Saturday, October 22, 2005

It Came From Outer Space

It's the weekend, and time for our group story! As usual, please keep your contributions as clean as possible, as kids read this particular post. And don't forget to pick up where the last contributor left off!

It Came From Outer Space

"Joe, you really gave her a price that was too low," complained Pete. Joe casually leaned out of the driver's side window and spit. He started up the old truck. "Naw," said Joe. "I was fair about it, that's all."

"Fair?" snorted Pete. "You practically said you'd do it for free."

"I don't believe in taking candy from babies, or more than I need from little old ladies," said Joe succinctly.

"Well it ain't right," said Pete, slumping back in his seat. "How're we gonna make a living if you're always giving everyone rock-bottom prices?" Then he paused. "God gawd," he said. "There sure is a helluvalotta dust up ahead!"

Joe nodded. "Roll your window up so we don't choke on it," he instructed. In another moment they were in the thick of the dust cloud. Joe slowed down considerably.

"I hate living in the desert," complained Pete. "It's always so damned dusty! I feel like I'm caked in dust from morning till night."

"Just cuz you're my brother doesn't mean I won't slap you silly," said Joe. "Shaddup. I'm driving, here."

Suddenly out of the dust loomed a massive rock. Joe slammed on his brakes, and the old truck began to skid, protesting all the way. They came to a stop, only feet from the bolder. "What the...?" Joe began.

"It's a meteor, Joe!" exclaimed Pete. "A goddurned meteor!"

"Well, it's sitting in my path," stated Joe, Master of the Obvious. "How're we gonna get around it?"

"Don't worry about that," said Pete excitedly. "I'll bet it's finders-keepers! This is a huge one! Maybe we could sell it!"


michelle said...

Pete was out of the truck faster than Joe could stop him.

"Dangit Pete. First your havin a cow because I bid on a job to low. Now you are outa the truck lookin at a rock. We won't get paid at all watein time like this."

Pete didn't hear a word Joe had said. He was too busy checking out the meteor. Suddenly both of them heard the most unrecognizable noise, "What in the world...", Pete was saying.

mal said...

As the sound grew louder and clearer the dust began to settle. Slowly, ever so slowly as if from a great distance a maricahi band appeared playing bagpipes. Joe and Pete looked at each other and simultaneously screamed "ALIENS, WE DONE BEEN INVADED!!!" They turned, ran back to the truck and turned around back towards town to report the invasion

R2K said...

"No en mi reloj, dice el lĂ­der de los extranjeros de mariachi."

The truck flew across the dusty road towards town. With the peddle firmly planted on the floorboard, so hard that it might never come back up again, the two average americans flew more than drove the 10 miles to town.

Pete and Joe suddenly became our only hope in the coming nuclear bagpipe war.

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Kathleen said...

to the local sheriff, Earl . . . Earl Grey. They found him at Jasmine's enjoying high tea with Mayor Oolong and Chief Bubbling Waters.

With urgency, they quickly described what they had seen to Earl and the others. To their shock, no one seemed to be very concerned or in any hurry to check it out. "Now calm down boys," Earl drawled. "Sometimes things ain't all that they seem to be. I'll check it out later on my way to Dover to pick up the tea for tomorrows annual Sippin and Dippin Festival."

The boys left frustrated and confused. Why are they the only ones who seemed to be concerned. Nothing seemed right and that windy song was stuck in their heads. While they admit it is a catchy tune, it was beginning to agitate them more with each repetition. "Dang it Pete, I can't stop thinking about that tune. It is like . . .

Tabasamu said...

"I know!" interrupted Pete. "We need to go back and have a look at that thing. Stamp it with our names or sumthin. I know I'm right, it could cost a fortune!"

Joe gave him a look.

"Now why are you lookin' at me like that, Joe?" whined Pete. "You know I'm right."

Without a word, Joe turned the truck in the direction of the meteorite. "What about them aliens?" he asked as he drove.

"Well, they didn't think nuthin of it, so mebbe there's nuthin TO it," said Pete.

mal said...

But Dang it Pete, a Mariachi band playin' dem Bagpipes? Thars sumtin down right scary bout that!! said Joe

Mr. Cinnamon Pretzel said...

Pete remembered his dad telling him that a Mariachi band playin' dem Bagpipes was usually a prelude to a bevy of hot foreign babes. Sure enough if you peered hard through the dust you could see the foreign babes. Pete yelled, “They’re perfect, blond hair and no cellulite on their thighs”.

michelle said...

"No, No, that is not what you are seeing Pete. You moron!", Joe shouted at Pete.

"What are you talkin 'bout?" expclaimed Pete, "What would you call them then?"

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Just look closly, and you will see for yourself.

Armed with his own weapons of mass destruction, Joe loomed forward, with his shiney sword in one hand, and his mallet in the other, ready to plunge forward...

actonbell said...

When Joe came to, he was flat on his back, in the middle of nowhere. Joe's rattled mind was buzzing with a hundred questions--what's going on? How did I get here? Where's the truck? Where's Pete?
And WHAT was that tune?

dddragon said...

Slowly Joe got up and looked around. Off in the distance he could see a bit of movement, but it was too far to see exactly what it was.

Shrugging to himself, he said "might as well head that away, don't see any other way to go."

Hoping that he would soon find Pete, he started the long walk

Mr. Cinnamon Pretzel said...

Joe started to walk but all of a sudden Joe heard Pete. Joe swung around and saw Pete being carried by the hot foreign babes. Pete yelled, “The hot foreign babes are kidnapping me”. Joe thought why are the hot foreign girls taking Pete and not me. “Why aren’t you taking me with you”, Joe asked. The hottest foreign girl said “Pete has a nice personality so we want him”.

The Lazy Iguana said...

But it was not Pete. Well not exactly. Pete WAS there, but so were the aliens and the Mariachi band!

Suddenly, and with a great feeling of dread, Joe realized what the tune was. YMCA by The Village People.

"PETE!" Yelled Joe. There was no response. Pete was dressed like a construction worker, with his arms held up to make a Y.

"Them thar aliens done went and hyptomized Pete!" exclaimed Joe.

Fred said...

Suddenly, the foreign girl dropped Pete and ran back to the others. Pete hurried back to Joe and they stood there in amazement.

One by one, the foreign girls were shedding their skin. One was now wearing Indian feathers. Another looked like a cop wearing leather. Pete could see what looked like a construction worker.

"What n' the heck is goin' on?" asked Joe.

As this was happening, the meteor started to...

Saur♥Kraut said...

Burble and smoke. A crack appeared, and redhot lava started to pour out of it.

As the motley crowd began to scream, Pete and Joe stood in wonder as they all melted into puddles at their feet.

Neither Pete nor Joe breathed for a moment. Then, Pete walked up to the nearest remnant and poked at it with his boot. It didn't move, and was obviously very dead.

"Wow," breathed Joe. "That was really weird. Whaddya supposed happened here?"

"Well," said Pete, "I'll tell you what. You know how I like to watch the Discovery Channel an' all?"

"Yup," nodded Joe.

"I remember this one special about how the colonists what settled America brought over all kindsa disease that kilt the injuns. Mebbe these foreign invaders got kilt the same way!"

"That wasn't the Discovery Channel, Pete!" snorted Joe. "That was War of the Worlds!"

"I nivver went to see that movie. You know I hold no truck with foreign films," said Pete.

Joe nodded.

Tabasamu said...


That was the WEIRDEST one yet, Saur!

Fred said...

Which is what makes it so much fun. I'm glad I got in at the end.

Kathleen said...

Shoot! I wanted to attend the "Sippin and Dippin" festival. sigh

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I'm sorry I missed it! On long nights on the road with the drivers we used to do this on the CB!

They were a lot more "blue" than this was, LLL!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Valerie, we do it every weekend!

Kathleen, it would be a sight to behold.

Fred, missed you! Glad you're back.

TC, thanks for stitching it up.