Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bucs Fans Won't Get Searched: Yet

In an interesting column today, Sue Carlton points out that a recent ruling by a local judge is a victory for freedom and the Constitution. Bucs fans will not have to submit to a patdown to get into the stadium.

I have mixed feelings about this. It's not like we're going about, minding our own business, with the understanding that we'd be possibly submitted to sudden and random searches anywhere we go. No. Attending a Bucs event is to pay money to get in to see a privately-owned football team. That football team should be allowed to demand security measures, even if the city commission or the public at large doesn't agree.

I believe that every business should be able to put reasonable restrictions on their clientelle: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.

It's logical to assume that there could be a potential terrorist event in the stadium. It's logical to want to screen people who enter it. And if a nightclub can choose who can enter their premises, why is it wrong for a football team? If a customer doesn't like it, they don't have to attend!

On the other hand, the stadium is technically a public place. Do we wish to allow ourselves to be subject to searches in a public place? Any public place? Parks? Beaches? The interstate?

There is an appeal already in process. It will be interesting to see how a higher court will rule.


Mindless Dribbler said...

I have no problem with searches. You wouldn't hear me on the bandwagon about having my constitutional rights violated....if it's for the best interest for the general public....I'm all for it.

This isn't 1950's where all one carried around was a sap and maybe knife....

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Private companies have been allowed to make their employees drug test and adhere to various dress codes. Where it gets tricky is when public funding is involved.

Have a good day, Saur!

Mr. Althouse said...

Ben Franklin said it best:

The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Airports are also "public" places. Only those seeking access to the gates are screened - and then it is only because they will be getting on aircraft that are private property.

Or in my case because I work there.

I think that football teams want to pat people down to look for beer and other items people might try to sneak in to avoid having up buy it there. You know, cheat the stadium out of concession bucks.

If they were looking for a kaboom device, or a gun - a metal detector would be enough. No need to pat people down.

This is of course assuming that the kaboom device is fully assembled (kaboom substance, batteries, wires, detonater, switch / timer). if multiple bad guys were to each bring in one thing then a walk-through metal detector may not prevent anything.

As for the "public" place issue - this one is easy to solve. STOP USING PUBLIC FUNDS to build places for men to play with balls in. Stop. No mas! Teams could buy the stadiums from local governments and that would be that.

Players may have to accept lower wages however. You know 5 million a year as opposed to 10 million a year. I think they would survive. Or the players could keep their current pay IF they would agree to a 15% local tax on their after federal tax wages. That would buy back stadiums in time.

Kathleen said...

Lazy makes some good points.

I am not concerned about being subjected to a pat-down at the stadium. I think it is a good idea in theory. But, there are the public funds issue. But, Lazy pointed out that airports are public.

Stadiums are not new to humans as "publicly funded" places. Remember Rome? ;)

Anonymous said...

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about evil thoughts and we both agreed, if we were terrorists we would target something such as a football game or other professional sports event. There were a few thousand people killed during the 9/11 attacks but you can have 50-100 thousand people at a pro sporting event. Imagine if someone were to blow up an entire stadium?

Ed Abbey said...

Seeing as I really don't watch sports and I definitely wouldn't pay to watch them in a stadium, I would welcome all terrorists to visit our stadiums. Maybe then, time slots on television would be replaced with something more entertaining than one team's hired drug using thugs playing another team's hired drug using thugs.

Ellen said...

Don't think for a moment that the terrorists haven't given this all thought. Being that it's a soft target, it's only a matter of time before some idiot terrorist devises a way to seek his journey to the land of 72 virgins.... or was that 74 virgins? It's obvious that they have no regard for life and living, so what's to stop them?

Senor Caiman said...


Excellent post.

This one is easy for me I have a unique ability to identify trouble-makers. I would be willing to train others in my stereotyping techniques for a modest fee.

I'm still working on how the players can gain access to the stadium under my plan.

Kathleen said...

Funny senor!

Stadiums have become a real problem. I am reminded that in Afghanistan the stadiums were used as venues for publicly removing body parts and ... soccer I think.

ole j said...

Ok, i have to weigh in. I am a knife toter. I think knives should be allowed anywhere. I realize that view isn't popular but I feel it anyway and anytime ever I have my knife with me. And I also was there when the Bucs won their first league championship, in the pouring rain in 79, I was 8 but I was there!!!!!!!!!!! And Brad Johnson tried to court my wife, i'm sure she secretly hates her decision now but those are the facts!! He was at FSU at the time. Anyway
thats my take

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ole J, if she married you, she doesn't regret it. At least, yet. ;o)

Kathleen, yeah. Stadiums are used for all sorts of nasty stuff in terrorist-run countries.

Gator, *LOL*

Ellen, no doubt they have. That's why *I* don't go to anything at stadiums anymore, and discourage SaurKid from that too.

Ed, I also have a complete lack of interest in all sports, for the most part. I have some friends who are pro or semi-pro in different sports, but I still don't actually go and sit there and watch them play.

Anon, I've considered the probability since 9/11. The fact that it hasn't happened yet seems to indicate how little a threat the terrorists are right now... despite the Patriot Act, not because of it, IMHO.

Kathleen (again), Lazy does make excellent points. In fact, he usually does.

Lazy Iguana, I agree with you entirely, love what you said!

Mike A, yes!!!

Barbara, excellent point!

Mindless Dribbler, if I had to choose, I'd say, who cares if people are subject to a patdown when there are large crowds gathered? The only thing I want is to have the gov't be very clear that they can't do it under other circumstances. And there would have to be a very strong and exact line drawn in the sand. And, IMHO, the gov't will always try to push in further once they've got their foot in the door. So that worries me, too.

Lee Ann said...

I am all for security, but my gosh it seems like our freedom is cramped more and more.

Remember in school when the teacher would say one bad student ruins it for the whole class!

jsull said...

Lazy is right about the pat downs being more for booze than bombs, thats why NASCAR rocks!!!!!! BYOB! but after you drink those they are 4-5$ per! That aint good. And saur I'm sure shes ok with her deal right now but i suspect along and along she wonders. But hey that means I won right
damn if ida only known

Live, Love, Laugh said...

there's a fine line of searching and then allowing our freedoms to be restricted, giving govt more and more control, it's hard to know anymore which is the greater evil and yes the potential for terror threats is now everywhere even next door, we all need to keep our eyes open and report anything suspcious.

Badoozie said...

wasnt' a box knife used in one of the airplane highjackings? no on the knives. you can survive one event here and there without that trusty knife. if you allow knives, why stop there. i want to carry my sword dangit. i take that thing everywhere, its become like a second friend. i mean, its my sword, and i like it, and it makes me feel safe, so i want to take it with me. please allow me my sword.

i have to say, that no matter how many pat downs occur, or how many security measures are taken, there is always a way around it. like lazy said, people who are smart can think up ways around these things, and if they really, really want to, they are going to do whatever it is they are going to do. whenever you are in a public place, you are putting yourself at risk. but we can't live in a plastic bubble. we have to decide if we want to live, or if we want to hide out at home.

and this is where it comes in handy to believe in God as the supreme being who is in charge, and who protects us, and has the ultimate say on whether today is the day we die.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I went to a concert recently, ya know, and they were searching people at the gate. No camera with flash, no video or audio equipment and, of course, no guns, beer or other beverages, coolers or strollers. They searched purses carelessly just glancing in. I could have had anything zipped into the middle section.

If it was me up there I would want to feel safe. Football team or music star, safety first.

As a spectator I liked feeling safe but it would have been nice if they REALLY paid attention. There were cameras on belt clips, many different beverage containers, and who knows what all in the crowd that security had to confiscate later.

I think my big downer was the drunks. Way too many and beer sold in the stands didn't help.

So yes, search me, but for crying out loud, search well.