Monday, November 20, 2006

The Ebay Scammer

Quick Update on Rosie

The preliminary tests came back: It's definately cancer.

And yesterday her hubby went to visit his mom in a town that's hours away. One of her close friends called me to tell me that she was worried that Rosie hadn't eaten all day, so at 2 PM I went over to her home with a burger, fries, and her favorite milkshake. Rosie didn't respond. I called her hubby who said she was probably just doped out from her pain meds. Perhaps I should have called the police, but I went home instead.

However, when her hubby got home at 5:30 that night, he found her passed out with a huge gash on her foot. We took her to the E.R. where she stayed overnight. They continue to run tests today.

The Ebay Scammer

I sold a beautiful pair of designer sunglasses on Ebay, and they went for about $150. I subsequently mailed them out, but got a message from the buyer, asking where they were.

Having sold on Ebay for some time now, I've grown to realize that there are many people that would like to buy something, claim they never got it, and end up with the product for free. Experience has taught me to always make sure that I have some sort of proof that the item was delivered. So I sweetly wrote back:

"Oh no! Are you telling me that you haven't received them yet? Luckily I paid extra money to get a tracking number on the package and I'll be happy to pass that number on to you so that you can see where and when the package was delivered. I'm sure we'll be able to solve this right away!"

I hadn't heard from the guy for days, when I unexpectedly got a terse note telling me that he'd left me great feedback and would appreciate the same.

"Oh!" I wrote. "So you finally got the package? Everything's OK?"

Yes, he replied brusquely. No problems at all. Just please leave him good feedback. His attitude wasn't the best. Yup, it sucks to have to pay for something you were planning on keeping for free, huh? You see, I knew he had received that package.

I was tempted. OH how I was tempted. But, I left him good feedback. I almost added the warning: "Make sure that all packages sent to this guy have a tracking number," but I didn't. Or, I could have made it even simpler: Seller Beware.


Senor Caiman said...


Since he probably has your address you did the right thing. Wouldn't it feel great to pistol whip the guy though.

Cancer is not good.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Seeing as how the buyer pays shipping charges anyway, one would think that every ebay seller would get a tracking number.

Harmonica Man said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer sucks.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I hope I didn't go overboard with my optimism about Rosie's Thanksgiving. She will be in my heart and prayers.

Fred said...

I've never had any problems on eBay so far. You were prepared!

Ellen said...

So sorry to hear about Rosie and the prognosis. She will continue to stay in my thoughts as well.

Good for you to be such a smarty with the tracking number. Saur: 1, Scammer: 0. Woohoo for you!

Jenn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Rosie!

How was this guy's other feedback? I have been in the same situation twice, and thankfully had a tracking number both times. Now I am never without it. I have been mad enough to leave horrible feedback, but never have, for fear of retaliation on my own perfect record.

Miss Cellania said...

I hope Rosie will be alright. Please let us know.

eshuneutics said...

What happened to Rosie must have been a shock to everyone, including you. At times like these, you try not to panic and not believe the worst, and do what is her hubby did.

Wise advise for Ebayers. Many sellers are honest, but that allows the rogues to thrive and catch the unwary. You out-psyched him.

green said...

Having bought and sold many things on ebay myself, I can relate to your story.

There are all kinds of people out there and you do have to beware.

I don't always get a tracking number for the packages I send but I always have them verify their mailing address for me in an email, before I mail anything out, even if paypal already has it confirmed. And now I always tell my customers to leave feedback for me so I know they received the package. Once I see they've left me feedback, I do the same for them.

And, never mail anything you sell on ebay without getting their money first, then you operate from the position of power because if you have their money and they have given you a correct address first, you can decide whether or not to refund them if there truly has been a mailing error.

but that's just what "I" do.

john14124 (ebay)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Damn it, I was hoping the news would be better about Rosie. She is in my thoughts. Please keep us posted. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

I hope Rosie feels better soon.

I use eBay a lot. Tracking numbers and insurance are essential if mailing anything breakable or valuable.

I buy more than I sell so I would like to add that I always pay (through PayPal) with my credit card. PayPal discourages that (cuts into their profit) but that is the only protection you have when a seller screws you.