Saturday, July 23, 2005

Crystal Growing Kits

We just went to MOSI yesterday (the Museum of Science and Industry). My friend Michelle will be delighted to hear that MOSI just announced they just landed "BODIES: The Exhibition". Anyway, while we were there, we wandered into the Museum Store. All museums have these stores. Parents, who are hoping to instill in their children a love of something grander than Pokemon, are always tempted to buy Science Kits, or glow-in-the-dark stars, or at least a t-shirt.

But the moment that I saw the Space Age Crystal Growing Kit, it was True Love. Have you ever heard of Magic Rocks? I loved those. When I was a kid, we could earn prizes at school for selling chocolate bars as a fundraiser. I would always earn at least enough to buy those Magic Rocks.

These are the more sophisticated version, and I bought them (ostensibly) for the kids. Of course, let's be honest here: the kids may think it's cool, and they may even be slightly inspired in their science studies, but these are just pretty crystals that you can grow and display.

I bought 3 boxes. I think we also need a tadpole farm.


mal said...

Saur, did you remember to pick up an ant farm and a cricket ranch too? Tres Chic! The Cricket Ranches can be a bit noisy though. I remember those Crystal kits from when I was a kid. Kind of nice to see some things manage to stay around

Saur♥Kraut said...

Mallory, I've never seen these kits before, and I must've missed the cricket farms. I guess I was deprived as a child! I did always want an ant farm, and my son is begging for one, but I see disaster there. Frogs are a little more manageable, and you can pet them, too (so what if they pee on you a little...)

Michelle said...

"BODIES:The Exhibition" When, wanna go?

Saur♥Kraut said...

Michelle, on opening day!!!

Fred said...

MOSI is great. I love going to the IMAX theater with the kids.

Kathleen said...

Funny, but it really does come down to the simple things.


Saur, I can really go for the tadpoles!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Bodies thing in the newspaper. I usually love this kind of thing, but that freaked me out. As far as science kits go, butterflies. WAY COOL!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Fred, Yeah, that theatre is something else! It's almost overwhelming, it's so huge.

Kathleen, you're right. Crystals and tadpoles are my Rosebud. I'm just glad I get to talk about it now, instead of on my deathbed. *g*

Anonymous, well, it is kind of awe-inspiring and I could see why it would freak someone out. There are some people that are protesting the exhibit (though I don't think they've thought it through completely). But it's wildly popular in Europe and it's a huge coup for MOSI to get it.

Tabasamu said...

oooh, I can't WAIT for the Bodies exhibit. I read about it, and I was really hoping we'd get it here. I can't believe it's going to be within driving distance!!!

bananarama said...

Eww, human corpses. I don't know if I can deal with that...

snicksnack said...

my favorite science kits were the chemistry kits. Who can resist a kit that can produce things that fizz and smoke?

MOSI_Fan_Tutte said...

I learned that the company producing the Bodies show at MOSI Tampa is a company, Premier Exhibitions, with a publicly traded stock with the symbol PXHB. What I found out was pretty stunning.

First off, regarding Von Hagen's, my research has already found out very clear links between them and the supposed authority called the Anatomical Board of Florida. Much of the attempts to shut down the show plus the initial information fed to the media now looks to me to be orchestrated by the Von Hagen group, probably because Premier Exhibitions is already so successful and now has the backing of the William Morris Agency and the producer of the U2 & Rolling Stones concert tours.

My research has shown me a great opportunity here. This is the first time I've had a chance to find an incredible stock and really kick the tires. A little ago while I found out the company that is putting on the Bodies show in Tampa is publicly traded and they are also the same company that salvaged the Titanic artifacts and exhibits them around the world. Naturally, as an intrepid investor, I was first in the door on Thursday.

I was shocked to find out they are profitable and growing and it is still under $2 a share.

Everyone in Florida seems to know about the Bodies show at the Museum of Science & Industry - MOSI - in Tampa. It has been all over the news and now that it is running it no longer seems so controversial as it did a few days ago.

The crowds are already breaking box office records. I went on the first day on Thursday and it was busy, busy, busy. Today is the official Saturday grand opening and a friend called me to say the place is overflowing, they've got traffic cops and they expect 5,000 paying customers today.

I spent all Thursday night researching this company, Premier Exhibitions, and I started buying the stock immediately yesterday. I found out the following about PXHB

This company has been around for a while and they are going profitable. I found a link to a recent shareholder conference call. When I listened to this I got really excited.

They are expected to triple their exhibition schedule in the next 6 months. That means a half dozen Titanic and a half dozen Body shows running SIMULTANEOUSLY! Twice a year. That is two dozen shows a year producing on average a million plus dollars profit each.

This company has less than 30 million shares outstanding and they are not handing out shares like candy. And they are profitable now.

By my calculations, in the next year they could earn as much as 75 cents to a full dollar per share and this stock is trading under $2 now!

By my calculations then PXHB.OB could be trading at $20-30 in 12-18 months. I have never found a stock like this and definitely not one that I was able to invest in as it became famous overnight. You can't buy publicity like they have been getting.

I think the company is prohibited from promoting their stock at the museums they exhibit in so I figured I better get the word out that the producers of these incredible shows is a PUBLIC COMPANY and it looks like the stock is severely undervalued (sure, I bought some, so I have a vested interest now too!)

The conference call link I included above has them telling the next earnings should be way over the last quarter. Looking at the calendar I figure mid-October will be the reporting date for the quarter closing end of this month, August 2005.

If they earned .02 for the quarter last time with their first profitable quarter, I figure we could see as much as .05 per share or about 20 cents annually in 6-8 weeks. That should be worth at least $4 a share.

I can't figure it out why the stock is so low, but with the worldwide publicity this company is receiving it looks like the stock is going to start ripping up the joint. And it is undervalued by at least 50-80% so I think it will be $5-7 by the end of the year. I hope some of you do your own homework and check this out.

Go google the recent events:

and you can see some small minded folks tried to stop the show. Florida attorney general Crist backed off and said he will not enforce the board ruling. The show goes on and there is nothing they can do now. Like I said, you can't buy publicity like this.

This is the first time I've found a stock this undervalued that I can clearly see is going to explode in earnings and get enormous free publicity from now on.

PXHB.OB is the stock

Anonymous said...

An update on my August post about the Bodies show in Tampa. Premier Exhibitions is about to open another one in NYC at the South St. Seaport (Tampa show still running to big crowds). Since I mentioned it, their stock PXHB is more than double and it looks like it will quadruple from here in the next year (their earnings are growing like crazy).
Mosi Fan Tutte