Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Most of you probably remember my friend "Rosie" - a warm, wonderful black woman who missed her calling as a stand-up comedian. We get together when we can, but her poor health often gets in the way.

A week ago, she was rushed to a hospital with acute bronchitis. Her asthma was so affected that she could barely breathe. She has been on oxygen and antibiotics and has been stuck in that hospital for over a week now. I had left her alone, knowing that she would call me when she felt like it.

Yesterday I picked up the phone to hear a cracked, hesitant whisper. At first I thought it was my friend (Jack) pranking me. But it was Rosie. She was almost in tears. All she wanted from me was a little of my time and a hug.

Because work sometimes must come first, I had to delay my visit for a couple hours. Then I rushed out and bought her a dogbone pillow (hospital pillows are so uncomfortable), an electric waterfountain (for relaxation), and a sketchpad with pencils. As you can see from my drawing below, I like to sketch when I'm stressed and I knew she does, too.

When I got there, I was happy to see that she looks better than she sounds right now. She's hoping to be released in a couple more days. As we talked, I drew a couple pictures for her and we chatted about what's going on inside her body.

Although it seems unfortunate that she ended up in the hospital, she may actually be quite lucky. During routine testing, they found a growth on her thyroid. It's very possible it may be cancer. With any luck, they've caught it in time. They'll be biopsying the tumor when she's better (next week sometime).

Rosie's already had cancer and chemotheraphy, and the cancer went into remission. Then she had a stroke last year, and an inexplicable swelling of the brain which leaves experts baffled. Now this. She's only 40 years old.

Rosie is a positive, happy person and even at her worst, she remains optimistic. She's a fighter. If anyone can beat this, she can. But we all need prayer, and she needs yours now. Please keep her in your prayers.


Reverberate58 said...

Rosie goes on my prayer list and will stay there! Have I told you what a great friend you are! Always taking time for those that need you! Makes knowing you such a sweet thing!
I hope you have a great day today!

Eddo said...

I will be praying for Rosie! It is amazing what some people go through and they stay positive. I sometimes get upset when things don't go my way and I have great health. Hearing about Rosie makes me appreciate my health and makes me realize that I need to pray for others more often. Thanks for sharing Saur.

Judy Callarman said...

I'll pray for Rosie. Prayer is very powerful! I know how painful it is to have a good friend suffering like that. My very-best-friend-of-all-time got blood clots in her lungs a couple of years ago, and it made me feel very helpless.

It will help Rosie to know she has you to lean on.

Jenn said...

I will pray for Rosie!

Does she need somebody to watch her dog and cat while she's sick? (I always think about animals)

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Peace and love to her from across the pond!

Miss Cellania said...

Conside prayers said here. Tell her about my Mom, who had thyroid cancer years ago and is perfectly fine now. She has no thyroid now, but no cancer either.

R2K said...

So horrible. It makes one remember how lucky one might be to have youth, health, etc.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Alex, so true. ;o)

Miss C, I certainly will! I'm going to see her tonite, and I'll fill her in on that. It may help her to feel better!

Daniel, thank you, sweetie.

Jenn, thanks, honey! She's married, so hubby's got that part covered. I forgot to mention that, but (like you) I would've thought of that right away, too! ;o)

Judy, thank you very much. It's very appreciated! And thanks for stopping by today.

Eddo, thank you. It's amazing how we all take our health for granted. My neck still hurts at times, but I am SO much healthier that it seems like I should stop griping about it as much as I do sometimes!

Reverb, thank you, honey. *hugs* I really appreciate it.

Kathleen said...

Rosie is in my prayers. It is always hard to feel helpless when illness strikes. Sounds like she has half the battle won with her positive attitude.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Bless her heart, I am sending all my positive thoughts her way...

Fred said...

She's a fighter. I'm pulling for her.

Senor Caiman said...


The power of prayer is amazing.

Strokes do a number on the brain.

I hope Rosie gets better soon

Badoozie said...

okely dokely, will do