Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Today I'm going to jump around a bit. Pick whatever topic(s) you like, and have at it!

1. We are now getting pictures(click here) of the latest hurricane's devastation. Emily is next: She's brewing off South America right now, and looks as if she may be contemplating Cuba again.

2. For anyone incensed with Ekbensah's posting in the African blog, he has very kindly issued an apology. We may all agree to disagree, but it's nice to know that we can continue to do so fairly. Welcome, Ekbensah, and thank you for your contributions.

3. I have noticed that some of my posts generate a great deal more discussion than others. What are the topics that you are most likely to respond to, and why? This is part curiousity, but I also realize that this blog is tailored for everyone (not simply me) and I would like to know what is of interest to you.

4. I wish it was not so terribly hot and muggy right now. I enjoy the outdoors and love a great many different activities outdoors. I adore sailing (but keeping a boat through a hurricane is another story). Godless Mom loves baseball games. Aral loves the beach. What do you like to do?

5. I have a blog with kids' topics that you might be interested in (if you haven't discovered it already). I don't post daily there (as I do here) but it's still worth checking out (IMHO).


Tabasamu said...

I am very glad to read #2. Welcome, Ekbensah.

I also read the St. Pete Times article and saw the pics. It reminds me of when it came a little closer to home, last year!

I like all your blogs, and find them all to be interesting. But you are right, some generate more traffic than others. I wonder, though, if it might be something outside your blog. On days when your blog is less active, I notice that most of the blogs are too.

I like aerobics but don't always have much time for them. And cooking, of COURSE. Michelle asked if I had any hurricane recipes! I am afraid that my creativity declines when there is no electricity. :-p

GodlessMom said...

Wow, those are powerful pictures!

It is really hard to say what I like to read on blogs. There are some topics that I'm more likely to comment on than others (especially if I feel strongly about the subject) but that isn't an indication of how much I like to read the blog. I have several blogs that I read daily which I have never commented on.

I'm opinionated but not necessarily confrontational so when I do comment on a controversial subject I'm more likely to put in my two cents worth and then just watch the comments unfold rather than engage in active debate. Just a personal quirk.

mal said...

I stumbled across your blog and find it enlightening. To my mind the purpose of a blog is not to cater to other interests, but rather to express those things that we see and feel on matters we find important and in putting it out there, others may too. If we cater to others established interests or beliefs, we do not offer a widening of their views and interests.

That is the main interest I find in reading others blogs

On the other hand,,,,if some one wants to pay me to write a blog.......*L*

bananarama said...

I like walking, and going to the beach...and going to clubs! Hey, those storms today are making me feel like the hurricane is back, but I'm just nervous.

Saur♥Kraut said...

TC, Thanks! I read Michelles' post in your foodie blog. I couldn't get creative, either. I remember last year when the electricity was out, I was torn between eating lukewarm canned german potato salad (not hot, like the weather, but it didn't taste as great either)... or hot (like the weather). I ended up heating it up and eating it, but it wasn't great fun.

Godlessmom, I think it's possible to be opinionated and as non-confrontational/polite as possible. I understand, though I probably don't always do it!

Mallory, thanks! How did you stumble upon it, BTW? I'm curious. It would be nice to get paid for blogging, wouldn't it?

Bananarama I love the beach too. And clubs! Yeah, it's been thundering and growling all day.

mal said...

Saur, I stumbled into your blog when I had a few minutes and started hitting the "next blog" button. Yours was like the 30th something hit and of course it was your Text Message blog. A topic I had never even considered, sooooooooo *G*

Saur♥Kraut said...

Mallory, Ahhh, I'm in The Cycle. Thanks for letting me know! I'm glad you liked it. I try to cover things that aren't covered elsewhere.