Monday, March 24, 2014


I was at a Walmart standing in line behind a young black guy buying booze. They wanted his ID and he told them he didn't have it. When they said they couldn't sell it without an ID, he said loudly and antagonistically "WHAT? You are RACIST! THAT'S RACIST!" The woman looked frightened and obviously couldn't respond because of her job. So I spoke up equally loudly and said "How DARE you! THAT is racist! You should be ashamed of yourself, pulling The Race Card when you want to get away with something."

The guy did a double take and then said "Lady, that is NONE of your business."

"Yes, it IS my business and it's the business of all of us in here to speak up when we're forced to put up with such racism," I said stoutly. Others in the line nodded. One girl in the back (who was also black) said "unbelievable, dude."

And if we want to talk minority status, I'm firmly in the middle of it. When I want to get away with something, I never say "WHAT? You are SEXIST. YOU'RE SEXIST!" even when someone IS. You never win respect by demanding it. To be respected, one must be...dare I say it...respectable!