Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm Just Full of Opinions Today!

Giselle & The Crazy Ex

You have to admit that the title sounds like a fairy tale. I'm sure Giselle would wish that it was as easy to discard as a tall tale; something to read at night, put down by the nightstand, and forget about until the next evening.

Giselle, unfortunately, shares a child with an ex-husband that is out-of-control obsessive. In an attempt to punish her for leaving him (he's an abusive alcoholic) he continues to do everything in his power to place roadblocks in her path.

When Giselle made the decision to attend Al-Anon (in order to cope with him) he made up an excuse to avoid taking the baby on the only night she could attend. When she switched nights, he suddenly developed a new reason to not take that baby on that night.

When Giselle needed to refinance her home, and required his signature to do so, it took a court order to force him to do it. Happily, he violated that court order. He has also repeatedly violated the court order to leave her alone and communicate only about their child. Instead he continues to snipe at her, verbally and through email, badgering her incessantly.

Finally, the police are getting involved. Now Giselle wonders (as she did at the time of their divorce), what comes next? When this goes to court, what will happen? His other ex-wife is so terrified of him that she is afraid to testify, for fear that he will come after her and her entire family. Giselle wonders: Should I share that fear?

I wonder that, too.

Teacher Injured Due to KOOC

A special "shout out" to "Sam", the Special Ed teacher who was one of 3 men that had to tackle and hold down a 16 year old boy who was out of control last week.

The Pinellas County School system must have one helluva workers comp policy. It's taking quite a hit now, because Sam (a physically fit man with arms like a professional bodybuilder) has developed a tear in his aorta as a result. He also has other injuries which are very painful but are minor in comparison to this life-threatening injury.

When will we stop babying Kids Out of Control (KOOCs)?

Our Poor & The Illegal Alien

In this St. Pete Times article today, the writer points out that our poor continue to suffer because there are very few jobs available for them.

Well, duh! If we start getting serious about our illegal alien problem, we would open the doors wide for our own indigent poor. Instead, we continue to punish American citizens while we reward people who violate the law and adversely affect us, costing us billions of dollars in lost taxes and increased medical bills.


Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Giselle should NOT be afraid. Testify, make him come out in the light, and only then will he start to be afraid.

It's their fear and his control of them he seems to thrive on.

Re: Sam - He must be careful as to how much force he puts into tackling boys like that. My wife works with emotionally disturbed children and received an injury to her foot by tackling and holding an out of control child. Workman's comp refused to treat her, stating in true State Government form that her injury simply couldn't have been because of the job, but due to having a bad foot since birth. There's nothing that we can do. Attorneys are looking into the now.

Re: Illegal Aliens - THANK YOU!!!! For stating the absolutely OBVIOUS that some people just don't want to See because they're afraid of confrontation! You are SO RIGHT.

I love your blog honey.

United We Lay said...

That poor teacher! Unfortunately the letter of the law seems to protect these kids. The only way to combat it is to have teachers band together and refuse to put up with this shit anymore. If they could do it nationwide, all the better.

FruitfulSpirit said...

Giselle really does need to push and push back hard! We are sort of in the same fight now and that is all one can do.

My SIL works with special needs kids and has for over 20 years. She has had many broken bones and bruises to show for it! A few knives pulled and seen her share of guns too! High 5 to these special people.

And I so agree on the illegal alien thing. We should be shuttling them out of here. Or at the least not hire if there is a true red white and blue willing to work instead!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I have seen EH kids wig out. It just happens in an instant. Like a fuel air explosion. But the teacher has to do something! They have the rest of the kids in the class to protect. So workers comp ought to pay out for stuff like that. And the school board should see to it that all bills ARE PAID IN FULL. It was part of the job.

Crazy ex-husband. Maybe the judge will put the guy in jail. But this will not exactly help. He will get out.

Illegal immigrants - the Republicans LOVE THEM! They work for cheap. American workers want a minimum wage. And they have the gall to think that at least once every 10 years the wage should go up a buck or two per hour!

Nothing will be done. Bush's "guest worker" plan is really want they want. You import a "guest worker" who will work for cheap, keep him / her here for a year at the most - then ADIOS AMIGO! Your visa expires and you are out of here.

The working poor in this nation? Since WHEN to the rich give a crap about them? The Republican Party, as it is now, would be happy to sit back and watch all the poor die. It would lower their taxes (no welfare, no medicare, etc).

Badoozie said...

sounds like giselle needs a baseball bat.

~QZ~ said...

metal bats make a better noise on the noggin

Eddo said...

Saur, we are always on the same page.

It sounds like Giselle needs to get a gun or at least a baseball bat. Or maybe a huge friend with a gun and a baseball bat. Violence doesn't solve anything, but turning the other cheek just gets it slapped. I'll have to remember Giselle in my prayers.

Kids out of Control... I used to drive a special Ed bus and some of those kids are surprisingly strong. That teacher deserves some applause for not backing down and handling the situation.

Here in Texas they seem to be hiring everywhere. I think a lot of poor people just don't want to work. They lack motivation, drive, commitment, etc. However, your points are also very valid and something needs to be done about them as well.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hoping Giselle will be safe and get justice in our unjust system of things.
And amen to your other two posts!

Senor Caiman said...


It's just amazing the amount of free medical care hospitals give to illegals. I have this fear of being shot on my bike ride and then having the hospital emergency room Doctor tell me that he'll look at me right after he sews up the Mexican's knife wound.

Jamie Dawn said...

KOOC. So many kids are disprespectful and demanding and self-centered. It is scary to see this. Good, consistent discipline and healthy boundaries are a thing of the past for so many of our kids today.

The illegal alien situation is an out of control mess.

MyUtopia said...

I am sorry that Giselle and so many other women in this country face these problems every day. I work for a Domestic Violence Shelter and have seen and heard some horrific things.

That poor teacher!

js said...

your girl needs to testify.
A+ on your take on the illegals. Bush has absolutely let us down here, as well as Clinton, bush 1 reagan and carter. Why won't they send them home? I don't get it. Even though the unemployment rate is very very low right now there are still some out there that need work. As long as people have a reason not to work they won't, if the illegals were gone then absolutely nobody would have a good excuse to be unemployed

The Lazy Iguana said...

Unemployment is not really that low. And then the unemployment numbers totally fail to account for under-employment.

But.....I AM OFF TO SEA! Hooray!