Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Bad Mother

There is an article today about an abused 10-year old who has an indignant mom testifying against the neighborhood drug dealer that repeatedly abused her son. She self-righteously proclaims that she doesn't want this dealer to abuse any other child.

Huh? Who's buying this load of horseypoo?

It's a rotten mom that doesn't know what her kid is doing. It's a negligent mom that doesn't know where he is in these troubled times. It's an idiotic mom that dismisses the signs of abuse (including strangulation, bruising, and cigarette burns all over the child's face). It's a horrible mom, when the child can't believe that he can confide in her (unless she already knew, that is).

This mother would rather be seen as all of the above, since the truth is much uglier. She knew. She had to know.

When the grandmother finally insisted that the police come out, the police eventually got the kid to confess to what was happening, and he led them to the dealer. (Look what drugs are doing to us, to our country. Every user is also responsible for the crimes which were committed to bring them that elusive high. But that's not my focus at the moment.)

The grandmother insisted. Mom was too stupid to see it. Or was she?


Senor Caiman said...


The Times often presents African Americans in a negative light. I really question whether the article is giving us all the facts.

I had a friend growing up his name was Forrest and he always said " stupid is as stupid does."

Have a good weekend.

Miss Cellania said...

In cases like this, there's usually enough blame to spread around to everyone. It takes a real social breakdown for this kind of thing to continue for any length of time. Sad.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I don't know, it is making me very sad, Ray.

Some Random Girl said...

mom was too busy going to school. I don't know what this area is like but I'd like to know if it's a poor area or an affluent area. I agree that the mom wasn't attentive by her statement in the article that said "she had to miss school to take him to the doctor". OMG! YOu mean you have to take your child to the doctor? holy hell? I had no idea.

Kathleen said...

The truth is the truth.

This mother's EXCUSES and too late outrage is frankly just bull and all too familiar. Actions speak louder than words. She needs to be watched like a hawk. Thank God for the grandmother.

This child should be receiving protective services from DCF. Clearly, this mother is neglecting to provide him with the protection he needs and deserves.

And, this community should be hanging its head in shame that they have allowed, by surrender, the streets to use and abuse their most innocent and vulnerable. Childs Park community is a festering pot of open drug sales and violence and ... nobody saw nothing. You can't effectively police a community that won't police itself.


meemaw2 said...

Mom said he couldn't eat, talk or open his mouth because of the burns? Why didn't she take him to the hospital? THe heck with the dr's. Mom has 3 kids and is 25 with a 10 year old. She was a child herself when she became a mother. Maybe she did know what her son was doing? If I thought some neighborhood thugs beat on my kid that bad I would have called the cops in a heartbeat. WHy is mom not being charged with neglect. How long did he have these injuries. I saw them on the news, the burns it was horrid.

Badoozie said...

i was going to say what meemaw2 said. she was only 15 yrs old when that kid was born. she has 3 more kids. regardless of her race, there are plenty of contraceptive devices available, and even billboards touting the benefits of such items, available free from our health and welfare offices. if you're too stupid to know how to use birth control
you're probably too stupid to protect your kids. get on a dang bus, and get the hell out of there. why do people insist on living in holes like that. you can be poor in an inner city, or you can be poor in a quiet country town. take your pick. DUH

by the way, were you just teasing us with the question forum? you didn't answer any of them. can we be expecting answers soon?

Mindless Dribbler said...

Ah, the mother knew. It's today's lazy parents.

Schools are state funded daycares nowadays. It's pathetic.

That lady should be held responsible for that little boys actions. When's the damn gov't gonna wise up? I know, stupid question...

Reverberate58 said...

I so agree with all everyone else said and not need to repeat! But I will anyway! Why is she being allowed to continue to keep the boy? He clearly needs to be out of her care!

R2K said...

I think there is something called abuse by omission.

Mike said...

I find it hard to believe a mother wouldn't know or take action in the case of 50 odd burns to her child. There is a degree of negligence there as well.