that not nasty? I mean, who thought this looked yummy? It's a green apple with the Bubonic Plague!!! Gack!

OK, on to Danny Rolling, may-he-not-rest-in-peace. As my grandmother would have said, "Good riddance to bad rubbish".

I had just left Gainesville when Danny Rolling struck. He killed multiple people during his little crime spree; raping and mutilating them terribly. The object was to terrorize, and he did. It's rather hard to return to college when your next-door neighbors were hacked up, with various pieces artfully displayed throughout their blood-spattered apartment.

As with many criminals, Danny apparently experienced a "conversion" in jail and died singing a self-penned hymn and quoting scripture. If he's lucky, the conversion was genuine. But if his victims are lucky, it wasn't. You see, I believe in a heaven and hell and it gives me comfort in times like these, because a simple, painless death was much, much less than he deserved. But, at least we don't have to continue to foot the bill that kept him alive and well-fed.

One person said "No matter how heinous his crimes were, for us to do the same thing — to kill him — it doesn’t make sense." You're right, buddy. You know what? It doesn't make sense to keep him artificially caged like an animal, either! How about we just let him go? I know! Let's let all the criminals go! That would make a lot more sense, right?

People who advocate keeping Death Row Criminals alive should have a higher tax rate so that it's their money that goes to keeping these guys alive. The cost to keeping one Florida Death Row Inmate alive is $80 per day. But heck, Danny's worth it, right? Until it comes out of your pocket.

Buh bye, Danny Rolling. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


R2K said...

I think many against death penality dont want them to stay on death row. I think death row costs much more than normal prison, indeed a person who lives 10 years on death row likely costs more (with appeals and legal costs included) than a person in prison for 30 or more years.

Personally, I think a person should be kept alive until they have gone through the system, regardless of cost. How do you put a price on justice?

Ed Abbey said...

As one of those in favor of keeping death row inmates alive, I think the families of the victims got shortchanged. Danny only spent sixteen years in a cell with cable television, exercise room, visits, three square meals a day and then checked out in a painless procedure. Why wouldn't the families of the victims rather seem him in a bare cell with no contact for 60 years and die of a heart attack or stroke or something painful like cancer on a bare, cold stone floor? To me, this sounds like the most fitting punishment.

As for the cost, getting rid of the cable bill, exercise room, and all but some stale bread and water should bring it down to just a few bucks a day. He can work off the rest pulverizing rocks or some other hard labor.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ed, Now that is a compromise I might be ready to make!

Alex, it's not usually justice. It's usually just a simple set of moves intended to throw sand in the eyes of the pursuers. There's really no doubt that people like this have committed crimes. Sure, there'll be an occasional one that slips through the cracks. Ah well, so sad, too bad. There are more innocents killed on the road every day. And if these serial killers aren't kept on death row, separate from the rest of the population, they'll be turned into mincemeat: fast, by the other prisoners. So by all means, let's mainstream 'em.

Herb said...

There are some crimes that are so heinous they deserve the death penalty.

uncle joe said...

I think I have too much Old Testament in me sometimes....

United We Lay said...

I agree that criminals who have been PROVEN guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt should be put to death, including rapists. I also agree tha those opposed to the death penalty should incur the cost of keeping people alive, as should those opposed to euthenasia incur the cost of keeping someone alive who makes an informed, mature decision to end their own lives.

Ed Abbey said...

...and those who kill innocent people who were wrongly convicted should pay for their misdeeds, perhaps with their own lives?

123 and counting have been freed from death row to day by Project Innocense, all of those due to DNA testing. 1029 have been executed in the same time period. That is almost 11% error rate. With that kind of rate, what is "beyond the shadow of a doubt?"

For me, only God knows the truth and we aren't him.

Ellen said...

Amen, Ed Abbey. That's a compromise I could accept for seriel killers, rapists, and repeat pedophiles.

The Lazy Iguana said...

You know, a lot of stuff is said about how well off people in jail have it. It is a great place! Cable TV, weight rooms, free food, and so on.

Yet, when going on vacation, everyone chooses to pay money to stay at the Days Inn where the food is not free, there is no excersise room, and the TV channel selection is spotty at best.

As for Rollings, I went to UF in 1992. The killings were still fresh in everyone's memory. The campus was still a little jittery. The blue phones were all shiny and new - and all over the place.

Is this world better off with Rollings executed? I do not think it is any better off than with him locked up. There is no question we would be worse off with his ass roaming the streets. But locked up he was no longer a threat.

If we are going to call ourselvs a Christian Nation - then we need to start acting like one. It will not be easy! But then again, neither was the life of Jesus. I think that the hardships Jesus faced in life has to contain a lesson somehow.

Do we want to be like Saudi Arabia or Red China? Only these two countries execute more people than the USA.

I should post about crime and punishment one day. I have more to say than can be accomplished in a comment.

QUASAR9 said...

One man's pleasure
is another man's pain

One man's art, another man's cack

To the hungry a bit of dry bread looks good, shows we live in the land of plenty (and still not happy)
but hey apples and candy, cack or no cack - it's fine with me, jack

QUASAR9 said...

Saur, they are circular comments
1) keeping the unemployed in benefits
2) keeping criminals in prison
3) keeping almost dead patients alive on costly drugs treatment

Wealth is created by velocity of money - all those costs go on paying benefits to the unemployed and wages to prison guards, doctors, nurses (pharmaceutical industry)...
Wages which they go and spend in shops, food stores, goods, petrol pumps, travel, tourism, and hey who knows your business too.

So if you think for a moment any money you pay in tax was first paid to you, In fact in business "profit" is a tax you charge your customers for the services you provide and goods you sell

Maybe when you start looking at the world so, your business affairs will take a turn for the better, and you'll see your current problems promptly disappear

lol! word verification cckaak

Kathleen said...

I am opposed to the death penalty. I did not come to this position easily. However, I am not willing to accept the 11% or a 2% error rate. Nor am I opposed to paying for a life sentence. I cannot verify this right now, but I believe it costs us more to put someone to death than if we kept them in prison for life without the hope of parole. Regarding are we too easy on criminals ... cable, gyms, etc. ... yes. I think we should only have education and counseling available to them.

Anonymous said...

The death penalty is the only Biblically-correct way to handle individuals like this guy. I realize that's not very popular with most people in this world today, including some mis-guided church folk who take scripture out of context.

Oh, well.

Nihilistic said...

I know what looks like is on that apple...but I'm just not going to say...I'm just not...

js said...

i could type 87 paragraphs but i dont think anyone wonders what my take is because it is obvious and i really believe no one cares.
ATTA boy Jeb

Saur♥Kraut said...

Everyone, thank you so much for your comments. I've read each and every one. I wish I could respond to all of them, but I just can't right now. This week's been action packed, and my biz has to be my priority. Please forgive, and thank you again!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Wow. Placing your source of income above blogging! You know what this means.

You are not addicted. Keep up the good work.

Badoozie said...
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Badoozie said...

why would you educate and counsel someone you are going to put to death.

and how can we be better off with him locked up when it's costing 80 bux a day. a poor person living in the streets could do well on that amount of money, hardened criminals are a waste of good air. get rid of them, and use the money to help the people who are alive, and not criminals.

people don't seem to understand, justice is not just. its punishment for what you did wrong. no one is learning from others mistakes, so whats the point. the other thing is everyone talks about the victims families. the person is dead. that is sad, but wanting to see someone burn for what they did is sort of morbid. being morbid is not going to bring back your loved one. they need to move on with their lives.

i'm in favor of putting all of them together on an island, and letting them fight it out. assholes.