Friday, July 01, 2005

Now: War of OUR World
(Imported Terrorists in Iraq)

In breaking news today, sources confirmed that the insurgency we are experiencing in Iraq is not due to Iraqis, but is due to terrorists that are being imported from other nations.

It has long been believed that terrorists are being imported into Iraq, but this is the first confimation.

The AP published today:

Iraqis have carried out less than 10 percent of more than 500 suicide attacks since 2003, according to one defense official. At least 213 attacks have occurred this year - 172 by vehicle and 41 by bombers on foot - according to a count by The Associated Press.

While most suicide attackers in Iraq are thought to be Gulf Arabs, North Africans are also streaming in to carry out deadly missions, U.S. and Iraqi officials say.

The bombers are recruited from Sunni communities, smuggled into Iraq from Syria after receiving religious indoctrination...

I have no doubt that this is true. My question is, what are we going to do about it? We have three choices:

1. Go after the source (take the war to the countries that are harboring the terrorists)
2. Go home (they continue to come into Iraq in a steady stream)
3. Seal the Iraqi borders

If we choose to go after the source, we will be invading many more countries and we don't have the military sources to do that, nor does Bush necesarily have the willpower (he counts the royal family of Saud among his family friends but would love to go after Syria). Yet if we go home, the terrorists elsewhere in the world will be encouraged to continue their ludicrous jihad. We could seal the borders, but this will take a great deal of time and effort. Apparently the U.S. government is thinking their best choice is #3:

The governments of America and Iraq both demanded yesterday that Syria stop letting insurgents cross its border with Iraq.

At a conference designed to show international solidarity for the elected Iraqi leadership, the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, also warned Damascus of unspecified reprisals.

(source: news.telegraph)

When Syria continues to ignore our demands, we will have no choice except choice #1. We are now nearing not the end of the Iraqi war, but the beginning of world war.


Tabasamu said...

...A lot of sabre rattling going on right now, Saur. I don't which choice to vote for. It's all very scary...

bananarama said...

Where do you GET this stuff? I am amazed at your knowlege. Anyway, I am pro getting out of Iraq as quickly as we can. I think our staying there is just encouraging more terrorists to try to take us on.

Underground Logician said...

Well, Saur, all I can say is thanks for posting this. This topic is a part of a larger cultural war that is going on in the US.

I also believe your news quote. My thought is directed to the Saudis. They are our worst "friend." Perhaps it's best we take on the terrorists there, in terms of efficiency, rather than taking them on here.

As to this becoming a World War, it already is. World Trade Center, 1993; Embassy bombings, bombing of the Kole, 9/11; it's been the case for over 13 years. Radical Islam has declared war on us, and the scope of it is world wide. We're seeing it more clearly now than ever. What you'll probably experience with your post today is some reaction that is typical of the Left's "fifth column" that is in operation here in the US.

We really need to seal OUR borders as well as Iraq's. Use this URL to read more about the undocumented Iraqis who are being detained in Mexico:

This is really serious stuff!

Underground Logician said...

I have to comment again. You have great creativity, Saur!! Your title really grabbed me. Good job!

Saur♥Kraut said...


Thank you very much. You are right, it really is already a world war, but if we plunge in deeper by invading some of the other countries that are harboring terrorists, I am concerned that we will be overextending ourselves. I truthfully am tending toward desiring complete withdrawal from Iraq at this point. I am beginning to feel that we need to let them self-govern, and this continuous invasion is a drain on our resources.

Saur♥Kraut said...

P.S. We definately need to seal our borders. But the national guard is over in Iraq, when I would prefer to have them over here, sealing the border to Mexico.

I had friends who recently went into Mexico and they told me that on their way back into the states they were asked if they were concealing anyone or anything. They could've had someone in their trunk and easily brought them into the U.S. Scary!

Ajay Shroff said...

well, i dont think anyone can seal the iraqi border. there are these tribes all over pakistan, afghanistan and iraq who refuse to follow any kind of authority. its these pockets of land which belong to the tribes that the terrorists are using. can you believe that osama is still in a part of pakistan that the US or pakistan army cannot reach? or is it that pakistan is playing it safe and letting osama get away so that the middle east dont hate pakistan?

Saur♥Kraut said...


Yes, that's just it. The borders are too vast, our troops too small, to enforce the border. And we really can't rely on other countries to do it, because either their armies aren't big enough to cover that kind of territory, or they're too sympathetic to the terrorists to do more than give it lip service.

I recommended your blog to jevanking, btw, and saw that you found your way to his blog too. ;o)

United We Lay said...

This is scary. It would be great if we could just come home, but I think at this point it would do more harm than good. I don't know what the proper course of action is anymore, and I think my judgement is probably coulded by having friends and family there.

It would take thousands of more American troops to seal the borders, and we just don't have the numbers. I can't imagine that our young women, seeing what has been happening, are just going to sign up for border patrol there. We can't even control our borders here.

I think we are entering another world war, and that's terrifying, especially since we started it for no good reason. Syria and Iran are on the list, but I think Venezuela might make an assassination or regime change list, assuming we have such a thing (and I believe we do).

Always questioning said...

We didn't start it - the radical Islamists did. You can disagree with our invading Iraq all you want. But that is really irrelevant to the fact that we have been under attack by Islamic terrorists for years. It is not mad Iraqis who are blowing up our troops, didn't you read Saurkraut's post?

back-to-basics said...

I had an older friend tell me that we cann't pull out now. We would be leaving like we did in Vietnam. Another comment made was our mistake was not going to war on September 12th. My friend says there was good reason to go to war. It is called Terrorism.

I can't say I disagree with my friend. To tell you the truth I don't know what I think. One day I think we need to get out. The next day I am all for it.

Ajay Shroff said...

Thank you Saurkraut,
Really appreciate it. :)

United We Lay said...

Always -
I read the post. We did start the war in Iraq. I know the insugents aren't necessarily Iraqis, but they wouldn't be fighting us if we hadn't gone over there in the first place. There may be acts of terrorism, however, we need to go after specific terrorists and not bomb countries and peole that did nothing to us. Yes, some countries may have horbored terrorists, but specific proof has not been presented. We didn't go to war with every country who is harboring terrorists. That would be impossible. By the way, we're harboring a few ourselves.

Anonymous said...