Thursday, March 13, 2014

Always Collect the License Plate

If you accidentally let someone drive off with your license plate after you've let them have your car (as in, say, a divorce settlement for instance) and they don't register the car as theirs even though you've registered the sale with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles... and they keep driving around on the old plate even though the DMV has recalled the plate... you still keep getting their parking tickets and tolls.

That means you have endless fun making phone calls and sending letters to prove to everyone that it isn't your responsibility. The police will not take a report because the plate isn't lost (it's whereabouts are known) and it wasn't stolen (since the ex was driving the Jeep when he left). The ticket and toll people tell you that they can do nothing without a police report.

The resulting mayhem is as much fun as a 3 Stooges all-day movie extravaganza.