Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pain in the Neck & Illegal Immigrant Boycot

Physical therapy is kicking my butt! Every day that I'm scheduled for it, I might as well just go home, make a nice nest in my bathroom so I can throw up all afternoon in comfort. Because that's what I did - throw up all afternoon.

The pain is incredible, and perhaps my reaction is severe because it's predominantly located in my neck. Studies show that the pain is more intense when it's in the neck or head because your nerve receptors have a shorter route to go to message your brain that pain's involved.

So, that's why I wasn't able to answer any of you yesterday afternoon. It also means I'll be out of commission on Monday and Wednesday of next week, unless my body adjusts. The good news is, I'm bound to lose the weight I was complaining about when I can't eat! And of course this is all going toward a better life with more movement and less pain. I just have to deal with it in the short term. As the old cliche goes; no pain, no gain!

A couple of you asked: yes, I am a doctor, but not a medical one. I have a D.D. (Doctorate of Divinity) which is a religious degree. DDs are usually as accredited as PhDs. My medical knowlege comes from my father, The Scientist. I grew up steeped in medical whodunits.

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the warming weather (it's now getting positively HOT down here) and I'll "see you" again on Monday!

P.S. For those Americans who read my blog: let me encourage you to put off spending anything this weekend and save it for Monday. There are many illegal immigrants threatening to boycott (in order to teach us all a lesson) on Monday. I recommend we teach them one. Immigrants are important to us and our nation. But illegal ones should never be tolerated.


michelle said...

Sure I can do my grocery shopping and gas tank filling on Monday. We may just have to order pizza and go to Target for the heck of it too.

Kathleen said...

Oh my. I hate to hear of your pain. But, your attitude is terrific. Hang in there.

Yes, I will make it a point of spending on Monday! Illegals need to GO!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Michelle, Good for you guys! I'm doing my grocery shopping on Monday instead of this weekend. Ditto on filling my gas tank!

Kathleen, Thank you for the condolences. *hugs* The only solution to this illegal immigrant problem is zero tolerance. Until the Bushies get that message, we'll continue to have messes like this. It will be interesting to see what businesses shut down because the illegals are boycotting. Then WE need to boycot them.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

So sorry about your pain. Too, too bad.

On the illegals: Yeah. What you said. I'm a liberal who is pissed off big time about all this.

Senor Caiman said...


Sorry to hear your neck continues to give you problems. I can certainly empathize with you on body pain. I trust over time you will feel better. I had a man operation several years’ back and I had pain every time I used this muscle for almost 2 years so things could be worse for you.

Your educational background is quite impressive. I don’t mean to brag but I scored 980 on my SAT.

I just checked my freezer and I have 4 boxes of the 44 count of Mrs. Paul’s Breaded Fish Sticks. I can order more on Monday. The thing that bothers me most about the illegal immigrants is that over the last 10 years I’ve lost 3 intelligent honest hard working immigrants who entered the country legally but because I couldn’t prove that they had a skill that American’s lacked they were deported.

Excellent post by the way also I bet Kathleen was one of the first legal immigrants to our great land.

Mr. Althouse said...

Good to hear you're on the mend. I know what its like to grow up with a scientist-father (Phd in chemistry - Stanford!! quite an act to follow!).

As far as Monday is concerned... was there something special going on?? It's just another Monday right? I'll be going about my business as usual except that I will stay out of downtown Sac. I understand there will be some kind of protest or something - I can only imagine ;-')


Kathleen said...

Shhhhh! Mr. Gator is a trouble maker! Now you know why I seemed very familiar with St. Augustine. Remember the oldest house? . . . need I say more. In fact, I may have met some of Mr. Gators relatives there. As I recall, they too were always trying to get their snout into something. Small world.

Ellen said...

I'll be too busy working to care what the illegals have to protest about anyway.

Hope you are getting better with the therapy, and don't envy your method of losing weight. Does a nice long soak in the tub help at all for the pain? If so, it's calgon time!

Jessica said...

What about the legal kids of illegal immigrants?

KristieD said...

I will be sure to do lots of spending on monday. I find it kind of ironic that this illegals like to say they are important to america and are just as much as an american as me, while holding up their native country's flag. Um...did i miss something?

Anyway, i really hope your body adjusts soon to the whole physical therapy thing. I can only imagine what you must be going thru and i hope you start to feel some relief soon.

R2K said...

Hope you feel better! If you ever want me to do a guest post id be glad to :) (That would probably result in the end of your blog as we know it.)

I agree about the illegals protesting, I say screw them. I am ready to crack down on any employers who hire them. If they dont have any illegal jobs, they will go home. Or at least, new ones wont break the law and ruin it for all the poor people who spend years trying to do the right thing. Not sure why so many Legal immigrants support them anyway.

Beaver said...

Hey Saur! I'm sorry that you're feeling so bad. It's never fun to be bent out of shape. I'm glad to see you are taking it in stride though.

Just wanted U to know my dry spell is over...

Saur♥Kraut said...

Beav, thanks, girl! I know you needed that "dry" spell. You've been on the run and you surely deserved some rest!

Alex, I don't know of many legals that support illegals but I'm sure the ones that do, do it out of a sense of loyalty. The "they're one of US" idea, when the legals are actually the ones who WORKED to get into America. Most legals despise illegals, who snuck in here and get to work without jumping through any of the hoops that are designed to protect Americans.

KristieD, I know~! Of course it's not a secret that the Mexican gov't supports them in this and would like to bring the US to its knees this way. The Mexican gov't even publishes a handbook on how to sneak into the US. I kid you not!

Saur♥Kraut said...

...more responses later... I'm waking up the kids... shhh ... ;o)

Saur♥Kraut said...

Jessica, their parents have a choice: leave the kids or take them with you back to Mexico. We also need to change our laws regarding that (see today's post).

Ellen, baths aren't an answer for me because it involves me lying there with my neck at an angle. But my son sewed a wonderful long rice bag that gives marvellous moist heat and I can wrap all around my neck!

Kathleen, I agree, but don't tell him I said so... ;o)

Mike A, it will be interesting to see how MUCH of a protest will be going on. And where is the INS in all this? They'd better be doing double duty that day!

Mr. Gator, as I waded through all the silliness... ;o) ... I see something that I commonly hear: illegals are doing jobs that Americans won't do. Well, we'll never know until we try, right? It's not as if there have been polls about it, or any type of studies done. And the fact remains, they're ILLEGAL. The best solution is to be more generous in our restrictions, but not to REWARD the current illegals by allowing them to stay with any work visas or other nonsense. Wouldn't you agree?

TLP, Strangely, I think almost EVERYone is now. I'm a moderate, but even the staunch conservatives are either mad or running like hell to get away from the controversy!

Grant said...

I'm just now hearing about this whole thing, but I'll help. I'm switching tomorrow's trip to Umezono to tonight, and I think I'll throw in my beer run and grocery shopping as well.

Worker said...

I don't agree. I was an illegal immigrant myself at one time. I got myself a fake SSN and have helped towards someone else’s retirement by paying a lot of taxes on that SSN ;-) Although I didn't have a shitty job, I do think that most of the jobs done by the illegals are jobs that "normal" Americans do not want to do. Am I right? And what’s so wrong about a first generation immigrant calling themselves an American even if they do remember and honor their old country? I always thought the US was a melting pot and loved it! Now I don’t know if the US is as excepting anymore.