Sunday, November 26, 2006


I know, I know. I'm usually not the greatest writer over the weekends. Sorry about that, but I have SaurKid to play with and (if you do it the right way) kids get better with age. So we're off playing again today.

BTW, I had mentioned that we liked the new Destroy All Humans 2, but it's a little too sexually graphic for our taste as it progresses, and I would definately recommend against it for any kids 12 and under.

I also saw the new Borat movie (without SaurKid) this week and have to say that it's not all that. I really believed the hype, and I liked it OK, but it goes over the top too many times for me to be able to recommend it. It's certainly not something I would buy when it came out on DVD. On the other hand, it is shocking to find that there is still extreme prejudice among some of the citizens in our country. Ignorance, yes, I knew about that. But prejudice? I thought we'd really begun to put a chokehold on it. I guess we need to work on that some more, huh?


Badoozie said...

one can never put a chokehold on the human mind....theres always going to be someone. i read somewhere the college kids who made the racial slurs are suing the movie are suing too.

i agree, borat went over the top a few too many times. i did laugh at some parts though.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I have Destroy All Humans 1. I got it mainly because it came with that horrible Ed Wood movie "Plan 9 From Outer Space". There is a movie made about Ed Wood (it is called, you guessed it, Ed Wood). The movie is pretty good. The man was....uhhh....different. The first game was supposed to be based on the film, but it was not. The game actually has a better story line. And much higher production value.

Anyway, I plan to get Destroy All Humans 2. Even if I never finished the first game. I kind of got bored with it.

I will see the Borat movie when I can get it from Netflix.

Prejudice. It is still here. Big time. Mostly in the deep south, but it can be anywhere. Pretty much the more rural the area, the more open prejudice there is. City people learn to hide it.

I have family that live in the hinterlands of Mississippi and Alabama. Truly, in some places it is like time froze in 1950, except for the cars. The "White only" signs are gone, but they are still there at the same time. White people go to white places, and black people go to black places. if you go to the wrong place, you get looked at funny.

Well not really. I can go to a black place and it is all good. No problem. But should a black person go to a white place - well lets just say they don't. That is not OK.

Welcome to the deep south! Leave all your teeth at the Tampa border! Don't fer-get the banjo!

The hinterlands of Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, and so on are best avoided.

Senor Caiman said...


Sometimes when I see a prejudice person I spank them with my bare hand.

Excellent post.

QUASAR9 said...

Pride & Prejudice
isn't that a book?

There is also more subtle prejudice
Those who call others prejudiced to disguise their own prejudices.

A classic example is those who say they or they hate us americans - quite conveniently covering their prejudices against whatever group of people, nation or race they are talking about.

But no one is prejudice free.
No matter how hard we try or pretend to be we all have some prejudices -

some people are prejudiced against stuffy, or orderly people
some people are prejudiced against loud music, loud electric music
some people are prejudiced against brass bands

ok ok - confession time
I think Gwen Stefani is still hot but her latest single is a joke and deserves to be a flop. Not that I am extremely prejudiced against Yodelling - but I am prejudiced against pretty and talented stars taking the mickey out of the music industry and their audience with such crap.

I can only assume that like other stars she's fallen out with her recording studio - and to fulfill her contract she's willing to release any shaiite.

Please let that be the reason, it be a pity to ruin any fantasy I had in my mind, of her singing my name in joy whilst we shared a hot tub

R2K said...

Yeah as a long time ali g fan, the film was actually mid range to some of his shows, better than a bad show but not as good as the best shows. And borat all day gets annoying, the ali g show broke things up between ali g, bruno, and borat.

Maybe there is also something to be said that once something is really popular, and every jerk on the street is copying it, it just cant be that funny anymore.

The nude part was a bit much, even for a guy with a high sickness level like me.

Anonymous said...

Never apologize for having the right priorities! I hope you and SK had fun!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I just remembered, I got out of federal jury duty once by answering "yes" to the question "do you ever judge strangers quickly". Or something like that. And yea, I do. So does EVERYONE.

For example, say I am in traffic and someone cuts me off. What do I say? Usually something like "you asshole!". Now do I know that person is really an asshole? Maybe they are really a very nice person who just made a mistake and is feeling very guilty.

But - when I judge I judge!

Everyone else lied and said no. Some of them had to serve is a highly boring case involving some mega boring stuff. Moral of the story - tell the truth and you never get selected for jury duty.

Miss Cellania said...

My brother and SIL saw Borat and told me what they tought. SIL hated it, and explained in great detail how hateful and mean it was. Meanwhile, my brother (typical male) was giggling at the recalled scenes and at my SIL's reaction. He didn't dispute her opinions, but he couldn't stop laughing.

EmmaSometimes said...

Prejudice is shocking and sad. The most surprising to me is reverse prejudice you see in those who have felt the impact of prejudice toward them personally. That floors me.

I could care less if someone is green and plaid, if they are contributing to society in a positive way.

What I want to know is how angry people would be to see the "White Grammy Awards" instead of Latin Grammys or maybe the "Anglo-American Film Festival" instead of The San Francisco Black Film Festival?

hmmmm. Just a thought.

By the way, never saw Borat. I don't think I will.