Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pedophiles Unite

The title of this post isn't a rallying cry. It's a warning. According to this article in The Times today, pedophiles are banding together and creating a strong network of child molestors.

These molestors even have signature jewelry to identify themselves, apparently. But although others have claimed to have googled this and found the jewelry, I couldn't. I wonder if this is simply another urban legend.

I did discover that these molestors prefer to be called "pedosexuals" now, so that the "taint" of being a molestor is somewhat lessened. These molestors have begun to delve into marketing in order to project a better image.

My ex-boyfriend's daughter may be a kid going out of control. She's only 11 1/2, but I recently found out that she was projecting herself as a 15 year old girl on Her mother was alarmed, obviously. is a notorious stomping-ground for these predators.

The St. Pete Times is correct in calling for investigations into the growing pedophile market. If we don't make this a serious issue now, it will become one later, because children aren't born with discernment. A child can unwittingly put himself or herself out there, and become yet another statistic. Since they don't have much common sense, they need to borrow ours. We are the only things standing between them and the pedophile.


Senor Caiman said...


Excellent post.

I did want to point out that pedophiles are different by race. White pedophiles are pretty content with just taking advantage of children. On the other hand black pedophiles are willing to commit all types of other crimes as well.

Please Google the "News and Observer", a Raleign Rag, and read where a black pedophile kidnapped a 48 year-old woman on her way to work, stode her car, used her debit cards, and the woman has not been located.

I've always been amazed as to why people think you can revitalize a downtown ghetto.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Senor, as usual, a thoroughly well-researched and non-inflammatory post by you. :P

Kathleen said...

The problem is huge. Targeting our children to do them harm and cyber meeting collectively to trade stories and develop better ways to abuse children or worse ... it is unfathomable. This is a first. The day of hiding their abomination from all has changed into a coalition to refine the art of molesting children! We should be terribly afraid. I say we should do whatever it takes to identify them and remove all the anominity they think they have lurking around in cyber space. Disgusting. It is possible their brazeness is their undoing. I would hope.

~Deb said...

There’s this group—and I forget the name of them, but they go under a disguise as a young girl or boy to catch these older men (pedophiles or pedosexuals) and lure them into this house that they set up in New Jersey somewhere. It was on Dateline.

Anyway, once these guys come in, the Dateline guy comes out and says, “Oh hi. What are you doing here?” And the guy will just say, “Oh I was told to come over to baby sit,” or “I met a girl that wanted to date me online who was 20 yrs old”, and they were totally caught.

The sad thing, other than the obvious, is that these guys were ministers of churches, American soldiers, doctors, lawyers---and of course you had your thug-like ex-cons. But it’s “anyone”. They don’t have a “look”.

Look at John Wayne Gacy. I know, I’ve brought him up before. But he was a well known public figure in his town. Everyone loved him. He was such a sweet looking man. He lured all those boys into his home, raped and killed them.

It’s not only myspace that’s dangerous—these people found the pedophiles lurking on Yahoo chats. That’s the bulk of them. (From what the reporter said.)

Some Random Girl said...

I believe that once you get caught molesting a child you don't get a 2nd get the chair or the needle. It infuriates me. I think child molestation is worse than murder because you are not only killing someone's psyche and leaving them with lifelong scars you are quite possibly making them into abusers themselves. I have several family members who were molested by pedophiles and it is awful. I hate pedophiles. HATE THEM. There is no rehab. Just kill them. They are a menace to society.

Some Random Girl said...

oh and I disagree with the first commentor....a pedophile is a pedophile regardless of whether they commit other crimes. They are, white, yellow whatever!

Jamie Dawn said...

Good post on a terrible subject.
Just the sight of John Mark Karr and the hitonious killers of Jessica Lunsford and Danielle (in CA) and others just sicken me.
I personally know a pedaphile in CA. For the first year or so of knowing him, I was unaware of his past. He had spent some years in jail for molesting several young boys at his church.
The truth is, these people do not "lose" their affinity of sexual attraction to kids. They are sick and in need of help, but they are NOT to be trusted EVER. They can claim to not be able to turn off this sick attraction of theirs, but there is no excuse whatsoever for them acting on these feelings and molesting, raping, and murdering our precious kids.
Society has to take a hard line against these predators.
Your post is right on the mark!!!

Badoozie said...

well, everyone has a line they won't cross over. and it seem some people insist on moving this line, slowly but surely

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...


Something for people to get all hepped up about and to further lock their children away from life, away from all dangers and into a safe haven that marks the end of civilisation as we know it.

We are breeding fear in human form, we cannot protect our children from all the dangers out there.

I'm more worried if they'll have a planet to live on or why we sexualise children via our media, adverts and products that we all buy into.

AQ said...

Hmmm. Scaremongering, is it? Well, I have to admit it works.

Every day there are attempted abductions (one attempt was 10 blocks from my home this past week).

Are you suggesting we NOT take precautions, Daniel?

daveawayfromhome said...

Daniel's got a point, we've allowed the sexualization of our children, especially, but not limited to, our girls, to go on way too long. Most of the commonly available children's clothing only thinly veils the sexual nature of the look under terms like "cool" or "star" or "sassy". What kind of message is sent when 9-year olds dress the same as 20-year olds?
And is all this done in the name of education, of self-esteem or personal responsibility? No, it's done in the name of commerce and celebrity worship.

Having said that, Random Girl's got my vote. When you mess with a child, you mess with the future. These predators damage children for life, skewing their perspective and often leading to the same behavior when they "grow up". The recidivism rate on such monsters is something like 90%. Kill them, put them down like the jackals they are, because they prey on the weakest of all.

But maybe the harshest criticism needs to be levelled at parents and other non-molesting adults. Okay, that's hyperbole. Still...
Parents: do you let your children run loose around the city, going wherever they will, talking to strangers without any supervision from yourself? No? Then why would you allow it on a computer?
And what about everybody else? Ever seen something that struck you as odd, but shrugged and went on. Every school my wife has ever worked at has had at least one person who was behaving extremely inappropriately around/with children. Unfortunately, school officials are more interested in making things quiet than in making things right. And always, there are those in educational chat rooms who say "mind your own business". Children are a teacher's business!

Some solutions:
1) no more statute of limitations for sexual crimes against children. Seriously, people get away with this stuff simply because it's considered too long ago. Not for the VICTIM!
2) Prominantly posted hot-lines for reporting suspicious behavior, any behavior. Even if it's not followed up on, (confidential) record can be made of it, and then might come in useful later on as corroboration if someone should be charged with a sexual crime.
3) When someone in the education field is found guilty of sexual abuse against a child, and a pattern of "passing the trash" is found, those administrators who facilitated the passing should be charged as accessories. Maybe it wont stick, but the hassle and damage to careers may make handing over a "recommendation" for employment a lot less appealing.
4) A two-strike rule for anyone convicted of a sexual crime with someone three-quarters of their age. Should that stop at age 18 (for the victim)?

Mostly, though, and this is for you aq, PAY ATTENTION. Take precautions, watch your kids, HOVER. Pedophiles require privacy, and if you make that difficult for them, then they'll (hopefully) go away. Maybe your kids wont like it. Tough shit, then they'll just have to live with it. Better that than what they'll have to live with should a pedophile get a hold of them.

EmmaSometimes said...

Have your child's name googled once, after a visitor sees her 9 yr old face online trying to find her blog.......OVER MY COLD DEAD BODY and preferably over his.

So, I will shelter her, because the alternative is exposing her to a lifetime of hurt. Anyone who says differently doesn't have kids and doesn't have a clue.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Emma, dittos, and thank you.

Daveawayfromhome, bravo! Thank you so much for taking the time to create the post you just made. It took time, effort, and research and I really appreciate it. Also, I happen to agree with it.

AQ & Daniel, once again (as in the last post) Daveawayfromhome responds better than *I* could.

Susie, very true. It's frightening, isn't it?

Jamie Dawn, dittos all the way, and thank you so much for weighing in on this.

Some Random Girl, don't take Gator seriously. He is being weirdly facetious. Trust me on this one... Michelle and I only know him from blogging but he was a part of the Tampa Bay bloggers group that grew out of our local school Superintendant's blog. He often posts incendiary things to get a response, but he actually believes very little to nothing of it (in our estimation). If he reads this, maybe he can add to it.

BTW, I agree - no second chances for these losers.

Deb, isn't it horrible? It's really due to the breakdown of the American family and the values which we as a society expected and held each other to.

Now there are too many chances to become temporarily transient; drop off the face of the earth to rent a hotel room and molest a child, have an affair, smoke crack, etc.

Kathleen, it IS huge. See what I posted to Deb. It's almost beyond control to some extent, because we've become such a mobile and valueless society.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

AQ: short answer is yes, there has always been child abduction and sex crimes and there always will be, that is life, I have no doubt though that incidences of child related crime have fallen sharply since the beginning of time; such is the advance of humankind.

Precautions can go too far, there will always be some pain, some loss and some terror.

And as I said, I don't buy it one bit, we live in the best of times.

Fred said...

Myspace is a nightmare. In school, I hear students talk about it all the time. I just wonder if parents really know what their kids are putting out there.

AQ said...

"Mostly, though, and this is for you aq, PAY ATTENTION. Take precautions, watch your kids, HOVER."

I'm with you Dave, but I think Daniel thinks we're being over-cautious.

My kids are not locked away - not by a longshot. But they will not be walking around by themselves. They have been to age appropriate Escape School workshops. Like I said, in the neighborhood next to mine, less than 10 blocks away, a man tried to lure a child into his car just after school let out.

To me - that's not living "in the best of times" as Daniel seems to think.

However, I do agree - completely - that society is oversexualizing our children. I don't agree that
incidents of child related crime has fallen. I believe that the oversexualizing of children - who eventually grow into adults - is actually contributing to an increase of child related sex crimes.

Just my opinions.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Fear is a drug, keeps us scared, keeps us thinking about number one, keeps us down where we belong.

There will always be terrible things happening, how much are we willing to lose of life to make everything nice and safe?

daveawayfromhome said...

Fear is a bad thing, caution is not. Yes, child abduction is rather like lightning striking - unlikely. Driving the kids around in the car is more dangerous.
But you dont stand under a tree when there's a storm, and you dont let your kids dress like Britney Spears or wander around alone (either virtually or in reality) if you want them to stay safe.

You want to talk about fear making people stupid, lets talk about Iraq, not children.

exMI said...

Wow. I actually agree completely with DHG.
the world is no more dangerous today for children than it was when we were kids yet we could wlak alone after dark, go to our neighbors houses and play, go to the park without supervision, stay out all day without being hovered over or "protected".
I admit to being somewhat amused last year when that kid lost out in Utah actually hid from rescusers searching for him because they were "strangers" and he had been told not to talk to "strangers".
If you are worried about your kid being molested don't worry about the guy at the playground, look around your house becasue statisticly, that is where it is most likely to come from.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Dave: it's all part of the same problem, scaremongering on all matters (terror, food, immigrants, child killers) keeps us down and in our place, thinking about number one, and individuals are weak against those in power, only as one can we stand and this issue is the thin edge of the wedge.

Exmi: hug me!

Anonymous said...

I know someone who is a pedephile,what would be the best way to report this? how can I report it so he can no longer have free reign on the internet?

p3d0 said...

Hello. Im a pedophile. Just because someone is a pedophile (meaning sexually attracted to children) doesnt mean they will molest a child. So get over yourselfs you close minded fools and stop creating fear, all the fear you guys are creating is doing more harm than child molesters themselfes. Also its not like us pedos chose to be like this. Kinda like a homosexual, or something, you just are, plain and simple.

Family Man said...

p3d0 freak,go back under the rock you crawled out of,cause I have your IP address and I am coming for you with murder in my eyes.Also its not like I chose to hate you freaks.I am just protecting my kid, and everyone elses,when I will be hanging you by your own intestines,plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Hey Family man you know your kinda physco more than the average pedo. Lol jking but really I believe p3do is pretty right on this. When i was 11 I liked 11 year olds nothing wrong with that but as I grew for some reason my likes didn't change and now iam considered a pedo at 17. Though I've never acted on these with any child. Just can't help it.