Monday, March 24, 2014


From my friend Pam Settle: There are some things that you never say until you're parent, like "STOP LICKING THE CAKE!!!"
I just taught a 6-year old boy the word "dork". I'm sure his mother will be eternally grateful.
A kid recently claimed he's 'emotionally damaged' by a time-out room. What options do we have left anymore?! Teachers can't send them to the Principal's office too many times or they look bad. They don't respond to yelling. No one can spank them or even lay a hand on them to hold them down when they're out of control. If the schools call the cops, the cops and the schools look bad. How about we start holding parents accountable for their kids' behavior by giving them tickets when their kids act up? If the tickets aren't paid in a timely manner, they lose their drivers' licenses.
ME: Hi honey! How was school?
LIVVIE (6 years old): Didn't you hate changing for PE when you were a kid?
ME: I sure did!
LIVVIE: From flats to sneakers, then back to flats. *sigh*
ME: What sport did you play today?
LIVVIE: I can't remember! It started with an "S" and ended with a "P" but it wasn't soup.